No Good Snot Filled Mess

I needed a photo for this post so I dug this one up. Here I am in 2006, post breast reduction surgery, waiting for my room service to be delivered. Anyone want to bring me room service for my sickness this week?. Photo by Shaylene Rene’

That is what I have been for the past few days, although I’m feeling much better this morning (I might sneak in another nap today though, even though That Husband discourages sleeping so much, which he is probably right to do since I would sleep 12 hours a day if I could).

It was a sickness that carried with it lots of strange symptoms. On Tuesday night I had this clicking sensation going on in my sinuses. I felt like a Ra’zac, clicking my way around the house. (Don’t be surprised if I make Eragon references for the next few weeks, as I just finished devouring the third book in the series.)

Along with the clicking came the choking. I would wake with a start, and my first though would be “I can’t breathe!”. My nose was so stuffed that I was having trouble breathing through it, but I can’t breathe through my mouth at night because my throat dries out and becomes really sore. I started stuffing the blankets and sheets in my mouth, which acted as a type of humidifier, and helped the air to stay moist enough for me to fall asleep. That Husband was out of town on business, which was probably a good thing because I think he would have made fun of how ridiculous Iooked. I was sick enough that the sleeping never lasted for long, and so I would wake up and panic because my mouth was full of blankets and my nose was full of snot.  It makes me laugh to think about it now, but it was quite scary when it was happening. Isn’t it strange how sleep can leave you so disoriented?

It had me wishing I was an iguana. Why would I want to be an iguana? Because according to Radio Lab (my second favorite radio program ever) iguanas only sleep with half of their brain at a time. They literally sleep “with one eye open” to watch for predators. I figure if I was an iguana with a stuffy nose and a mouth full of blankets my right brain would wake up in a panic, and my left brain would calmy reply “You idiot, pull the blankets out of your mouth.” I realy could have used that a few nights ago.

9 thoughts on “No Good Snot Filled Mess

  1. Aww I hope you feel better! I know what it’s like to be sick. Last year I had my tonsils out and hemorrhaged …it was awful. But my fiance was there to take care of me. I didn’t eat for 3 weeks! That’s not a good way to loose weight!

    Are you eating chicken noodle soup?! It might make you feel better 🙂

  2. Boo! on being sick! I hope you’re doing better and when TH comes home, he will feed you lots of soup and keep you warm! Please remember to also take your vitamin D and C! 🙂

  3. so sorry u r sick! Hope u feel better.

    Random note, I think the birds that fly south for the winter sleep with half of their brain also. They need the other half to keep flying because there is no where to rest over the ocean. ;0)

  4. Jenny-You hemmorhaged? So sad! I could use the weight loss though, I’m gaining the newlywed 10!

    skeeta-I think the radio program also talked about ducks sleeping with only half a brain. Other than the choking, I like being completely out of it when I am sleeping. I LOVE sleeping.

  5. Ha, I would sleep for 12 hours a day as well, if only I could. I slept almost 12 last night and it was so nice!

    So sad to hear that you have been sick, I hope you feel better soon!

    How was the Eragon book? I’m dying to read it!

  6. hey there! i am just popping into “that bride.” i’ve been absent in blogland for a while. not feeling great, either.

    just wanted to mention that i had a breast reduction back in 2004. best thing i ever did.

  7. upturned-TH HATES that I sleep so much and is constantly trying to get me to stop. As far as Eragon goes? Don’t pick it up unless you are going to be okay with finishing it very very quickly!

    Erin-I’ve never heard anyone say they would take it back if they could. That Husband has never seen the before pictures but I assure him all the time the scars are worth the results.

  8. I know this post is a bit old, but I am new to your site, and trying to get to know you a bit better.

    This sounds kind of like the crud my whole family had last week or maybe it was the week before, as they all tend to run into one another now. We were so sick that I was even cranky with my son, and I hardly ever do that. I do think we are all just kids at heart, and we all want our mommies when we are sick no matter how old. lol

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