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It’s time for the apartment touring to begin! These posts may be interesting to some of you, but they may also be some of the most boring stuff you have ever read. I understand this, but it’s important to realize that this blog is not all about you. Actually, it’s all about me! It’s not even all about That Husband because he won’t guest post no matter how nicely I beg.

I thought my family especially (feel free to de-lurk family, I know you are reading!), would enjoy seeing where I am living, since it is soooooooo far away from all of them in Washington (I live in Dallas, did you know?)

We’ll move in a circle. Here is the door to the bedroom, with a picture sitting on the floor that is now hanging on the wall. Don’t you love our beautiful dresser? We bought it at the same furniture outlet that we bought our couch, and it’s so lovely to own a real piece of furniture.


Here is a closeup of the dresser because it holds so many of my favorite things. The sketch of Roman life I bought in Rome. The kleenex keeper, so black and tricky (who would have known that kleenexes live inside of that beautiful black box?) The dress form necklace holder my mom bought for me. My Marilyn Monroe clock. The red ikea dish we use as a catch-all (That Husband didn’t know he needed one of these until I taught him how to use it).


Here is our bed. You might comment and say “Jenna, you can remove the plastic wrap from the boxes,” but you will be wasting your time my friends because this is something I already know. I just have this thing about keeping things in their original condition with their original packaging. I’m working on finding one of those box pleat bed skirts to cover the plastic. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

I love love love the sleek look of the quilts on our bed. I bought two identical quilt sets from Overstock.com, one in white and one in green, and I love how it looks so modern with the green peeking out at the fold. The sets came with shams but we still haven’t bought pillows to put inside of them. Also, That Husband doesn’t see the need to have so many pillows on the bed.


The nightstand from Wal-mart. After he bought it and put it together, That Husband thanked me for not letting him buy the Wal-mart dresser like he orginally wanted to do. There is a definite difference in quality, although we don’t use this one as much so it’s alright. Do you like the red jewlrey box? Should I try to find something else? I hate the cell phone cord sitting there but I don’t have a better choice.


You will be seeing this wall again, as I am sure I will be consulting all of you for ways to best decorate it. I’m going to take the photo of the London Bridge you see in the next picture down and hang it to the left, and then install a shelf or two and add trinkets and photos across it. Or is that a bad idea? What would you do with a wall like this?


I love our $26 (total for both!) laundry baskets. The size is a little on the small side, but the price was right and I love the velcro bags that pull out when laundry needs to get done. The London Bridge picture (by Kelli Nicole of course) will be hung on the large blank wall in the photo above, and I’m thinking about hanging a 30X40 engagement photo print above the hampers instead.


This is the photo I think should be hung above the hampers.

steamy engagement

What would you do to add some spice to the decor?

16 thoughts on “Apartment Tour: That Bedroom

  1. More color splashes, for sure! I absolutely love black & white & neutrals, but it gets a bit dreary, so bright color splashes like your red stuff and the green would be nice. Maybe if you hang some shelves, you could get red ones instead of black, or you could get a colorful rug or curtains to offset.

    We still don’t have most of our house set up yet, but I did our living room in all brown & tan tones and added red here and there, and it looks awesome. Also, a fun print (like something swirly and black & white) for a throw pillow or something would mix it up a bit.

    Looks great so far, can’t wait to see more!

    (oh, you don’t know me and I don’t have a blog, but I’ve been lurking for quite some time now…) 🙂

  2. Pictures always help. Strategic lighting also, chairs for like a reading area/corner so that either you or TH can have zen prior to bedtime.

  3. Love it! By the way (so if you ever live in London people won’t think you’re ignorant) the picture is of Tower Bridge (and why do we sing London Bride is falling down?? It’s about THIS bridge). London Bridge isn’t nearly as pretty! I love the dresser and your hampers! I’m excited to see the rest of your apartment!

  4. Your bedroom is a very good size! I think the extra pillows on your bed that add a little color, the green shams and maybe some other shades of green throw pillows. Maybe a shelf somewhere? I’m going to do a “headboard” with a shelf that spans the width of our king bed and put some pretty stuff on that and it should help dress that wall up. I’ll post a picture when I finally get it done. 🙂

  5. I personally find these posts to be awesome. You have some great ideas to work with, and all the details sound lovely. The shelf idea on that large wall sounds great but I know I for one would not want to dust that all the time :). Also, I know I’m strange, but your apartment looks very clean, which means you are doing a great job!

  6. I LOVE the picture of you and That Husband — it def. needs to be hung in a proper frame in the room! Can you paint the walls in the apartment? That’s my favorite (and usually the cheapest) way t0 decorate 🙂

  7. Have you ever seen the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Marie (Ray’s mom) won’t take the plastic wrap off their couch? It is really funny you totally remind me of that episode! You need to watch it! I tried to find it online, but my search was useless. You definitely should hang that beautiful engagement picture by Kelli up on your wall!!!

  8. I’m planning a post on our bedroom as well. We just redid our bed, and a few more changes. I made a rule that only pictures of us and of places we’ve been together are allowed in the bedroom. No friends, no family. Just us, to keep it romantic. I’ll post this weekend. I need natural light so it looks the best.

  9. I agree re: your concern for the cellphone charging.. I actually saw a really cute idea for charging cellphones, ipods, blackberries, etc… I can’t find a photo of it, but basically you take a small paper storage box for your bedside table (like these: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/80112895) and cut a hole in the back for the cords to go through while the equipment is charging… Looks really cute in my opinion 🙂

    LOVE your blog(s)!

  10. Definitely more color. I love the modern look though, and your tastes mirror mine. I typically have a modern undertone with clean accents and colors.

  11. Liz-I have always wanted to do a neutral room with bright red accents! That Husband is very conservative though, so I’m going to have to take things really slow. I think a red lampshade for my new lamp will work well.

    Skywalker-I wish our room was big enough to put a chair in the corner and curl up with a good book. Someday.

    Kelli-Dang, I always thought it was London bridge. I kind of like the name Tower bridge better though.

    kaymarie-I’m not clean, just neat. Clean people vacuum and dust, which I do not often do.

    Michelle-Yes we CAN! But That Husband is vehemently opposed to painting. I’m going to wait until we have kids and paint the nursery for him to see what a good paint job can do to a room.

    BigShot-I love the idea of a “no friends and family” in the bedroom rule. We haven’t been to London together, but I have been with my family, and it’s in Europe and he is European, so I guess it kind of counts 🙂

    Kimmy-I was already able to convince That Husband to let me get us both some of these for Christmas!

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