Happy V.R. Day Ami!

My favorite internet friend Ami is getting “married” today, and I’m going to be there for every second of it. Thanks to Ami for inviting me, and to That Husband for letting me go (even though he teases me mercilessly for going to the vow renewal of a person I’ve never even met in real life!). So yes, Ami was my internet friend, but that doesn’t matter anymore (and why should it matter in the first place?)

Ami I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to meet you and your husband (and of course your little baby Charlie as well!)

Do you think it’s crazy to go to this event when Ami and I have never met in real life? Would you do the same thing?

Feeling Lagged

It’s 2 AM and I’m awake because this had been my sleeping schedule:

Saturday night 11pm-7am

Sunday 12pm-5pm, 10 pm-12am

Monday 8am-4pm, 6pm-2am

Is it night or day for me? I don’t even know anymore. My sleeping has been so out of control, That Husband actually tried to get me to blog to stay awake tonight. He makes me laugh.

How do you fight the jet lag?

To Atlanta!

I’m getting on a plane once again (I can’t think of any event that would have me on another plane for a very long time, I’m very tired of flying) at 5 AM this morning to fly out to Atlanta for the Vow Renewal of Ami.

The plans for the 3-day event include a mani-pedi party for the girls, a welcome party at the Atalanta Braves stadium, one fantabulous New Years Eve Vow Renewal, and a farewell brunch the next morning. It’s going to be exhausting, but I’m excited to wear my new dress and pair it with some hot red lipstick (I’m going all out since That Husband won’t be there to tame me down).  I bought my accessories for $3.80 using a gift card at Charlotte Russe .

I’m going to attempt a hairstyle similar to this. Except don’t expect it to look anything like this since I can’t do my hair worth pennies. So it will mostly just be a curly side pony.

Did I mention Jessica Claire will be shooting? Here is the NYE wedding she was a second shooter on last year.

My not so secret goal is to make it on the blogs of either Jessica Claire, Michael Norwood, or Mark Brooke. Actually my goal is to make it on the blogs of all three. It’s going to be amazing.

This Baby Probably Hates You

One of the many treasures we found while browsing the Christmas marketplace in the town square of Krakow. I’m not sure what was said or done to this baby when he came off the manufacturing line, but she apparently can’t let it go.What kind of parent would present their child with a toy like this?

grumpy baby

I think I know a song that can fix that frowny face.

If you chance to meet a frown,

Do not let it stay,

Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.

No one likes a frowny face,

Change it for a smile,

Make the world a better place by smiling all the while.

Now she shall be known as Old Man Happy Baby. That song works its magic every time.

happy baby

What Sunday Posts Should That Wife Write in 2009?

For the last Sunday of each month I’m going to write a new post and also summarize the previous 3 posts from that month.

Sunday-An introduction to Sunday posts and why I want to write them

Who/What is “Mormon”?-Why do they call the LDS church members “Mormons”? Why do we read a book named after him?

LDS Temples: Sacred, Not Secret-The most popular religious post to date, focused on explaining why we have temples, and why a recommend is required to enter.

Finding Joy In The Journey-Inspiring words from our current Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson

FHE: Family Home Evening-FHE happens on Monday night, a time for families to reconnect and grow together spiritually.

Tithing-Read the comments on this post, it was fascinating to learn how tithing functions in other churches.

Christmas In Ancient America-The story of Christmas as it was experienced in Ancient America

This week instead of writing a new post, I’m going to turn to you and ask, sincerely (imagine me really asking it, I have a slightly high pitched voice and I do this weird thing with my eyes when I am really serious) “What do you want to hear?”

I would like to write the things about our church that you really want to read about. I’m open to all topics, and will write as much as I can to give you a satisfactory answer. For some reason, in the past people have expressed reticence regarding asking questions about my belief system. They start their questions with phrases like “I hope this doesn’t offend you” or “Don’t be mad, but,” and I see no need for that. I enjoy sharing my belief system with others, and I encourage any and all questions.

So readers, what topics would you like me to write Sunday posts on? More about the temples? Missionary work? The Book of Mormon? The hierarchy of the leaders of the church? Any request will be considered, and if I don’t feel like it is something I can answer publicly, I will email you personally.

Also, if you have a question you are hesitating to ask in such a public forum, please email me:  thatwife @ gmail dot com.