That Apartment: Dining Room, Kitchen, and Living Room

This is our bedroom. This is our bathroom/office.

Want to see the dining room?


Yeah, it’s not much, but it’s our first apartment, you know? I’m so proud of the lamp I found for $10 at Joann’s. I know the garbage can in the corner doesn’t really blend in with the aesthetic, but it opens and closes automatically so I forgive it for standing out so much. It’s like magic.

That Mother took this picture at our After Wedding Shoot, and gave us the frame to go with it. If you’ve read the quote by C.S. Lewis I have on the Who is That Wife? page, you will understand why we find the happily ever after sign we received as a wedding present so wonderfully ironic. But if the gifter is reading, we love love love it nonetheless. :) Irony makes life sweet.

The teeny, tiny, cramped, dark, kitchen. I’m currently dreaming dreams of building a house with a kitchen facing west, featuring floor to ceiling windows and miles of counter space.

I found this on sale at TJMaxx. It holds our ornaments, silly daschund salt and pepper shakers from mxyplyzyk, and the salt grinder that only I use since That Husband doesn’t believe in different types of salt.

Thanks to my cousins for the toaster, and the Hansen’s for the Kitchenaid (seriously, thank you for that).

I love this shot of That Husband and I on our 2nd date hanging to the right of the stove.

I co-own a washer and dryer! I’m so grown up. Also a vacuum that I never use.

The living room. Black leather couch was the way to go, since I am very messy and spill food all over while sitting on it. We debated a long time about the lamp, since it was triple the price of another one, but we love the glass table it has and use it instead of getting an end/coffee table.

Hanging above the couch is the religious print I chose. Grandma Moo gives grandchildren a “blank check” and lets us pick out any print we desire as a wedding gift. I wasn’t in love with any of the pictures of Christ I saw, and this one really meant something to me. It’s called “Hope” and it is Peter and John running to the tomb upon hearing that the Lord is risen.

This little beauty is our pride and joy. I know that many would have a hard time having such an open bookcase/entertainment center, but I decided that I don’t care if it would make the front page of Martha. I want our entertainment center to look like us. So right now it has our favorite books, some gifts, and the bear salt and pepper set That Husband gave me on my 22nd birthday. It was the first gift he ever gave me. It will be so fun to fill up the shelves with knick-knacks and things as time passes.

See the bears to the left?

This shelf is my favorite. It holds the picture book of our first year together I created for That Husband and gave him as a wedding gift. The elephant print to the right is the card I wrote my ring ceremony non-vows in.

A close-up of the card. Visit SugarStreetCafe’s shop to see more of her lovely work. I must confess I own 7 or 8 of her cards now, they are just so beautiful. Of course I want the christmas ornament version of this print, even if we don’t have a tree to hang it on.

You made it through the whole house! Things are constantly changing, but that’s the bare bones walk-through for now. We bought some Christmas decor at Target this weekend, so I’ll be taking a few update photos to show you how cheery we are in a few days!

15 thoughts on “That Apartment: Dining Room, Kitchen, and Living Room

  1. PS I love how organized your apartment is…over Christmas break I begged my mom to watch the kids while Roger and I spend two days de-junking our apartment…after 3 1/2 years of marriage and two kids you tend to collect way to much unneccessary things!!

  2. It’s just all so clean and organized. I think I vaguely remember when our apartment was that clean, it was for about 20 minutes after we’d unpacked everything and put it away.

  3. Wow! Your house is quite clean – good for you! I feel your pain on lack of counter space. Oh well, we can keep on dreaming about nice big kitchens with tons of space for baking and cooking. :)

  4. I’m still jealous of all the drawers in your bathroom! I have a drawer complex – my current apartment has no bathroom drawers, and our kitchen has 4 – which are all filled to overfull. My first kitchen had one drawer. For the rest of my life I will always count drawers because I realize how important they are to me.

    I just realized your blog is snowing. Where have I been? It’s so cute!

    Also, I absolutely WISH I could have an empty entertainment center like that. The lack of clutter in your home is astounding. I love it.

  5. I love your apartment! I think it looks great. I can’t wait till Mr Rs and I get our own place that we can decorate properly! (We’re renting right now, so we don’t feel like doing too much. Plus we aren’t allowed to put up shelves. :()

  6. I love the ironic way in which you love that sign. Brilliant. The lamp/table thing is really cool too.

    It’s really fascinating to see into your world, the image of a life just started together. I should give you a tour of our flat, now we’ve been cohabiting nearly five years…

  7. I love how clean, organized, and personal it all is! So many TW and TH pictures and the religious print– it’s lovely. I haven’t mentioned it yet by the way, but I love that it’s snowing over on this blog. Also, I don’t know about TX but in MI fin my area inding an apartment with laundry in it is a wee bit impossible so yay for that :).


    Can we trade spaces? (My house comes with the 3 boys, you can have them too). Gosh I’d trade any day to have 1, just one room in my house as clean as yours!

    Ok, so you gotta give me your mailing address so I can send you a Christmas ornament with the elephants. It never fails, everytime I stumble upon a blog or anywhere that mentions how they use my elephant card for their wedding vows, brings a tear to my eye. I’m out of the white ornament but I’ll get some next week so it won’t make your Christmas but it might your New Year! This one is on me :)


  9. I have a random question that I’ve been wondering about, was That Husband a member of LDS before meeting you? I didn’t know if it was a popular religion in Poland or not…

  10. Jenna!
    We have that same “They lived happily ever after…” plaque! I agree with not staying in the same place that you were when you were married, but…I just love the fairy-tale-ness of it. Surprised? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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