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With all of the money we’ve been spending on home decor items lately, it’s difficult to justify buying Christmas themed decor. Especially since we won’t be in the states for Christmas. That hasn’t stopped me from pining over sleighbells, warm woolly mittens, and brown paper packages tied up with string.

I’ve had to get a little get creative, but I’m happy with the little things I’ve found to help me feel like we have the Christmas spirit in our home.

Here is our $5.99 tree from Target. The label indicates it is made with lead, so I have to be careful not to lick my fingers after handling it.

Here is the Avocado ornament I received in the Bee ornament exchange. Isn’t it adorable?

I found this ornament at Joann’s for $1. I used the mini photo printer That Husband already owns and some photo paper my mom bought for me once. Love my $1 ornament.

This monogrammed ornament locket is our “first Christmas together” ornament. I’m beginning to fall in love with all things monogrammed.

The stockings from Target for $3.99 each. That Husband chose the mistletoe stocking because it means kissing. I chose Santa because he brings the presents.

I felt like I needed something slightly religious to display, so I picked up this Angel statue from the “See Spot Save” section of Target. Not bad for $2.50 I think.

Now for my favorite decor item, the $1 nativity set. When is the last time you set foot in a dollar store because I visited for the first time in years this week and those places are AWESOME! I love the slight Precious Moments feel those little guys have. Yes, this entire set cost me $1.

Mary, Jesus, and the sheep, but where is Joseph?

Is this crazy eyed kid supposed to be Joseph? The Sheperds crook he is hauling around has me confused. Plus, if this is Joseph, where is the shepherd to take care of the lamb?

These three are definitely my favorite. Look at those eyes! If my children ever learn how to make puppy dog eyes like that they will surely always be getting exactly what they want!

And that’s how That Household did Christmas decor for less than $20 this year!

12 thoughts on “That Christmas Decor

  1. I LOVE the dollar store–and even own a nativity set from there as well. It cozied up my dorm room for a few years! I always stock up on wrapping paper from there too–the rolls have more on them than the expensive papers do!

  2. Your married joint monogram is the same as my personal monogram… JSB! Excellent initials. :)

    I have to say that I never understood all the “stuff” associated with Christmas and the expense that went with so many decorations for a few weeks out of the year (Christmas stuff is generally expensive and so many people go so overboard!!). I enjoy that I just pull my menorah down from the back of the closet, and that is that.

  3. I love the angel statue. I may have to stop my our local Target to see if I can find it. I am very unmotivated to decorate for Christmas. Life has been so busy (personal and work) we can’t seem to find time to get a tree. And the stress makes me think it’s not even worth it this year. But the hubs is determined. :-)

  4. Little trees are so cute. I remember before they were popular my sister and I made a tree out of a bar stool, some greenery, and old house lights. For the topper we put a fake poinsetta on top of the stool.

    It actually looked kinda cool (though our parents were sure we were gonna burn the house down). The other tricky thing I did was make a fake fire place by attaching a bunch of white christmas lights to a wall then putting red paper in front of it. I was a weird kid.

  5. I think the angel is just goooorgeous! I love the LOVE ornament too – I want one of those! Especially since Mr RS proposed last Christmas right by our tree. The nativity puppy-dog eyes actually freak me out a little bit, to be honest! But then I’m afraid of dolls and creepy children. ;-)

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