Feeling Lagged

It’s 2 AM and I’m awake because this had been my sleeping schedule:

Saturday night 11pm-7am

Sunday 12pm-5pm, 10 pm-12am

Monday 8am-4pm, 6pm-2am

Is it night or day for me? I don’t even know anymore. My sleeping has been so out of control, That Husband actually tried to get me to blog to stay awake tonight. He makes me laugh.

How do you fight the jet lag?

7 thoughts on “Feeling Lagged

  1. Go outside for a walk in the daylight. That helps a lot. And try to keep semi-regular hours in the time zone that you’re in. (ie. Try and stay up until at least 8 or 9 pm and don’t let yourself sleep in past 10 or 11 am.)

  2. That way isn’t so bad in my opinion. You have to get exposed to natural light as much as possible though.
    And if needed take a nap in the afternoon (try to time it so you don’t oversleep) and force yourself to stay up to your normal bedtime hour. It shouldn’t take more than a week (that way) to get back to the correct time.
    Oh and drink a lot, not because of jetlag, but because of plane travels.

  3. I force myself to stay awake during the daylight hours on the first day and just go to bed early, like around 8 PM. Then I wake up no later than 8AM the next day. If I’m still dead tired, I’ll take short naps in the afternoons, but usually I’m just so excited to be where ever I’m at that I’m too busy to notice. Try and get a lot of fresh air and sun. Have fun in Atlanta!

  4. Sunlight is a major plus but the big thing is not to sleep unless it’s dark/your normal sleep time. And make yourself get up early. Once you sleep in, you’re doomed.

  5. eh :\ … i hate the jet lagged feeling more than anything. i got it from simply flying to washington state & back… it also made me look like a zombie or something.

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