This Year I Will

This year I will (note I used the word “will”, not “want to” or “am thinking about” or “think I might”):

  1. Post every day.
  2. Never make my husband say I don’t pay enough attention to him (even with the daily posting).
  3. How could I not want to pay enough attention to this cutie pie?

    That Husband

  4. Finish my classes (everything except my foreign language credit).
  5. I miss going to class with real people. Or, in the case of these girls, real really cool people. Don’t get married before you graduate. It’s not fun.


  6. Make a baby.
  7. That Wife and Baby

  8. Firm up my oven before That Husband inserts the bun (i.e. lose the last 20 lbs before the baby puts it right back on again).
  9. I’m so proud of how far I have come with the weight loss. 50 lbs down in 3 years and not that much more to go!

    fat to skinny

  10. Call someone I care about on the telephone at least once a week.
  11. Set up a custom domain for my blog.
  12. Read one article from the Ensign each week.
  13. Make something adorable from the Bakerella blog.
  14. Cook a Polish dish for That Husband (and get a rating higher than 3) from the new Polish cookbook we received from his Aunt for Christmas.
  15. Krakow cake seems like a good place to start.

    Krakow Cake

10 is a nice round number for now. Because you know what? You can set new goals for yourself anytime. Like tommorow. If you want to have a January 2nd goal instead of a January 1st goal, it’s okay. Or even a March 13th goal would work. But these are my official 10 for January 1st.

14 thoughts on “This Year I Will

  1. Wow, when I saw the before & after shots of you, I actually went, “But who is the person on the left?” before I realised it was you! Go you! You must have worked so hard and you look phenomenal.

  2. Congratulations on all of your 2008 accomplishments and I wish you all the best for all of your 2009 goals! I’m sure you’ll succeed at everything you try– including baby making. :)

  3. “Firm up my oven before That Husband inserts the bun” – he he, cute way of putting it! It really is amazing what you have achieved already. I can hardly believe that’s you in the first photo either. You looked so much older then!

    I’m so excited for you that you’re planning on graduating and adding to your family this year. This is a great list of goals :)

  4. I’m so excited for you both that you’re planning to have a baby this year!!! And great goal on daily posting- I need to get my butt up to gear on that too :)

  5. I am suggesting a post on how you managed to lose the 50lbs :) After that before & after, I’m petty sure i’m not the only one interested in THAT recap.

  6. i’m thinking the baby making might happen for us in 2009 as well. we’ve been talkin about it, in light of a few things going on (like a recent diagnosis i received that would mean a lifetime of medication). we’re trying to decide if we should try and have a baby before i start that medication, because it’ll be much harder going on it & then coming back off it. tough decisions.

    great list – i had no idea you lost that much weight! while you look gorgeous now, i have to tell you that you were probably one of the prettiest curvy women i’ve ever seen in your photo on the left! WOW! you just glow, hun! it’s fabulous!

  7. Great goals! And since you mentioned it in this post and also in your Christmas letter, why did you decide to postpone graduation to get married? I am not LDS (but enjoy your LDS posts) so is it an LDS thing ot something more personal?

  8. I like the first one—your posts are alway so funny/insightful. I love reading them.

    I’m also dying to know how to make that cake. It looks wonderful!

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