Christmas. Location: Poland, The Arrival

The morning we spent at the Seattle airport was such a nightmare that I can’t even force myself to sit down and relive it by writing it out here. Oh my, how to make it short.

We had been told my United that we had to get our ticket re-issued, no matter what, and that it absolutely had to be done by a desk agent. We arrive at the airport and the lines are the longest I have ever seen. We find the correct United line and are told that the estimated wait is 4 hours. Our internation flight LEAVES in 4 hours, so we know that there is no way we will make it back through in time. After 2 hours of me running back and forth, texting with my husband who had no voice, I’m finally told my a United rep on the phone that they can fix my problem for me. And they do! So we got on.

20 hours after we left my house in Central Washington that morning we took this picture.

Yes, I know, we were looking really hot.When I laid my eyes on the sofa sleeper we would be sharing at my in-laws I knew I had never seen a prettier sight.

That Husband’s childhood home is yellow and boxy, with really beautiful landscaping all around.

This walkway has a dwarf hiding in the underbrush! I hope it stays there forever so I can teach our kids about it someday.

Before we settled into catch up on our sleep for the night we were presented with a beautiful nativity which That Husband’s aunt had bought for us. You’ll see a bunch more of just like them when I post about the nativity exhibit we visited in Krakow.

I love it because I’ve never seen another nativity style like this. They are using foil, glitter, beads, and all kinds of other materials in really unique ways.

The in-laws offered to take us somewhere if we wanted to start visiting places, but we were both exhuasted and I think I went to bed around 6 or 7 that night!

7 thoughts on “Christmas. Location: Poland, The Arrival

  1. I’m happy that you made it, even if it was a bit late!
    TH’s parent’s house is awesome! Apparently Mr Bean’s grandma had cataracts and couldn’t see colours properly, so when she picked her house colour, she picked what she thought was a nice light yellow. However, it was a colour similar to yellow highway paint. So, it made a nice little yellow house on the prairie that one could see from the highway.

  2. Wow that nativity is really cool.

    I love the little gnome idea. It always entertained me the gnomes that the Norwegians would have sitting out. They had do much character to them and history. Much better than the typical US lawn gnome.

  3. That nativity is wonderful, and it’s your first married nativity (beside the dollar store one), and from his home country. So special. Not to mention beautiful and colorful.
    The little American flag above the bed is a cute thing too, you can tell your in-laws care about you.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  4. What a beautiful Nativity! Don’t you love the separate comforter blankets in Europe? We thought they were so funny. When we visited a friend’s house in Germany, she took us on a tour of their home and we made mention of it and told her in the states we have one big blanket to share. She said, “UGH!! I’ll share everything, but NOT my blanket!!!”. We all had a great laugh over that.

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