Thirty Things To Believe In

As soon as I heard seven-year-old Tarak McLain start to read his list on NPR I started to cry. By number 5 I was doing that little hiccuping thing I do when I know I am overreacting to something but I can’t help it. It took him 6 hours to composeĀ  and the words are all his own. It’s one of the most touching “This I Believe” segments I’ve ever heard.

I think we learned yesterday that we don’t all agree. But I know we all believe.

I believe life is good.

I believe God is in everything.

I believe we’re all equal.

I believe we can help people.

I believe everyone is weird in their own way.

I believe hate is a cause for love.

I believe that when I meditate I feel peaceful.

I believe we should be generous.

I believe brothers and sisters should be kind to each other.

I believe kids should respect their parents.

I believe I should not whine.

I believe people should wake up early.

I believe people should go outside more.

I believe in nature.

I believe people should use less trees.

I believe we should help the Arctic and rainforest animals.

I believe people shouldn’t throw litter on the ground.

I believe people should not smoke.

I believe God is in good and bad.

I believe in magic.

I believe people should not give up.

I believe love is everywhere.

I believe that God helps us to have a good time.

I believe we live best in a community.

I believe we can protect people in danger.

I believe we should help the poor.

I believe it’s OK to die but not to kill.

I believe war should not have started.

I believe war should stop.

I believe we can make peace.

7 thoughts on “Thirty Things To Believe In

  1. Yes, that is definitely something to tear up over. What a remarkable child.

    His parents should write a book– he seems just spectacular.

    I agree Tarak.

  2. Very very sweet. It’s amazing the insight children have. I can’t get past the fact that he meditates.

    It reminds me of something I heard – I think this was from the Dalai Lama, and its that if every child at the age of five meditated just one hour a week on compassion, that we could rid the world of wars in one generation. I think Tarak is proof of this. šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. My leadership students are in the process of doing prep work for what will later become their own “This I believe” essay. I can’t wait to share this with them!

  4. This is incredibly stupid of me to become bugged by, but…using trees is actually quite good for the environment. Logging specifically. Not burning forests. I’d explain more, but I’d be ridiculous.

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