Oreo Fudge and Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars

This is Jill. Don’t worry, she isn’t always this scary. She just had a baby 3 months ago. Can you believe it? (It is her baby that I put up pictures of 2 days ago).

This is Jill 5 years ago, the night we met. We haven’t seen each other since that time. She didn’t know I got fat, which is funny to think about. Jill is dancing next to Natalie, the one who introduced us.

New Years 2004

New Years 2004

A few weeks ago this cute blonde girl came up to me at church and said “Are you Jenna?” and I said “Are you Jill?” and now we are friends again. We decided to get together and cook delicious things to give away to people. I think in this picture I am trying to make it look like I wasn’t just dipping in to “taste test” the batter.


We made these: Oreo Fudge Bars. Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars. (Which weren’t red because we didn’t feel like buying food coloring).



Usually I like to do things from scratch, but sometimes I like to do things from easy. You should make them too. Wait 24 hours to eat them and you will be glad, they are much better that way.

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  1. hahaha i LOVE those pics!! Natalie looks HOT in the dancing pic. I prefer baking from scratch to..well have to do something HUGE and totally from scratch one of these day!

  2. That is so random! I thought the first picture of her seemed kind of familiar then I saw myself in a picture with her! I remember Natalie being the cutest ever! I also remember doing my hair for that New Years. Fun stuff.

  3. I agree. Baking from scratch just as that whole I-totally-just-made this-with-my-own-sweat-and-blood taste. Okay so maybe not so much with sweat and blood business, but home ingredients are just better than a box.

  4. Two questions:

    1) are you going to write more about how you lost all that weight? Cause I have some weight to lose and I need all the ideas I can get.

    2) How do you manage to keep losing weight while making stuff like the above? Because the baked goods are unfortunately something I’m very talented at… making them… and eating them.

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s like you read my mind! You will like tomorrow post, it’s the beginning of a series I’m doing on how I lost weight.

    Well whether I am losing weight is still up in the air, but I am *happily* not gaining. I think you’ll find the answers to your questions once you read the series starting tomorrow!

  5. Looks delicious Jenna! This is kind of off-topic, but you mentioned in this post that you met your friend (for the second time) at church. I’m familiar with some facets of the Temple, but I am not familiar at all with an LDS church service. Any chance you’re touching on what your church services are like in a Sunday post? Not being an LDS member, and consequently, only knowing minimal things about the Temple, it would give me more to relate to if I knew what your church services are like. I’ve been to many different kinds of services–Catholic, Assembly of God, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, etc.–but never to an LDS service. Thank you!

  6. Yummy! I love me some red velvet. :-)

    And smart move, baking and giving — I have a ton of stuff I want to cook, but definitely can’t eat all the final products myself!

  7. Oh my word, those are just unbelievable photos of your chocolate desserts. I can almost taste them – unfortunately, not quite! :)

    I’d love to invite you and your friends to share a great recipe or idea at my valentine’s contest on my chocolate site if that’s okay. The info. and entry page is http://www.chocolate-candy-mall.com/valentine-ideas.html

    There are even chocolatey prizes for the winners. :)

  8. Oh my goodness…I love that you found these pictures Jenna!!! What fond memories I have of our New Years Marathon weekend.

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