That Wife’s Bean Soup

After today’s post you guys have been calling me out on all of the treats I’ve been posting lately, and you are right, I’m making myself look a little bit hypocritical aren’t I? I obviously didn’t lose weight by eating treats all the time, and I wouldn’t be able to keep it off if I was always eating them either.

So I’ll tell you three secrets:

1. I don’t have willpower of iron (it’s pretty strong, but it’s not amazing) so I don’t cook/bake like that every night.

2. I enjoy both making and taking photos of the treats more than I like eating them.

3. When I do make treats I try to give them away. The chocolate cake? I only ate 2 slices and TH and a family we visited finished off the rest. The whoppie pies? I sent those on a business trip with That Husband. The oreo fudge bars and red velvet cheesecake bars? I gave those away to the women I visit in my ward.

You will learn in finer detail what my eating habits are really like in future posts, but I thought I would show you a staple recipe I’ve been using a lot lately, in an attempt to make up for all the naughty treats I’ve been tempting you with.

I admit that I developed this using a recipe I found off of, but I feel I’ve made enough changes to call it my own. Plus it’s made in my signature style, different every single time I make it, depending on how I feel that day. If you cannot cook creatively, you will not like this recipe.

Just so you know, That Husband likes this soup so much that he has declared it must be available in the fridge or freezer at all times.


That Wife’s Bean Soup


(All ingredients are optional and interchangeable. Go ahead, mix it up a little bit!)

Lots of cans of beans (In this batch I used chickpeas, black, kidney, pinto, and ranch style)
1 Can of crushed tomatoes
1 Onion, diced
1 Packet of ranch salad dressing mix (the dry stuff)
1 Packet of onion soup and dip mix


1. Find a really big pot.
2. Pour some water in the pot. I probably use like 6 cups or something.
3. Pour all of the beans in the pot, with their liquid, except the black beans (you should drain and rinse those).
4. Add everything else to the pot.
5. Boil for hours. I’m not joking, for hours. Once I boiled it for 4 hours. Just boil it down so that it is nice and thick and a little bit salty. Stir often enough that it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pot because then it tastes bad.

Nutrition Stats

(As weighed, measured, and calculated by me)
Serving Size: 1/2 lb, or 8 oz

Calories: 209
Fat: 2g
Sat Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 0g
Sodium: 513 g (This number may be off because I’m not sure that it includes the salt used in the preservation of the beans)
Potassium: 501 mg
Carbohydrate: 38g
Dietary Fiber: 11g
Protein: 11g


We love it because it’s cheap (that’s why there is no meat in it) but full of fiber and protein. One bowl will fill you up for the entire night. Plus it freezes well, so I can make double batches and then pull them out a ziploc bag at a time and reheat them.

Yum. Just looking at the picture makes me want to warm up a bowl right now.

15 thoughts on “That Wife’s Bean Soup

  1. Looks delicious! If you want to deviate a little more from the spices, I’ve made a black bean soup with some cut-up peaches and peach salsa mixed in with a couple tablespoons of BBQ sauce (it had onion and tomato in it like yours). It was really, really good!

  2. Thanks for recipe! Will make soon. I figured as much about the cakes and sweets but just asking.

  3. Thank you! I’m trying to eat healthier this year, and I love anything that’s chock full of beans.

    Would you say you use about 5 cans? When I hear “lots of cans”, I think 20. So I just want to make sure I’m getting the order of magnitude right…

    Jenna Reply:

    Yep, this batch had 5 cans. The Ranch Style can was twice the size of the others.

    mhb Reply:

    I made this over the weekend, but I couldn’t find Ranch dip mix so I threw in veggie dip mix… and then a bunch of crushed red pepper and other spicy stuff. Turned out totally tasty! Thanks!

  4. I’m looking to some more simple healthy recipes. I can’t wait to make this. I’m going to the store tonight to raid their can bean selection. It’s def time for me to get healthy. I gained 30 lbs last year that I’m hoping to shed that plus 5 or so and keep them off.

  5. I sent you a super easy dinner recipe that I love love love. I hope you get the chance to give it a try! =o)

  6. This soup recipe meets my two most important requirements: easy and yummy. I use similar ingredients when I make my turkey chili.Can’t wait to try out your version!

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  8. This looks wonderful! I’m going to be making it today (went out and got the stuff last night) for a retreat planning group meeting at my place today. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  9. Thanks for sharing this recipe. We made it last night and it’s amazing! I added in 1 can of diced tomato’s and 1 can of whole tomato’s(I just love tomato’s). We couldn’t find ranch beans so we bought other kinds. I have a weight loss goal going on and I think this soup will help! 🙂

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