To Fat and Back: The Other Book

My lovely sister Shaylene just reminded me of my other favorite book! In fact, I read When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies first, and then Intuitive Eating, and I think I liked it better.

Intuitive Eating! Yay!

So you should read that one (or both). Actually, if you have to choose, read this one. Now that I look at the cover I remember that I definitely like it best.

Please forgive my absentminededness. Remember I don’t have my “library” here with me in Dallas. All of my books are up in WA so I am trying to write these posts about events that happened three years ago and it means I forget things sometimes.

One thought on “To Fat and Back: The Other Book

  1. I LOVE books! And definitely in need of some body-love literature. Thanks!

    Anyone in the That Wife Community want to read an discuss? A mini book club!

    Let me know!

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