Homemade Marshmallow Heart and Hot Cocoa Valentines

I realize that most people show their crafty projects after the intended recipients have received them, but does it make any sense for me to show you a valentine craft project 364 days before valentines day 2010? I think not.

After these Fred Flare valentine hot chocolate packets were featured on Weddingbee, I remembered that one of the cookbooks I received for Christmas had a recipe for homemade marshmallows that all of the women back home were raving about. I wasn’t going to pay the insanely high price of $8 for a packet of cocoa, so I decided to come up with my own version. I don’t usually do step-by-step photos, because the lighting in my apartment is so awful, but with a project like this I thought you all might like to see how to make your own.


Vegetable oil for brushing
4 pkgs unflavored gelatin
3 1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup confectioners sugar

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Brush your jelly roll pan with vegetable oil. Cut a piece of wax paper and lay it on top of the oiled pan, and brush more vegetable oil on top. Set aside.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Pour 3/4 cup cold water in the bowl of an electric mixer and sprinkle gelatin on top. Let sit for at least 5 minutes.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Place 3 cups granulated sugar, corn syrup, salt, and 3/4 cup water in a medium saucepan. Take a moment to soak in exactly how much sugar marshmallows really contain.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Set saucepan over high heat and bring to boil.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Insert a candy thermometer, and cook until mixture reaches soft-ball stage (238 degrees F), which will be after about 9 minutes of boiling.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Using the whisk attachment beat hot syrup into gelatin on a low speed.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Gradually increase speed to high, beat until mixture is very stiff, somewhere around 12 minutes. Ooooh and aaaah as it turns white like magic. Beat in vanilla.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

What does very stiff mean exactly? I have no idea. I guessed it meant something like this.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Pour mixture into the jelly roll pan and let sit for 3 hours, or overnight. The picture below is of the marshmallows after sitting overnight.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Place 1 cup confectioners sugar in a fine strainer and sift onto a clean work surface. Invert large mashmallow onto the sugar-coated surface, and peel off the wax paper.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Take your heart shaped cookie cutter and dip it in vegetable oil.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Press down firmly, twisting a little at the bottom, to make sure you cut all the way through the ‘mallow.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Roll the marshmallow in the excess confectioners sugar.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Have a little fun playing with the leftover cutouts (please note, this step is unnecessary).

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Call your husband in and while pointing to your hearts say “Look how pretty!” (This step is necessary).

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Line up your hearts in neat little rows. Continue with the “Look how pretty!” statements.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Fill plastic baggies, one with hot cocoa mix, the other with marshmallows. Use your (new!) rotary paper cutter to cut out strips of red paper. Fold in half, and use hot glue gun to affix “i love you” ribbon to the front. Staple label to the top of the baggie.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

If you are really crafty, you will make sure the personal instructions look at pretty as the rest of your packaging. If you are me, you break out the ball point pen and scrawl across the back of the labels with your unsightly handwriting.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Don’t the hearts look so cute all smooshed together like this?

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

I couldn’t resist doing a little test run for myself. Isn’t that one of the sweetest sights you have sever seen?

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

Actually, 3 marshmallow hearts floating together in my hot cocoa cup might be the sweetest sight.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

No! No! No! The absolute sweetest is 5 marshmallow hearts, oooey and gooey and a little bit melty, floating together in my hot cocoa cup.

hot cocoa and marshmallow valentine

I’m so happy how this turned out, it’s definitely the cutest thing I’ve ever made. I’m going to keep the recipients of these valentines a secret so they can be surprised when they receive them.

What are you crafting for Valentines Day?

34 thoughts on “Homemade Marshmallow Heart and Hot Cocoa Valentines

  1. thanks for sharing! the images make me want a cup right now! this whole project is adorable- even the way you wrote about it! i hope to try this myself one day when i get a stand mixer….so like in two years. ;)

  2. Okay, you must stop saying that you’re apartment has the worst lighting. If I only had your lighting! Haha. I’m almost to the point of buying a lamp to put in the kitchen b/c it’s so horrible. I can hardly see the things I make.

    When I saw the rows of heart-shaped marshmallows, I was in awe! You did sooo many. I’m glad they turned out so well for you. They look amazing!

  3. Oh I absolutely love it!! You are so crafty and adorable and someday maybe I’ll be the same way (right now I have a hard time buying ingredients to make things like this when I don’t have a kitchen or live in the same place for more than a few days).

  4. I’ve never made my own marshmellows…that would be fun. I’m making a little album of some pictures for my husband (well, really for ME) from our past 8 years together; 8 years knowing each other, 5 1/2 of those married. It’s just a small album, so nothing that has taken too long to put together. I’m excited to finally give it to him because I meant to make it for our 5th anniversary cruise last year. Our little boy is getting a handmade card and a little book!

  5. Oh, these are just adorable. I love everything– the heart marshmallows, the packaging, even your tutorial. Great job!

    P.S. I also thought those Fred Flare packages were heinously overpriced. :)

  6. I think your project looks adorable, and 5 heart marshmellows are definitely better than just 1. I have some projects to do tonight!

  7. I seriously didn’t know marshmallows could be homemade! How big is that heart cutter? What did you do with the left over marshmallow that was from the cutouts? Do you just toss it?

    Jenna Reply:

    I bought a 3-pack of heart cutters from Michaels. I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do with all the leftover marshmallow scarps (and the leftover hears that didn’t fit in the packages). I might make a quick little treat tonight to leave for the hubby since I’m going out of town and we will be apart for valentines day!

  8. Super cute. I wish homemade marshmallows didn’t have gelatin in them… not vegetarian friendly. I made a few cards, and am hand-stitching one for my husband, but no big craft projects… no time with the lab.

    Speaking of no time… shouldn’t you be busy with your classes so you can have a baby, and not making marshmallow hearts?!

  9. this are adorable! i love that you made the marshmellows. i couldn’t ever do that. i ruin everything. i made home made valentines. and i think i am going to do mini carmel apple balls with carmel and white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar on them. we’ll see how it turns out…

  10. Jenna, they look fabulous! I tore a recipe of the yummiest looking hot choc recipe out of the Dallas Morning News but have yet to make it. The note at the end said put the leftovers in the fridge and you’ll find chocolate mousse the next morning…. how could I go wrong w/ that?
    Don’t be offended at the Mafia girl’s wedding comment. Just all the black and white and all those suitcases stuffed with $ made me imagine you were in the Godfather.

  11. goodness gracious woman!

    No crafts = 40+ hour job and commute.

    Skywalker Reply:

    Okay…you have Krogers. I’m jealous now.

  12. You should make rice crispy squares with the remainder marshmallows.

    Those are really cute! When I told Mr. Bean that one could make marshmallows from scratch, he got really excited. And now, I’ve found a step-by-step instruction manual, so hopefully if I ever do decide to make it, I won’t make up or leave out steps. Thanks!

  13. OH MY GOODNESS>>>Jenna, these look heavenly! I love store bought marshmillows…but I cannot even imagine what a homemade marshmillow would taste like….Thanks for posting…I am going to think that this post was just for me :)

  14. I really liked this post! You should check out
    http://www.thepioneerwoman.com – she is so funny and she has 4 different sections to her blog- the actual blog, a cooking section, a photo section, and a homeschooling section. She lives on a huge ranch in Oklahoma with 4 adorable red headed kids and her cooking section is *amazing*

    Jenna Reply:

    I am absolutely in love with Pioneer Woman. She is the blogger I would choose to be if I could choose to be anyone. I love her cooking, her writing, her photography, her sense of humor, her giveaways (how in the world does she do them without having sponsors?)

    Oh I just LOVE her.

  15. I LOVE this idea! If only I had seen it before Valentines Day….

    such a great idea.

    And yeah, tons o’ sugar in marshmallows. Good lord.

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