That Lovely #3: Sleep Mask

Do you own a sleep mask? If the answer is no, I would ask you to reconsider the way you are living your life thus far. I think between That Husband and myself we own at least 5. We each keep one under our pillow at home, I always have on with me when I travel… you get the idea.

This particular mask was purchased right before I went to Rome with That Mother. As soon as TH tried it out for himself he made me trade him! IMG_5434

It’s something about the silky material, and the sweet little eye pockets that help block out the light.


What do you use to help you sleep better at night?

16 thoughts on “That Lovely #3: Sleep Mask

  1. Ooh, I should get something like that. The only one I have is the one I got on my flight to the Philippines from Japan Air 3.5 years ago. I keep it in my car when I do road trips and take it on planes, though I rarely use it. I might use it if it was like yours!

  2. I have to say I love the random topics you write about on your blog 🙂 always entertaining. And love the new banner.

    oh and yes, sleep masks are an essential. I have them stashed in all my travel bags and keep 2 on my bedside table.

  3. I have an eye mask for when my husband keeps the lights on. I cannot sleep with the lights on. It’s so useful when I travel too.

  4. We painted our room a really dark color (our floors are a pretty light wood and our bedding is all white) and man, it’s ended up accidentally being the best thing ever. You can take a nap in there at high noon and it feels like dusk. I love it.

  5. White noise machine, a body pillow with a suede pillow cover, and a down comforter with t-shirt sheets. Oh, and lavendar and chamomile sheet spray. Ah, I’m off to bed now 🙂

  6. Two words: blackout curtain.

    Best. thing. ever.

    No, seriously. We just happened to wind up with one because the previous owner of our condo had one in the bedroom and left it up. It is so super intense — a thick, canvas blind, with heavy draped fabric curtains on top. Absolutely no light whatsoever gets past. I will never, ever again live anywhere without blackout curtains. Ever.

    It’s like a sleep mask, but 1000x’s better. I know, it is THAT amazing.

    Jenna Reply:

    My husband emailed me one day and was like “In Germany, they have these awesome things called blackout curtains and we should get one!”

    The way our bed is situated curtains just don’t make sense, but I think we will get them someday because he loves the darkness. It’s his favorite thing about sleeping at hotels all the time.

  7. Hm. I only use these when traveling by car, as I get carsick otherwise. I’ve blogged about my phobia of the dark– I get panic-stricken when I put the blankets over my head. Part of me wishes this were possible for me though– it just looks as if it would make sleep better 🙂

  8. Ooooh, I like yours. I have one, but it doesn’t have the cute design on it. I love mine. It actually looks a lot like your except the design. Mine has just a plain color of sage on the front, but it smells of lavender to help me sleep. Where did you get yours?

    Jenna Reply:

    We got it in Seattle right before we went to Europe at a beauty supply store over on the coast but I can’t remember where.

    Jenna Reply:

    I think I found it!

  9. Ear plugs. I love them. I always have 2 out on the nightstand in case the upstairs neighbors get loud. (I swear they get up and polka in the middle of the night some times, or other times it sounds like they are packing their bags for a big trip, with drawers opening and closing and the closet door sliding around like crazy) Or my guy starts snoring or snorting. They block out all that nonsense.

    And I love my sleep mask, too. Mine is purple 🙂

  10. I am one of those blessed people who can sleep anytime, anywhere. Alex is always up later than me and I can easily fall asleep with the lights on, I’ve slept in the school library at my desk while studying, you name it I’ve probably cat-napped there. I even keep a pillow in the back seat of my car because if I get tired driving I can pull over and take a nap! Ten minutes is all I need and I’m ready to go again!

  11. I don’t know if I should be sharing this deep dark secret but we have one mask in our apartment and it isn’t mine.

    We’ve been having some issues as the elastic wears out, so if you have any really good ones that could hold up better to a larger head and don’t look to girly I’d love to hear about them and pass it on to the unknown entity that uses one.

    Jenna Reply:

    The one I have (the one I actually use after hubby made me switch). If he doesn’t like things that sit on his eye (most people don’t, but I do) I had this one for awhile.

  12. I have that exact same one! Can’t live without it as Mr Fink likes to watch tv in bed (ugh). It’s so well used, the elastic is losing its stretchiness.

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