06 Apr

April Lifestyle Challenge: Favorite Gratis Activity

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On my birthday, I plan on taking a break from everything (ah the beauty of being self-employed), and doing whatever I want all day long. I’m going to do all of my favorite things, including take pictures, eat a cupcake (from Sprinkles), visit Whole Foods, and go to the library. Out of all of those things, going to the library/bookstore is my favorite. I don’t do it often, because I just don’t have the time. I walk in and end up browsing for hours.

I thought it would be fun to encourage all of you to budget the time this month to do one of your favorite things. The catch is, that it has to be something that’s free! Going to the library is free, so that will be mine. Yours could be picnicking, biking, tennis, visiting a museum, window shopping, baking, painting, going to the park with your kid(s), or whatever else tickles your fancy. This challenge will not only give us the chance to learn a little more about each other and what we love to do most, but also might spark some ideas for things we can do in our own neighborhoods for free.

Criteria For This Months Challenge:

1. Participate in your favorite free activity.

Note: For this challenge, we are going to define free as “things you don’t spend money on to participate in right then”. So if you want to play tennis at the country club you paid an annual membership fee for, we’ll count that activity as free because you didn’t have to break out your wallet for that specific trip.

2. Take a picture! (Always take a picture, it makes your contribution to the challenge much more interesting!)

To sign up all you have to do is comment below. Remember, you have to sign up for each challenge separately by commenting on the appropriate post. I will add you to a weekly reminder email list, unless you specify otherwise in your comment. The last week of the month I ask that you email me your photos and description to share with everyone else.


  1. I am in finals so I probably can’t do anything this month but I shall try. I am so happy you have a Sprinkles. It is so good!

  2. I’m in. Everyone should be in. Who doesn’t love to do their favorite thing?

  3. I’ll do this one too! I like the “favorites” theme!

  4. I’m in. I got a few ideas that all hinder on this snow going far far away.

  5. I know what I am going to do as long as the weather cooperates!

  6. This one should be fun – but now to figure out what this one activity will be…

  7. I’ll play in this one too. :)

  8. i’m in for this one…free is MY favorite :)

  9. Count me in!

  10. So far I haven’t done any of your challenges…but this month may be my month! It’s so hard for us to get to our local temple (the Los Angeles Temple) and that’s even with just one good little boy to worry about finding a sitter. I can’t imagine how hard it will be when this second boy comes along in June (plus I’ll be nursing then as well), so I’d like to get to the temple this month for my favorite free activity!

  11. I’m going to go revisit the baby lambs!

  12. I totally love the themes! This one could be both fun and somewhat challenging. But I’m up for it. :)

  13. I’m in. I’d do the library except that I already go weekly.

  14. I’m in!

  15. I’m in!

  16. I will do this too! I already have a plan!

  17. I’m in!

  18. I’m in! I love free things!

  19. I’m in – I love finding and doing free things!

  20. Hello! I’m going to try to do this challenge. Not sure yet what I’ll do…

  21. tessabella76 says:

    Count me in!

  22. I’m in and I think I’m doing it tomorrow, even.

  23. I’m in, sounds fun.

  24. i’m in :)

  25. I’m in!

  26. This is my first one! I am in!

  27. I’m going to give it a shot, not sure what i’ll do yet (though i do love the library, and haven’t been in a while, but if the weather gets nicer i have a few ideas…

  28. Cristin says:

    I’d like to give it a try too – would you add me to the list?

  29. Not quite sure what I’m going to do yet, and it’s going to be a busy month, but count me in for this one too!

  30. Great challange!! Toronto AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) just revamped their look. They have freebie Wednesdays so … here I go!

  31. I’m in! Now I just have to decide which one to pick :)

  32. Yeah! I’m in.

  33. Want to enroll in this one as well!


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