Deluxe Date Night: Mua Sushi

Deluxe Date Night, explained here, happened once again this month, this time with a trip to a local sushi restaurant, Mua Sushi. And when I say local, I mean it. We were able to there, walk hand in hand, like the cute little newlyweds we are.

The traditional rolls.


What will That Husband choose? He is quite picky about his sushi, having been able to experience in many different places due to his traveling for work. The best he has ever had was in Arizona, if you were wondering.


I learned that two of my favorite things together, cream cheese and avocado, is not always a good thing.  Once we poked the cream cheese out this Mango Fandango roll was delicious.


I love the presentation that goes into each sushi dish. Isn’t this fantastic? It was just as yummy as it looks too.


Don’t be surprised if we Deluxe Date Night ends up being Deluxe Sushi Night from now on. I could eat sushi every day!



Are you a sushi fan?

35 thoughts on “Deluxe Date Night: Mua Sushi

  1. Yesss! I love pretty much all sushi, and always enjoy trying new ones! The presentation of your sushi looks really nice!

    yay for date nights!

  2. Sushi is not big in Holland, I don’t know one Sushi restaurant. So, I am not a huge fan. Especially knowing it is raw fish, RAW?! But maybe I should give it a try when I get a change…. who knows if I’ll have the guts

    Jenna Reply:

    That Husband told me he was really freaked out by the thought of Sushi as well when he first came to the US. They don’t have it in Poland either :)

  3. It looks so yummy! I love sushi but my husband is not the biggest fan… I’m looking forward to making some new girlfriends (we’re in a new city) to go and enjoy it with! And you look gorgeous in that picture! :)

  4. LOVE sushi! It’s the only time I can get FI to eat avocados – he seriously dislikes them. And I mean real avocados, not the “bee” variety :)

  5. Love sushi- after a year in Japan, I have to have it about once a month. I’m a vegetarian who consumes no milk or eggs and *very* little cheese every other day of the month, but when I eat sushi I make a compromise on fish- sorry fish! :(

    Also Jenna if you’re looking for a sushi place in Dallas with a great atmosphere and cheap but AWESOME sushi you should try Zenna. It’s Thai and Japanese, the decor is beautiful, the rolls are crazy imaginative, and even the very complex ones are not more expensive than $10-$12. It’s in North Dallas, in Plano, right off of 75 Central Expressway. The best thing (for me) is that they have traditional desserts- sticky black rice and mango custard for example.

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m very excited to give it a go. of course, at the rate we eat out that will be 6 months from now or so, but I’m still adding it to the list. :)

  6. Also, I’m being bad at work today and commenting twice on your blog! I’m going to get back to work right now :)

  7. I love sushi. I wish I could eat it everyday too, but our pocketbook is looking lean these days. So no sushi everyday.

  8. I LOVE sushi… have never been quite brave enough to go to a real sushi place, but there’s a little grody storefront in my town where they sell surprisingly tasty sushi of a fairly wide variety for all less than $20 a roll.
    And nooooo, cream cheese and avocado together is like sushi heaven! I love my Philly rolls! :)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi!

    Boise has an AMAZING sushi place called Superb Sushi (

    They specialize in “non-traditional” sushi. They are the reason I started craving sushi the way I do. I started off with the Spicy Tuna Roll, but graduated to the Insane Roll.

    Insane™ Roll
    spicy salmon, wasabi, avocado, shrimp tempura, jalapeno, lemon sauce & sriracha. Make it NUCLEAR – add habanero.

    It is to DIE for!!

    October12 Reply:

    I miss Superb! I have very fond memories of lunches there with a very dear friend. I am also a big fan of Happy Fish. How I miss Downtown Boise.

    Tamara Reply:

    If you’re ever in Boise again, let me know!

  10. LOVE IT!!!! California and Hawaii have the best sushi I have tried thus far! Oh gosh, now I am craving it!

  11. YES! It’s my favourite! Living in Toronto, every other store is a sushi restaurant! I could eat it every day too! Yum, yours looks delicious and I think I’m going to need to get sushi in the very near future!

  12. Ooh I love sushi!! I am going this weekend with my dad! I like the more simpler rolls and usually cooked — either vegetables or shrimp, but hey, I’m just proof that there is something for everyone, right? ;)

  13. I am *not* a sushi fan. But you two look so cute and fun with your sushi that I almost wish that I did like it!

  14. Ack, curse you and your pretty sushi pictures! I don’t know about America, but sushi is very expensive over here. Which doesn’t stop me from eating it, but I really have to hold myself back or I’d be buying it ever 2nd day. Om non nom.

    The avo and cream cheese doesn’t work for me, either. Too rich. In fact I pretty much stick to salmon and avo – it’s always the best! And I’ll have crab sometimes because it’s cheaper. I can’t say I’ve ever had mango, but I had a roll with strawberry on once, and it was VILE. So I’m wary of sweet fruit in sushi now.

    My vegetarian friend likes the rice and seaweed but she doesn’t eat fish, so she usually gets fillings that are just avo, cucumber, carrot etc. They’re pretty nice, surprisingly! Not up to salmon standard, but still.

  15. I LOVE sushi!! It’s funny, I didn’t always love it. For most of my life, I wasn’t a fan. People are always baffled by this because I am Japanese. :)

    My favorite are spicy tuna rolls. And the best sushi I ever had was in Washington, D.C. Ok, now I’m hungry.

  16. One of my jobs as president of a student organization is picking the food we serve at the meetings – I’ve found its actually as cost efficient to serve sushi as pizza, and it piques interest – so every couple of months we have a meeting and order a large amount of sushi and get to have an unlimited sushi buffet for free! The presentation isn’t as nice, but did I mention the free?

  17. You know that I am the pickiest eater in the world… I tried sushi and love it!! Dan and I eat it all the time. Sometimes I even crave it!

    Jenna Reply:

    This is one of the most impressive things you have ever told me. You eat it with the fish and everything?

  18. I LOVE Sushi! I eat it every chance I get, and so far I haven’t had sushi i didn’t love! YUM!

  19. I love sushi too. In fact, we have some coupons for a new sushi restaurant in our neighborhood. Have to try it out soon!

  20. Has That Husband every tried sushi in Vancouver? I can almost give you 100% confidence it will be better than Arizona :) (Not that I’m biased or anything…)

    I love sushi. I could pretty much eat it every day too :)

    Jenna Reply:

    I have no idea why Arizona ranked as the best for him. I’m also not sure why we didn’t do sushi on our honeymoon in Seattle???

  21. I heart sushi. Colin not so much. I usually get some without him but occasionally I can drag him there. Best I ever had was a little place in Seattle (no longer there). Alas! Good and cheap.

  22. Hey, you can make sushi at home – we do and it’s such a fun thing to do together, or even with friends and it’s a lot cheaper and you can eat as much as you want. We bought a book, read a lot, had tried a lot and then went for it! You just need to find a fishmonger who sells really fresh fish, or make vegetarian rolls.

    Christiana Reply:

    Girrrrrrl, I’m with Nass here…if I can do it, you can do it. :)

  23. Are you kidding? Sushi is my favorite food ever, right after bigos. You and TH need to come try the sushi in Vancouver – I’m sure it kicks Arizona’s butt.

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