May Lifestyle Challenge: For Mom

Sometimes the best challenges are the ones you should do anyways. Like this month, in which I challenge you to let your mom know how much you love her. Some brief searching taught me that Mother’s Day is in May for most countries, so even my international readers should be able to participate without their mom asking “Why are you making such a fuss over me?”

Mother’s Day is a day to make a fuss over the one who raised you. So go make one.

That Mother and I on my wedding day.

Criteria For This Months Challenge:

1. Do something for you mom. Anything. Everything.

2. Tell us all about it. Take a picture of your card, gift, mom’s reaction, etc, if you can!

To sign up all you have to do is comment below. Remember, you have to sign up for each challenge separately by commenting on the appropriate post. I will add you to a weekly reminder email list, unless you specify otherwise in your comment. The last week of the month I ask that you email me your photos and description to share with everyone else.

15 thoughts on “May Lifestyle Challenge: For Mom

  1. I am glad you don’t make it that difficult on us, cause even a card will do. I will do my best to do something more special though, with my time schedule a real challenge. But it’s true, mom is worth it! And I say that even though it wasn’t all that great between me and my mom. And that is true for so many of us. Would it be good to say that if you don’t have a (good) mom you could do this for some one who else, maybe some one who is like a mom? Now every one can participate!

  2. My mom’s birthday is actually the week after mother’s day – and its her “scary” birthday, because she will be the same age her mother was when she died. But my parents are going out of town her birthday weekend, so we’re going to celebrate her birthday on Mother’s day and take her to see a theatre show, and then while my parents are out of town, we’re going to repaint the downstairs “guest” bathroom for her, because the wallpaper has been peeling and it looks pretty outdated but my dad really wants to renovate the bathroom (which isn’t happening for at least 2 years) so he hasn’t wanted to do any work on it so far, so my sister and I will redecorate it and probably buy a new medicine cabinet and shower curtain to “modernize” it a bit. We’re pretty excited, so I’m really happy to participate in this challenge.

  3. LOVE the clapping photo!! It makes me miss my mommy – 900 miles away (you know exactly how I feel.) I’m IN for the challenge!

  4. Bummer! You posted this too late. I baked six dozen cookies this weekend (four different types) and split them up, packed them up in pretty hand-decorated boxes, and shipped them off to my mother and MIL… yesterday. And did not take pictures. So I guess that would disqualify me. Had I not shipped them off yesterday, though, they would not have reached the mothers in time for Mother’s Day…

  5. I love that picture!

    Sign me up! It’s perfect timing too because I was going to go shopping this afternoon with that very thing in mind!

  6. Great challenge Jenna! My mom and I are going on a mother daughter portrait session with my wedding photographer on Saturday. It’s a total surprise to her. I’m excited!

  7. I love this one too. I was already inspired by you for her Mother’s Day gift!

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