May Photo Challenge: Your Mom

I promise the title to this post is not the beginning of a bad joke. As you know, I like having the monthly challenges be based on a theme, and what better theme to choose to focus on during the month of May than mothers?

Send me a picture of your mom, and tell me one thing that you love about her. The picture can be old or new, it doesn’t matter (though old ones are always fun if you can dig them up!). And one sentence describing why you appreciate her. It could be the way she celebrates your birthday, or the way she encourages you to follow your dreams, or  the delicious food she put on the table every night when you were kids. Don’t stress about telling us the thing you love most, just tell us one of the many reasons why you love her.

Criteria For This Month

1. Find/take a picture of your mom.

2. Tell us one reason why your mom is amazing.

To sign up all you have to do is comment below. Remember, you have to sign up for each challenge separately by commenting on the appropriate post. I will add you to a weekly reminder email list, unless you specify otherwise in your comment. The last week of the month I ask that you email me your photos (and a description) to share with everyone else.

I’m getting all teary-eyed just thinking about what this results post will be like!

29 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: Your Mom

  1. Count me in – I have great pictures of her from the wedding and so many wonderful reasons I love her! Great challenges this month 🙂

  2. Ok, after sitting on the sidelines for a while, I’m in on this one! I have just the picture in mind to submit.

  3. Count me in on this one! I can never resist bragging about my incredible Mom 🙂

  4. I’m in! I decided to drop out of the Food Challenge because I failed last month 🙁 was too busy to cook.

    At least I take enough photos that I can be part of these photo challenges 🙂

  5. I am in! I don’t have many photos, but I have one from february when she was here that I like. Is it ok if I am in it too?

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