The Vainest Fruit Flies You Ever Did See

There was a young woman who lived with some flies. I don’t know why she brought in the flies. Perhaps she’ll die.

See those spots on the mirror? They aren’t from toothpaste residue or leftover hairspray. They’re fruit flies.

Really vain fruit flies that like to spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror. I deep cleaned the bathroom yesterday and when I applied Windex to the glass the flies flew away as I began to spray, but came back again and landed right in the wet glass a few seconds later. They couldn’t bear to be away from their own reflection longer than a few moments!


I had a few crazy workdays this week that led to me not cleaning up after myself (apple cores) like I should have, and now we have fruit flies living in both the bathroom and the kitchen. No, I didn’t eat the apple in the bathroom, just threw it away in the bathroom garbage. Eating in the bathroom is gross.

I set up some traps consisting of vinegar and grape juice in a glass, covered with saran wrap with holes poked in the top. They’ve worked okay, but I’m thinking a better solution would have been prevention. I won’t be so lazy about taking out the trash from now on, and I definitely won’t be keeping old fruit in the bathroom.

I just hate when I feel like the flies are buzzing around my bum when I’m doing my business.

18 thoughts on “The Vainest Fruit Flies You Ever Did See

  1. For a moment there, before I started reading your post – I thought my computer screen was dusty/dirty and tried wiping my screen off really quickly with my fingers! Then I ready your post title and realized you were talking about fruit flies. LOL!

    Charlie Reply:

    This as year, as usual, we have fruit flies. Last year was really bad and one evening after an hour of vaccuming them up (it’s a great instant fix) I googled some solutions. Seemed a lot of people were giving positive reactions to the wine idea. I had an old bottle of wine that I never threw out, put some of it in an empty soda bottle and made a funnel. Left it on the kitchen island overnight. Next day I come in, and yes there were a thousand (or so it seemed) dead in the bottle, but there were even MORE in the kitchen than usual. So while it did kill, it attracted even more into the house. Which is why I am hesitant to do anything now, like vinegar, etc…

  2. Oh have I got a tale of flies for you….

    Just about two weeks after Grant came home from the hospital, my MIL was with us and we kept noticing that we were killing more flies than usual in our house. (very, very old base housing at the time) Every day it got a tad worse. These were big, slow moving flies so they were easy to kill, but after a few days we knew something was wrong. We noticed they were coming from our hall vent near the water heater, etc that had access to the outside of the house. We figured they were getting in from the outside and just really liked our house for some reason.

    We called base housing maintence – they put up a screen behind the vent. Didn’t help. Those nasty things still found their way in around the screen somehow. It got slowly worse and worse until a couple days later when we came home from a long doctor’s appt trip with Grant to a scene direct from a horror film. Flies….everywhere! On the pulls of the fan, on my plants, on every wall – it was the most disgusting horrific sight. We immediately called an after hours maintence crew – told them in not so many words that they had better fix this once and for all or else – and stayed at a hotel that night.

    Finally, someone did some searching and found a dead squirrel near our water heater (we had lots of problems with squirrels) – and bascially the fly population was using that squirrel to house it’s young who then grew up to come into our house.

    If I see more than 1 or 2 flies in my house now (even though we’ve moved), I get way nervous and grossed out. Trust me when I say I feel you on the fly situation. Flies are gross.

    Jenna Reply:

    This was awful. And gross. You’re right, something out of a horror film for sure.

  3. That’s pretty entertaining that they couldn’t stay away from the mirror for very long.

    My MIL has had a lot of problems with fruit flies because of her many plants – she uses these yellow tape loops on sticks and it works fairly well. (Or at least when I see them, they’re covered in flies.) I was once given a mini venus fly trap and I gave it to her because I suck at taking care of plants and had no flies in my house. However, I couldn’t resist making all the traps close with pens, so it died anyways – it could work if you don’t make them close for your own amusement!

  4. My mom always taught me to throw away food or any food wrappers, etc. only in the kitchen (where the can has a lid and is emptied more frequently). I never fully understood the logic when I was young, but makes a lot of sense now that I have my own house, and given your current situation! Good luck getting rid of the little buggers!

  5. I’ve found the best way to kill fruitflies is with chardonnay. Before I go to bed I poor a few ounces of chardonnay in a glass, and when I wake up, all of the flies are dead and floating in the wine. Whenever I see even one fly I do this – and the result is we rarely have fruit flies as this attracts and kills them all overnight. Apparently they really like the fruitiness of the wine. Anyways, after a long trip I came home and we had fruitflies. My husband left a day after me for the trip and had left a bowl of fruit on the counter (which was now mushy and covered in flies). I cleaned it up, set out a glass of wine, and a dozen were drunk and drowning in no time. BUT – the next morning there were still flies, and the next, and the next. My wine was not working! But then I realized there was always one or two flies hanging around my sink. I sent some lemon wedges down there, ran the disposal – it sounded like it was clear. We have an open floor plan so I’m at the sink in the kitchen chatting with my husband who is working in the family room while I’m doing all of this. I reach my hand down into the drain to make sure there isn’t a piece of food stuck in there and I say to him, “It’s perfectly clean.” And I pull my hand out and start screaming. My hand is COVERED, absolutely covered, in maggots! Ugh!! I keep a very clean house (okay, the professionals who come to clean it do an outstanding job) and I was mortified and utterly disgusted. My instinct was to shake my hand, but I didn’t want maggots all over my kitchen. I’ll wrap up this story – turns out that there are flies that look JUST LIKE fruit flies but they lay their eggs in the drain (there are “nutrients” of sorts lining the garbage disposal, etc.) and their eggs/maggots are also suited to the environment in the drain because once they get there, they stick to the walls and it is really hard to kill them. And then the maggots turn into flies and fly around my kitchen, lay more eggs in my drain, and then drown in my chardonnay. My point – everyone should check their kitchen sink/garbage disposal sometimes. Don’t be an idiot and do it with your hand like I did – use your long handled brush that you clean dishes with. To kill them – you poor boiling water down the drain, vinegar, draino, brush the sides of the garbage disposal with a bristled brush, lots of soap and lemons – I did everything – and are house was back to normal in 48 hours. (Jenna, I know you don’t usually by wine – the cheapest stuff will do. You can use red, but then you don’t get the joy of being able to easily see them and count how many you caught). This is the end of the longest comment ever.

    Erin Reply:

    Oh my goodness my grammar – I should have reread this before (not after) I posted it. Please read my “are” as “our” and “by” as “buy” – and ignore the rest of the errors!!

    Katy Reply:

    I’m so glad someone else has a disgusting fly story like mine! I think I would cut off my hand if it had touched those maggots – way too tramuatizing.

    Jenna Reply:

    I already had a hard time sticking my hand down the garbage disposal (I’ve maybe done it 10 times in my life), but now you’ve traumatized me for sure!

    The fruit flies are still there so now you have me all worried that there are maggots in my drain. I’m gagging right now just thinking about it! But if that is the case for me then I’ll know exactly what to do. I don’t usually buy wine but I’ll do whatever it takes if those maggots happen to me.

    Erin Reply:

    If you want to google them (if you think you have them), they are called drain flies. Maggots look like pieces of rice, yellow-ish rice. Don’t put your hand down the drain like I did – definitely use a long handled dish brush. Since I’d never seen a maggot before and I was trying to convince myself they weren’t in fact maggots – so I put several of them into a ziploc bag and sealed it (I put the brush inside the bag and tapped them off). Sure enough, several hours later, there were flies flying around that plastic bag and I had to get over my denial – they were maggots. Yuck!!

  6. actually, you don’t have to buy wine. apple vinegar will work. They just like the fruity part of it all. And if you roll a piece of paper up into a funnel and put it in your cup, the flies can’t escape. they go down the tube and can’t figure out how to get out. (let the paper relax to fill the entire space of the cup up) If you use saran wrap, they can figure out how to go back out the hole. good luck, it will be cured in no time!

  7. We have a fruit fly problem at our work. We have these little sticky papers suck in our plants. Gets rid of 90% of the flies.

  8. When I read about you not cleaning up after yourself and apple cores, I pictured you leaving your apple cores on your bathroom counter, GROSS. But when I continued reading I realized you are not that GROSS. Am glad to read you do throw them in the trash!

  9. Don’t feel to bad about the apple cores in the trash, sometimes i think it’s this time of year. It always happens to me in the summer with so much fresh fruit around….and once i got them from flowers!

  10. Another reason I like Michigan… most of the time bugs don’t even cross my mind.

    It’s just too cold here much of the time.

    I’m sure the cleaning ladies help us out with this though 🙂

  11. Everytime we get fruit flies in my house, they always end up in my bathroom – on the mirror, just like yours! I still don’t know why they pick the bathroom…

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