23 Jun

Bee Friends

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Note: If you notice that I’ve mislabeled any of these blogs please notify me so that I can match the right bee with their blog!

2 excited nests (Coconut)

Ambergontrail (Kiwi)

Alexandra Hunt Photography (Shortcake)

Baby and Me (Butterscotch)

claremont road (Cupcake)

c(oi)n:purse (Green Tea)

Commitment is Liberating (Pinot Noir)

crafts and cardigans (Powder Puff)

diagnosis:Love (Cheeseburger)

Diary of a Manhattan Actress (Star)

Duet Letterpress (Bird of Paradise)

e.louise (Beagle)

Elle Golden Photography (Labrador)

Emily Ink Designs (Pineapple)

Five Spice Duck (Bell Pepper)

Forty Twenty Four (Joey)

Geek in Heels (Peony)

Glamour This! (Flamingo)

Good Finking! (Sea Breeze)

Growing Kooky Together (Stiletto)

Hisbirdies Weblog (French Bulldog)

i heart peonies (Peacock)

Kasia Fink Veils (Sea Breeze)

Kimberly Michelle (Lemon)

Lavender and Poppies (Bearcub)

life and other complications (Daisy)

limoncelloSTYLE (Corn)

MrsMelodious (Caramel)

Moonlight and Magnolias (Crabcake)

Numine (Cherry Pie)

Oh! Apostrophe (Tiramisu)

Oh So Fabulift! (Labrador)

Other Pieces of Me (Corn)

Our First Place (Showpea)

Our Little Haus (Shortcake)

Pantomine Papers (Snapdragon)

Parenthetical Me (Cheese)

PetiteMandoo (Ladybug)

Pink Thumb (Snowpea)

Pretty Damn Fabulous (Pomegranate)

Quinette (Lemonade)

serendipity and spark (Apple Cider)

Silver Pencils (Espresso)

Spirited Sherry

Shoplifters of the World (Radish)

Sugar and Spice (Peep Toe)

sugar pond (Bell Pepper)

sunshine & unicorns (Mary Jane)

Sweetchic Events (Emerald)

sweetvenus (Fondue)

TissueBlossom (Plumeria)

The Fix-Its (Seashell)

The Higher Nest (Petunia)

The Nifty Newlywed (Ballet Flat)

The Sunset House (Eggplant)

The Toucan’s Nest (Toucan)

Two Wishes (Tulip)

US meets UK (D’Orsay)

Vanilla Jenn (Magnolia)

Whisked Away (Bruschetta)

wifeylifey (Penguin)

Written Bliss (Bunny)

Ya Mon! Bride (via Chicago) (Quiche)

youwannatalkjive (Candy Corn)


  1. Ooo thanks for this list! I’ve been meaning to add fellow bees to my reader, and eventually, when I find time, links list on my blog too!

  2. This is great Jenna! I followed you from Weddingbee and truly enjoy your blog. I’m so glad you posted the links to the blogs of other bees, I’ve been wanting to catch up with what some of the Mrs’ are doing.

  3. I know a lot of bees have the “Bee list” on their non-bee blogs, and it’s great for those of us that were/are Weddingbee obsessed at one point or another. I just have one little suggestion…I guess it’s a request…can you add the name of the bee by the blog name so that we know which blog is written by which bee without having to search through the archives on each one to figure it out? That would be oh-so helpful!

    Thanks for the list!

  4. Great List, Thanks Jenna! It will be fun to catch up with some of the Mrs. Bee’s!

  5. The Mr. & the Mrs. will be the home of the Crab Cakes
    Baby and Me is Corn & Baby Corn :)
    TissueBlossom is Mrs Plumeria
    Shoplifters of the World is Mrs. Radish

  6. Thanks for the list! Wow I need to update my Google Reader…

  7. serendipity and spark is ms apple cider’s blog

    Jenna Reply:

    Thanks Margot! There are so many that I had to guess on a few :)

  8. Our Travels is Mrs. Bird of Paradise (she also has a blog for Duet Letterpress)

    The Higher Nest is Mrs. Petunia


  9. I think Baby and Me is Butterscotch. :)

  10. phruphru says:

    Thanks! There are definitely some bees that I’d like to keep up with post-wedding (hi, I’m here). I don’t even remember how I found your blog, though; it seems like it’s really hard to find bees’ “real life” blogs unless you find a link from another bee’s blog. Is that on purpose on the part of WB? Does WB kind of discourage current bees from letting readers know about their personal blogs? Just curious!

    Jenna Reply:

    WB doesn’t discourage it as far as I know, I just think that most writers feel weird saying “Here, I have a brand new blog with nothing on it, come visit me!” Or, as you can see by flipping through, they just don’t blog very often anymore post wedding and it’s not as important to them. I posted my link on WB because I loved reading about the lives of those who did (Petunia comes to mind) take the time to write a goodbye or here is where I am right now post.

  11. I’ve pretty much left WB since I’ve been married – so it is fun to see what some of the bees I was planning with are up to now. I remember at the end of my planning two bees in a row became unengaged – one was being cheated on and the other’s groom changed his mind. Do you have blogs for those two? I’d like to see how they are doing – but I don’t remember their bee names. I also noticed that Elliequent (forgot bee name) very recently went to subscribers only – which was unfortunate because I enjoyed that one too.

    Jenna Reply:

    Yeah I don’t read anymore either, I just don’t have time!

    Snapdragon had the awful cheating fiance, and she is blogging (and running a custom map business) at Pantomine Papers.

    Fondue had the fiance that changed his mind, and she just went on her “honeymoon” with her sister (if I remember right). I think she is doing really well!

    Lovebug was definitely the best writer that WB has ever seen, and maybe the best the site will ever see. Bummer she left.

  12. Thanks! WB was a lifesaver when I was planning my wedding, but now that I’m living it up as a newlywed, its great to be able to follow the bees beyond the wedding planning. Any idea where Mrs Lovebug is?

    Jenna Reply:

    She just went private with her personal blog. But she does do absolutely adorable custom Blogger templates! http://www.rainydaytemplates.com/

  13. Limoncello is mrs corn! She did my invitations!

    Jenna Reply:

    Duh! I must have just been thinking “Lemon = Limoncello” :)

  14. What a great list!

    I wish I knew how to mess about with WordPress more so that I could do a blogroll just with Bee love…got to get to work on that!

  15. Jenna, the crabcakes are moving to Moonlight and Magnolias, just so you know. Decided I didn’t like The Mr. and the Mrs. So, we’ll be at http://moonlightmagnolias.wordpress.com/

  16. Jenna,

    This list is great! Do you have a blog address for Mrs. Cowboy Boot?

  17. Heya! I just noticed I’m not on this list (Thanks Sarah!). My wedding blog is at: Loveattheranch.blogspot.com. My personal blog (which I haven’t attended to in a while) is almost-crunchy.blogspot.com. Thanks!

    Jenna Reply:

    I couldn’t find you on “the list” and so I wasn’t sure if you had one that you were telling people about publicly. I’m not adding wedding blogs to my blogroll (as they can find that content at Weddingbee) but I’ll add your personal one in hopes that you start writing again (I hope you do!)

  18. can I join the list? :) pretty please?
    I’m lavenderandpoppies.blogspot.com

  19. Can I add my new post-wedding blog to the list?


    Thanks! :)


  20. Mrs Lovebug has a public blog now which talks mostly about her biz but touches on her personal life as well:


  21. My new blog all about newlywed life!

  22. Dont know if anyone still checks this but Id love to find Mrs Ribbons’ and Mrs Pencils’ personal blogs as well! :-)

    Kate (Pencils) Reply:

    Hey Clare! My blog is http://www.marshmellowgoodness.blogspot.com and Ribbons is http://www.therecomesayes.com

    Hope to see you around! :)

  23. what is ms. lemonade’s blog? i found it recently and then my computer got wiped and lost the link…

    Michelle Reply:

    Hi, anon non, Mrs Lemonade here! I can be found hanging out at http://quinnette.blogspot.com/ which is my new blog but does have all of my wedding posts imported as well. Hope to see you over there! ?

  24. Hey Jenna! Could you add me to your list? I recently got my post wedding blog off the ground!

  25. I’d like to add mine as well!

    Photography: Elle Golden Photography (http://www.ellegolden.com)
    Fitness: Oh So Fabulift! (http://www.http://ohsofabulift.tumblr.com/)

    Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list!

  26. Is there anyway i can be added to the list?

    Jenna Reply:

    This list is for women who wrote for the site http://www.weddingbee.com with me

  27. Do you know if the former Mrs. Lovebug has a blog? She was always a fantastic writer!


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