Fashionably Modest: That Wife B&W Belted

This is one of those days where I ended up building an outfit that made me feel fabulous moments after complaining to TH that I had absolutely nothing to wear. I was nervous to show him what I came up with because I figured that he would hate the belt, but this was his favorite Sunday outfit of mine in a long while. He complimented me on it several times and I went to church feeling fabulous. Thanks honey!

Shirt: Brand-JCrew, Found at-Down East Outfitters, $24.99
Belt: Pulled from another dress in my closet
Skirt:Brand-Jcrew, Found at-Down East Outfitters, $16.99
Shoes: Brand-Sofft, Found at-Nordstrom, a gift from my mom, but probably about $90
Necklace: Plastic black pearls, a gift from That Sister


P.S.-I would be oh-so-happy if Down East Outfitters would come to Texas. Pretty please?

14 thoughts on “Fashionably Modest: That Wife B&W Belted

  1. You look fab!! TH was right….you look great in this super cute outfit. I am never brave enough to wear belts like that…but looking at how cute this is, maybe I will be brave and give it a try 😉

  2. Looooove this! So flattering and chic. White really suits you too.

    I actually have a FM post to load, I’ll emailyou when I do it. Mine is black and white too incidentally…but a lot less budget friendly. Luckily it was parent-charity.

  3. You mentioned Down East Basics in a post earlier this year, I looked them up and I love their stuff! I ordered my swimsuit from them and have gotten so many compliments. I’ll sign the petition.

  4. Very flattering, the belt really works. A light blue shirt would really make your fair coloring and eyes pop!

  5. Tres chic! Btw, my Marshalls had a ton of Sofft shoes a few weekends ago. I had never seen that brand sold there before. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in the style I wanted.

  6. You look great in this outfit- It flatters you and fits you just right in all the right places.

    Might I suggested matching black earrings to the black necklace next time? Might add a bit of pizazz around your face?

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