Belly Bump: Weeks 12-20

This whole “take a photo of yourself in an almost-windowless office” thing isn’t working out very well, but I thought you might enjoy having a peek at my progression so far. The photos never turn out that great because of the setting (I think I’m going to try to find a new blank spot in our apartment) and because I take them when I get ready to go out somewhere so I’m always in a rush. I still haven’t officially popped, I’ve just gained an incredible amount of weight all over my body. It’s not what I wanted from this pregnancy.

Weeks 12-20 from Jenna on Vimeo.

I also convinced TH to come outside with me after church to do some shots in some real clothes, not my crazy white outfit.

No, we didn’t find out the sex. But I’m going through this stage where I’m growing out of my clothes at a pace faster than I thought humanly possible and so I’m trying to wear things while I still can, before I say goodbye for them to good. So yes this dress has a pink bow. And yes we did just have our 20 week ultrasound. But no this doesn’t mean it’s a girl.

26 thoughts on “Belly Bump: Weeks 12-20

  1. Jenna,
    This must be very hard for you feeling out-of-control with your body. You have been eating healthy and taking care of yourself all while growing a beautiful baby – you should feel very proud of yourself. You know how to lose weight, and that WILL happen after the baby comes. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you look beautiful and glowing and pregnant:) Big hug!

  2. I think this whole weight-gain-during-pregnancy-talk represents two main concerns pregnant women have. a) the loss of their former figure (temporarily) and b) having to redefine & embrace a new figure every week and a new sense of self.

    I am not saying you don’t embrace your new reality as a pregnant woman. But I think many women find themselves concerned about what will happen to their figure-and this causes this personal-voice/inner conversation where one would potentially feel a sense of loss to their ‘former’ self.

    I know you worked hard to master how to count calories, weigh food, increase your sense of well-being by exercising etc. And it may be difficult to fully accept people saying ‘you look great!… you are glowing!’… when instead you are focused on “but I wasn’t planning on this much so fast or so soon- it wasn’t part of my personal goal”… I think to re-frame your thinking instead to “I did it before I can do it again… and I can include my family into a healthy way of living, and do it not only for myself but to teach my child that health maintenance is an ongoing life long process”.

    But believe us when we all say, you look gorgeous! You are being adored and embraced openly- not for the weight gain, but because of the miraculous transformation. Because I think every pregnant women will also feel towards the end of their pregnancy “I am sooooooo going to miss the adoring gaze of strangers watching me struggle my pregnant self to get out of the car” because I think that too will happen.

    I think I struggle with this too though. I am not pregnant but when I think about being pregnant and being delicate in how I approach my friends who ARE pregnant regarding their self-image…. I realize I put myself in that corner where I am like– gosh am I ready for my body making all those drastic changes too??? I can only imagine- and I hear it with my friends too, that weekly they are re-modifying their new sense of bodily self.

    Anyhow… the outfits are adorable, you look great… and I have full confidence you will surprise yourself a year from now at how well you rebound into those pre-pregnancy clothes. (no pressure, I am just saying I have faith in your ability to do so at a pace that works for you).

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m going to write about this, but I wanted to thank you for your comment. So well written. I just didn’t think things would go the way they have.

    This is perfect though: “having to redefine & embrace a new figure every week and a new sense of self. ” So so so true.

  3. It might not have popped, but you can see on the photo stream how slowly but surely your belly is growing into a round pregnant belly.
    You do look pregnant, and yes your body is adjusting. And you might not have poped yet, so what you are different from anyone else on this planet and it will come in its time.
    Wouldn’t have thought anything of the pink bow either. You had that outfit on before. It means the mom is a girl right 😉

    But I guess you could make a cute picture with a pink and a blue bow and then an interogation point (hey maybe for your pregnancy photoshoot)

  4. I do love your dress! I think you look great!
    I guess another way to confuse people who think you’re having a girl because of the pink bow is to say: “No, we’re having a boy and I’m getting my pink fix while I still can.”

  5. Agreed – sometime around Week 17/18 you definitely start to look definitively pregnant. And that dress is super duper adorable.

  6. Your dress is so cute! I think you popped a little. You are at least showing, which is definitely good. I love prego bellies!!! I want one! Haha.

  7. Found your blog via PW and having a blast reading it. You are quite adorable.

    BTW can I just say you may not have found out the sex but you’re gonna have a boy so get yourself ready for rough and tumble 🙂

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