26 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Calvin Klein

  1. Bust, did you buy them already and then he tried them on at home? Or was this at the store?

    I really dislike buying pants. It’s so hard to find a good pair…

  2. Lol! That is too funny. But it is actually a common occurence. It happens when the jeans are cut, they usually just stack a whole bunch of them together and cut them all at once so there is the possibility that the cut will not be straight, thus one leg shorter than the other. The difference is usually negligible though.

    (I worked in retail for many, many years and this actually happened a lot with designer jeans!)

    However there is no excuse for the person who let those slip by! I guess a shorter person could wear them and just hem the other leg?

  3. Oh my! I’d love to be the one to return those, just to see the look on the store clerk’s faces!

  4. Wow. That’s pretty impressive and unfortunate. Maybe they’re trying to be disabilities conscious and make pants for people who have suffered from polio? Somehow, I don’t think that’s the reason…

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