This Year I Will…

1. Have a baby!

I’m hoping the little punkin has lots and lots of black hair. And blue eyes.

2. Finish college courses except last foreign language class.

3. Lose at least 30 of my pregnancy weight pounds

I’m currently only 10 pounds away from my lifetime heaviest weight, and since baby is currently at 2 lbs max, I know that most of that is f-a-t. I’m going to have a lot of work to do this year!

4. Book at least 10 weddings for Jenna Cole

I want more of this in my life.

5. Clean out my inbox by the end of January. Reply to Jenna Cole emails within 24 hours. Reply to personal emails within 72 hours. Reply to blog comments within one week.

6. Dream up a “concept shoot”. Find models. Find props. Make artwork I can be proud of.

I want something to hang on my wall, something that will leave me feeling inspired and proud of what I can do.

7. Attend the temple at least once/month after the baby comes.

I need the break from the craziness of life that comes when I prioritize going to the temple.


8.  Read at least one non-fiction church related book each month.

For January I’ll be reading this. I’m about halfway through already, and I want to read it all over again as soon as I finish because there is no way I can absorb enough of it!

9. After baby is born, devote an entire day to myself (as I’ll likely miss my birthday due to labor/newborn time!). Get a facial/pedicure/massage, go to a museum, take pictures of whatever inspires me, do no laundry/no dishes/cook no meals.

10. Cook/bake one dish from the Polish cookbook TH’s aunt gifted us.

Achievable? I definitely think so!

What are your goals for 2010? How are you going to make them happen?

28 thoughts on “This Year I Will…

  1. I LOVE black hair and blue eyes together. I’ve been hoping for that as well. :) (Although my Asian genes may not work out so well … but I have green eyes, so maybe?) So excited for you and the FAMILY you’re creating!

  2. My resolution was to look more closely at mine and my husband’s finances, more specifically where we were spending our money in eating out. I resolved to cook more, to pay closer attention to grocery store sales and to all in all be a little healthier.

    I tried to kick this off last night by cooking a big batch of cheddar chowder with leftover Christmas ham. I SLICED MY FINGER cubing potatoes. Off to a great start? I guess since it technically was still 1009 that doesn’t count, right?

  3. LOVE the idea of organizing a concept shoot! It’s such an amazing experience and I know it will be GREAT for you as a photographer and for your portfolio. And people are so willing to help!

  4. Good goals. I’ll be working up my list later today. Your comment on #1 reminded me that my mom wished I’d have black hair and blue eyes. I came out with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, but it suits me. Good blend of my parents’ hair and eye colors. Just curious, how often do you guys go to the temple now? I know you are temple workers, but how often do you get to go through and do sessions? My hubby and I try to go once a month.

  5. I didn’t make any resolutions this year. My big one is the baby that is coming in about 4 weeks! I figure that’s the big one for the year. Learning to be a mommy!

  6. My resolutions- do more volunteer work, lean more towards a “buy nothing new/reduce reuse” lower impact lifestyle, give up sodas (I don’t drink caffeine but I love cherry 7-Up, Italian cream sodas, etc.), get into a regular study habit again with Spanish and Japanese, and begin running again- my first goal is a 10K in March!

    I recently completed two very big long term goals- after two years of working full time *and* going to school full time, I graduated with my master’s and paid off all my debt- so making more, and smaller goals in shorter time periods feels good!

    Erin Reply:

    Congratulations Sophia! And I too love cherry 7-Up – so good!!

    Sophia Reply:

    Thank you! And I love ordering cherry 7-up when I go out dancing or playing pool- people are like “um, you mean a Shirley Temple?”

    Haha, yes, yes, fine, it’s a Shirley Temple and I’m 26, I know I know :)

    Jenna Reply:

    I will never understand how people work full time and go to school full time. Kudos to you.

    Sophia Reply:

    I think it’s just that I’ve had lots of practice, I’ve been doing it since I was in high school. It feels weird to be doing “only” one or the other :)

  7. These are great resolutions!

    I have quite a few:

    1. Take a photograph every day in 2010.
    2. Launch Hannah Lundberg Photography (hopefully in February) and book 2 solo weddings, shoot 12 weddings this year in total.
    3. Fix my finances and save $5000 (I am moving out so this is as achievable as it gets, unfortunately).
    4. Blog three times a week on Hannah Lundberg Photography and three times a week on my personal blog.
    5. Lose 12 kilos (25 pounds)
    6. Get engaged…the ball’s more in M’s court on that one but there are a few things that I need to do to keep us ‘on track’ for that to happen – i.e. move out of home and fix my finances!
    7. Complete a couple of my college courses.
    8. Exercise for a minimum of four hours a week.
    9. Read two non-fiction books a month.
    10. Attend synagogue twice a month.

    Achievable? I hope so…

    Jenna Reply:

    I love photo-a-day projects. I want to do one of my own someday.

    Photo blogging is SO much harder than personal blogging I think. I’ve started shooting for just once a week to make my goal achievable.

  8. Oh, I also want to try and focus on buying less ‘stuff’, buying recycled goods like furniture and clothing, being extremely thrifty – that plays into my financial goals though.

    Sophia Reply:

    If you want some good inspirational blogs on the frugal front I recommend and

    Both are also very into reduce/recycle, buy secondhand, etc. If you google “The Compact” you’ll be able to find loads of blogs by people who have committed to not buying anything new (with exceptions like underwear, bath tissue, etc.) for an entire year. Very motivating :) Good luck!

    Cécy Reply:

    A great way not to buy new is to organize clothing swap with friends. I did one and loved it. Everyone brings clothes they don’t want to wear and you pick what you want and bring it home free while emptying your closet of what you don’t wear anymore.

    Hannah Reply:

    Ooh, thank you!

    Working in a women’s retail chain part-time whilst I get my photography business running means buying NO new clothing for 12 months is impossible – however I take comfort in that they’re good quality and Australian made and I do my best to wear each piece I buy constantly to reduce my waste/costs.

    I will check out those blogs – my dinner materials cost $40 last night so I need all the help I can get!

  9. I really think you should not be so hard on yourself about pregnancy weight gain. Your body knows what it needs to make a healthy baby. Don’t let worry over losing weight overshadow your enjoyment of your pregnancy now. You’re making a HUMAN BABY. Isn’t that worth the more unpleasant aspects of pregnancy? I hope TH isn’t putting this pressure on you, and that he understands your body will be different after you give birth. I don’t say this to be mean, just that I know how important your weight and health is to him.

  10. You’ve motivated me to make some goals! I love the fresh start to a new year.

    1. Keep house cleaner by spending just 10-20 minutes daily picking up and cleaning stuff.
    2. Finally clean out basement and PURGE everything! This I will finish in January.
    3. Take the stairs up to my office (8th floor) at least 2x/week.
    4. Read at least one non-trashy novel a month.
    5. Complete self defense courses and practice so I feel comfortable with the skills I learn.

    Erin Reply:

    I really want to get in the habit of spending 30 minutes per day cleaning and tidying to stay on top of housework. I figure if I clean while it’s clean, it will never get messy!

  11. Very ambitious and also brave to put them out there for all to see:) I think that your number one goal will soon become to get enough sleep so that you can walk straight:) I think that your little bebecita is going to rock your world a little more than you might be expecting:) I am only saying this because I see so much of myself in your goals and when my two munchins came along things changed. I am still realizing and trying to figure it out, but when it comes to being a mother, many of the goals that will become most important aren’t the kind that are so easy to define, or maybe better described, things that don’t seem like a big deal, but are.

    As to my resolution…three January’s ago I decided to simplify and to pick a theme, a word of the year to focus on and as my year evolved to be true to that word and the things I needed to do to “achieve” that word and whatever it meant in my ever changing life.

    My word this year is love.

  12. I may have already shared this with you, but if you are going to start from birth with your baby on a sleep schedule I highly recommend the combination approach found in The Baby Whisperer and Baby Wise.

    If you are starting later on I recommend, a different one that I can’t remember the name of at the moment.

  13. I love that you make a list of goals each year. You are certainly on track to accomplish #1. :)
    #3 – you are so honest with yourself. I think this really sets you up to succeed because you don’t need to get over the additional hurdle of lies ppl like to tell themselves.
    Email (#5) continues to be an area of stress and guilt for me. For awhile I kept my work and personal email accounts under 25 emails at all times – but then I slipped. Email feels like one giant to-do list – and thus it feels amazing when zeroed out! I think accomplishing control over your email will bring you a lot of happiness.
    #9 doesn’t say how often – I hope it is monthly, not yearly :) Take good care of yourself. Babies are in tune with their families – a happy mom will make for a happy baby – and massages and some time off from housework certainly helps happiness!

    I blogged about my singular goal for 2010 – and you inspired it:

  14. and one more thing:) That book you read looks really good…I want to read that too. A book I recently read and loved was the Peacegiver. It was really amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding our Savior’s Atonement in a deeper and more personal way. That’s all:) 3 comments on one post…that should be plenty!

  15. Go Jenna! Best of luck this year with all you have planned. It will definitely be a big one for you with your little peanut’s arrival. Can’t wait to meet her/him!!

  16. Some of my goals for the coming year include
    Paying off our last credit card and making bigger payments on our cars.
    For that I’m waiting for the tax credit for our first house to kick start it.

    Achieving my position goal (once that position re-opens).
    For that I need work seamlessly at my current position and prove them that I can handle the challenge + apply as soon as the position opens.

    Doing house improvements : that’s with the help of Hubby, some purchases and sweat.

    Starting a garden in our yard (with herbs and veggies).: I’m waiting for a sale on plants and warmer weather, I hate buying herbs in the supermakers at high price.

    Making projects with my husband. I put more on my blog, but then again not everything either…

    I think a good way to achieve them is to share them with others, like on the blog, but also and mainly with your spouse. It helps when you work together for things.

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