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  1. Oh bummer – my work computer’s IE is too old to open the .me site. Any reason why there’s a redirect to another webpage? I love the “Ask Anything” posts that people put out there.

  2. These diet posts are really interesting to me. After reading all the posts about what you “can’t” eat, will you write a post about what you eat on an average day. I know it might be a little different now since you’re eating for two.. But I’d like to know how a normal day in the Nina diet works. Thanks!

  3. Dear cousin, I have a question. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, it’s just a simple question. I may not understand or agree with your desire to go with a home birth and use of a midwife. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a midwife, I’ve had plenty of friends use them, it’s the home birth that frightens me. If something were to go wrong, I would want to be able to get the baby out immediately, but I know very little about home birthing. Please forgive my lack of knowledge, I’ve had a few friends almost lose children even in the hospital.

    Back to my question, will you be using a similar route with the baby in terms of a doctor? Will you be taking the baby to the doctor for his/her’s health problems or will you be using a more natural way of health care? As I’ve mentioned this is only out of curiosity.

    Jenna Reply:

    Tash, if you’re looking for some data, an article such as this one might help you: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/lamaze/jpe/2007/00000016/a00101s1/art00013

    And because it is peer-edited, Wikipedia is usually a fantastic resource on controversial subjects: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_birth

    From my research there are only a few situations that necessitate immediate access to a doctor, all of which are extremely rare (these include occurrence such as cord prolapse and uterine rupture). Damage to the mother in a hospital is significantly higher, but fetal and maternal mortality rates between hospital birth and home birth are almost identical. Thus, if I go into a hospital I have about the same chance (as well as my baby) of living as I would in a home birth, but I have a significantly higher chance of being damaged in some way or another because of current obstetric approaches to birth.

    When I was interviewing midwives I asked one of the nurse midwives what was different about the resuscitation equipment techniques available in a hospital that she might not have. She answered that there was absolutely no difference, other than a machine that she would have to pump by hand, when a hospital would have one that did the breathing automatically. In fact, after years in operation, most birthing centers can claim a 0% death rate for both mothers and babies because they use screening techniques to weed out those births that would be best managed in a hospital setting.

    And if you haven’t read this post, you should: http://thatwifeblog.com/2009/10/birth-outside-the-hospital/

    Re, the pediatrician. We are certainly going to use a pediatrician although we plan on interviewing to find someone who has similar beliefs about things such as circumcision and vaccination.

    What’s really interesting to me is that TH and I aren’t exactly “natural” or “homepathic” the majority of our decisions are based on science and what the data says. Data tells us that laboring on the back is absolutely the worst way to do it, so we want to avoid it. Inducing before 39 weeks unless medically necessary is a particularly awful practice (many many many babies get sent to the NICU because of this), and on and on. It’s not exactly about what is natural, more about what is evidenced based.

  4. Why photography?

    Jenna Reply:

    Over any other kind of career? Actually I never planned on working inside of or outside of the home until after our kids were out of the house a bit more, I just kind of fell into photography. I’m a relatively quick learner when it comes to technology, an avid blogger who realized the value of subscribing to and reading the blogs of those who are doing great things, and because I’m a planner I enjoy trying out new things to see what kinds of results I get. I think these are some of the things that make photography a good fit for me.

  5. So, the most recent question on the site cracks me up… “Do you think you are a material person…”

    Are we for real here???

    Some people…. (I liked your response by the way)

  6. Ask Anything seems like a GIANT time suck (as it just took away a part of my afternoon!). The LDS pregnancy underwear is my favorite Q so far. Regarding finishing your classes before the baby – you can do it!! You can!!

    Jenna Reply:

    I like the randomness of the questions but I do miss the “interaction” that comes with the blog/comment format, you know? So many of these questions are things I’ll never get to in posts though!

  7. I am so totally going to ask you James Lipton Questions!!! (Have you seen Inside the Actors Studio?!) ;o)

  8. Hi Jenna,
    I really love your style of photos: bright colors, sharp images, fun couple poses etc. My wedding will be around Oct 2010. Not sure if you will be able to travel then or if I can afford the travel costs. Do you have recommendations for wedding photogs in SF bay area with similar style?

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