Spinach Pizza, Strawberry/Walnut Pizza, Baklava

I made a few things this last week that I thought others might like to try.

Roasted Garlic and Spinach White Pizza. If I were you I would add even more roasted garlic and mix the ricotta with some pesto as it was a bit bland until I started dipping it in pesto while snacking on it at book club.

I knew I would have extra dough when making the above pizza, so I decided to whip up a dessert pizza as well. I rolled out my dough, brushed it with a bit of butter, baked it until golden brown, mixed together cream cheese-vanilla-powdered sugar-lemon juice to make a filling, sliced up strawberries, candied some walnuts, and drizzled the completed pizza with some agave nectar.

Reader Haley, a friend of TH from BYU, was kind enough to both provide me with the recipe for her delicious Baklava and gift me a bottle of Orange Blossom Water when she ran into That Husband at a wedding in Utah last weekend. What a sweetheart! Everyone who tasted the dish raved about it, and I even had one couple tell me they had debated whether it was store bought or homemade. What a compliment! It was time consuming, but rather foolproof. Haley’s Baklava Recipe.

9 thoughts on “Spinach Pizza, Strawberry/Walnut Pizza, Baklava

  1. Looks tasty!! I think the strawberries and walnuts (not candied though), would also be lovely on the spinach pizza. I’m thinking homemade pizza for dinner, right after I finish my diet… 😉

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