My Mother’s Blessing

When posting about my baby shower I mentioned my desire for a blessingway (which due to the insightful comments on this post I will now be referring to as a a mother’s blessing) and shortly after frequent commenter Evelyn emailed me with a unique idea that really touched me, one that I’m so excited to share with all of you.* I cannot say enough how much I love this community, and the people I’ve been lucky enough to interact and become friends with over time.

When Evelyn read about my wish to experience the positive community that a mother’s blessing provides she came up with a way for me to experience that through all of you, virtually. She’s created a blog called Jenna’s Mother’s Blessing where those who are willing can leave comments with positive affirmations (in any form) regarding birth and motherhood. If you would like to do so, I hope you will visit to share your own thoughts. No need to currently be a mother yourself either! Visit the site she has created to read a bit more about the process and get ideas for how you can contribute if you would like to do so.

I’m planning on staying away from the comments until I feel I’m a bit closer to labor, as I am greatly looking forward to the strength and assurance that I know will come from the comments left by all of you. I’ve received so many emails and messages already that have left me feeling at peace with my upcoming transition into motherhood, and it is in part because of so many of you that I know, without a doubt, that I have the strength to do this!

*I should also note that my baby shower hostess suggested something really wonderful as well. I’ll share what was done after the shower is over this weekend!

3 thoughts on “My Mother’s Blessing

  1. I like the idea of a mothers blessing. On one of the more liberal mormon blogs – forget which one – there was a talk of a mothers blessing, or mothers telling their babies what they want for them in a similar way the father does. I thought that was nice.

  2. What an amazing idea! It is excellent that you have created a community to support you via the internet. I might steal this idea for some of my clients who have family far away. (I hope that’s okay?)

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