That Maternity Session: Pt II

*All photos processed by me. Most are by Bethany Jackman Photography unless otherwise noted.

That Husband joined me for the second part of my maternity shoot, taking a break from work to spend about an hour taking pictures. He’s not a fan of hanging out in the cold (and it was chilly and windy that day) but he didn’t grumble even once.

I think this one is my favorite of the two of us together.

This angle is Lynn’s.

The flowers are my post-valentines day bouquet, a tradition we both love because I get pretty flowers but we don’t have to pay full price. Perfect timing for the shoot too!

These two make me laugh. I’m not a fan of *ahem* cheesy poses that are so frequently seen at maternity shoots, and having TH put his head down to “listen” for baby was a bit too cheesy for my taste.

Aren’t these roses a beautiful color?

We moved out of the trees and back into the sun for the rest, doing our best to keep the squinty eyes at bay.

Love this crop. I think I forget just how much taller TH is!

Sometimes when I talk about my baby, TH likes to chime in and talk about his, sometimes showing me his “belly”. I printed this one up and have it sitting in our mantle.

While brainstorming prop ideas I came up with the idea to buy some chalkboard paint and make a sign for a few of the photos. I planned on using a few different phrases but I didn’t sand the wood before painting (lazy!) and so the chalkboard wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. The paint, brushes, and wood were all bought with gift cards to Lowe’s we received at our wedding. I’ve been trying to dream up a purpose for those for a long time now!

Lynn’s shot!

I’m not loving the poses I whipped out but the shot I came up with is pretty similar to what I had imagined. Fun, no? (Okay, I realize I look kind of crazy in the shot on the left, my Photoshop skills are not so great when it comes to merging images together, I’m just glad I remember to include the shadow to make it somewhat realistic :) )

Another prop I had in tow was a gift from Kelli Nicole. I plan on encouraging a love of photography at a very young age!

Lynn’s shot.

The last few pictures we took with TH before he headed back to work involved a kite we bought at the dollar store the day before.

FYI, kites found at the dollar store don’t work. :)

My second favorite shot with TH.

Even though the kite didn’t fly, I still love the photos we got from using it. It was nice to have something to interact with (and the faulty nature made us laugh a bit more than we might have otherwise!)

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