That Maternity Session: Pt II

*All photos processed by me. Most are by Bethany Jackman Photography unless otherwise noted.

That Husband joined me for the second part of my maternity shoot, taking a break from work to spend about an hour taking pictures. He’s not a fan of hanging out in the cold (and it was chilly and windy that day) but he didn’t grumble even once.

I think this one is my favorite of the two of us together.

This angle is Lynn’s.

The flowers are my post-valentines day bouquet, a tradition we both love because I get pretty flowers but we don’t have to pay full price. Perfect timing for the shoot too!

These two make me laugh. I’m not a fan of *ahem* cheesy poses that are so frequently seen at maternity shoots, and having TH put his head down to “listen” for baby was a bit too cheesy for my taste.

Aren’t these roses a beautiful color?

We moved out of the trees and back into the sun for the rest, doing our best to keep the squinty eyes at bay.

Love this crop. I think I forget just how much taller TH is!

Sometimes when I talk about my baby, TH likes to chime in and talk about his, sometimes showing me his “belly”. I printed this one up and have it sitting in our mantle.

While brainstorming prop ideas I came up with the idea to buy some chalkboard paint and make a sign for a few of the photos. I planned on using a few different phrases but I didn’t sand the wood before painting (lazy!) and so the chalkboard wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. The paint, brushes, and wood were all bought with gift cards to Lowe’s we received at our wedding. I’ve been trying to dream up a purpose for those for a long time now!

Lynn’s shot!

I’m not loving the poses I whipped out but the shot I came up with is pretty similar to what I had imagined. Fun, no? (Okay, I realize I look kind of crazy in the shot on the left, my Photoshop skills are not so great when it comes to merging images together, I’m just glad I remember to include the shadow to make it somewhat realistic 🙂 )

Another prop I had in tow was a gift from Kelli Nicole. I plan on encouraging a love of photography at a very young age!

Lynn’s shot.

The last few pictures we took with TH before he headed back to work involved a kite we bought at the dollar store the day before.

FYI, kites found at the dollar store don’t work. 🙂

My second favorite shot with TH.

Even though the kite didn’t fly, I still love the photos we got from using it. It was nice to have something to interact with (and the faulty nature made us laugh a bit more than we might have otherwise!)

21 thoughts on “That Maternity Session: Pt II

  1. Adore these!!!! I love the B&W 2nd one and the 2 belly shot of you & TH! So cute! I can totally see my hubby doing the same when we’re pregnant! Fabulous pics!!

  2. First of all, you guys are such an attractive couple! You both look great in these shots. I think my favorite is the one of both of you rubbing your bellies. Second, your shoes are adorable. Where are they from?

    Jenna Reply:

    Bought at Nordstrom several years ago. This was actually the last time I wore them, as they were completely trashed (both from the mud and wearing them so long ) and I decided it was time to let them go. I wore them for my engagement shoot actually!

  3. These are such great pictures! 🙂 I think the ones with you guys trying to fly a kite turned out pretty great!

  4. You could look at the kite photos sorta metaphorical… Like your baby isn’t ready to fly yet(?) hahaha. Maybe in 18 years you can do some shots with that one flying a kite? Hahaha, that’s a long ways away.

  5. Those came out great! I actually love them more than the usual maternity shots. Gorgeous images and gorgeous couple 🙂

  6. I just laughed at the ones were TH is against your belly, Your face just screams “why are we taking this pictures already?”
    I like the B&W whith TH holding you the best, not a typical maternty shot, just an I love you pregnant or not. It shows the love. It just looks natural.

    It might be me, but I feel that in many shots your dress hides your belly a bit. Because we only see the upper curve. Maybe that’s what you were aiming for though.
    I guess I personally like it best when you can see the entire belly curve, it’s one of the marks of a pregnant shape to me.

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