That Maternity Session: Part III

Unless otherwise noted, Bethany took the photos and I edited them (for better or for worse?). Please visit her blog to really see how lovely her work can be!

I’ve put myself on “maternity leave”, which means no more Jenna Cole, no stressing about school, and stressing over my to-do list is a thing of the past. This mini vacation of mine is finally giving me the time I’ve been looking for to finish up some personal photo editing I’ve been pushing off to the side for months and months now, and my maternity session was at the top of my list of things to finish editing before baby comes. This was definitely the coldest part of my session, with my hair a mess and most of my makeup melted off by this point, but the photos that resulted from all of my planning and incorporation of my props are my very favorite.

I love this one!

Lynn’s shot.

This is the one I chose to hang in our bedroom.

So many balloon shots because I just couldn’t narrow it down.

I should start focusing on more unique angles at my sessions as I find myself gravitating toward those that are a bit untraditional like this one.

Holding a dozen balloons while wearing rain boots made me want to skip around a bit.

Again with the unique angles, brilliant Bethany, just brilliant!

I adore these hearts on my toes. I’m going to ask for hearts again (right now I have polka dots which I also love).

Lynn grabbed this one…

and this one too!

I admit to puffing out my stomach to try to make it nice and round for these shots with me on the ground. I wanted a nice big round belly but I got a flat one instead. These last two are another set of favorites.

As we were all getting in our cars to go home, Lynn stopped me and said she wanted one last portrait. The content look on my face, which to me seems to say “the place where I’m at in my life right now feels so right”, makes it one of my favorites from the day. I’m a little sad that this stage in my life is almost over, but somehow I think the next stage is going to be even better!

Once again, a big thank you to Lynn and Bethany for the beautiful photos they’ve provided!

29 thoughts on “That Maternity Session: Part III

  1. wow, your pictures turned out absolutely fantastic. i wish i would’ve gotten maternity pics. my favorite balloon pic is the 5th one, it’s amazing. you are definitely one of those women who “glow” during pregnancy.

  2. I just love those shots with the light shining through the balloons! They look illuminated and you are literally glowing in them thanks to the gorgeous sun rays.
    Thanks for sharing these with all of us!

  3. I think this round is my favorite of all the photos you’ve shared with us so far. The dress (such a beautiful purple), the boots and the props are such colorful, whimsical perfection together. Love it.

  4. I agree – the last picture is fabulous. So soft and serene, so contemplative and content. Beautiful pictures, once again.

  5. For the record, your belly does not look flat. I think you have a cute round one! : ) I’m loving the color pop of the pinwheels. Ingenious! The last photo is definitely my favorite. It’s simple and uncomplicated and softly says, “I’m at peace and life is wonderful.”

  6. you are just gorgeous. i absolutely love that last picture and the third from last – you have the most beautiful eyes!

  7. That last photo is absolutely beautiful. You really do have that motherly content/happy glow in it. Nothing is more wonderful than knowing you are bringing life into the world!

  8. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. Thank you for all your posts about your at-home birth plan. I am thinking about that myself (when the time comes…)

  9. You look so happy and absolutely gorgeous! Where did you get those rain boots? They are so much fun! I just discovered a pair I’d bought a few years ago and I’m not sure why I haven’t worn them more. I love them and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the need to skip when wearing they 🙂 I know I’ve said it before (or at least thought it in my head) but I love LOVE all the work you put into preparing such a set up for the pictures! They are so personal and you can see your personality in them shinning through!

    Jenna Reply:

    The boots came from Target (of course, doesn’t everything cute come from Target?)

    They are really small and I’m crossing my fingers that my feet don’t grow a half size during pregnant like some women experience or they aren’t going to fit anymore!

  10. Your portraits are just beautiful, love the props. Some of those unusual angles/shots are just wonderful – traditional is good, but so is unique!

  11. Ok, you totally have a round belly. Proof being the second skipping with balloons picture. Love it! =) I really like the pictures of you on the ground too, they are so cute and it’s definitely a fun angle. You look great, I’m sure you must be ecstatic about the outcome of your preparations.

  12. Love the running with balloons while looking back ones, my absolute favorite is the BW one with you laying down from the head being closest to the toes being furthest away… beautiful! And that last one of course is just beautiful! You are stunning Jenna! Love you!!!

  13. These are my favorite bunch so far. You look absolutely beautiful – and you are right, “content” describes the last one. I think “content” is the best feeling in the world – enjoy it!

  14. That last picture of you is the most gorgeous one of you I’ve ever seen, hands-down. It is a little sad to leave pregnancy behind (I have an almost four-month-old and wish I was pregnant again some days!), but what comes after is just as sweet.

  15. Awwww you look so amazing, I love love love that purple dress on you, really is a great color on you! The pinwheels are a great idea!

  16. Oh i just loved the shots you chose! I’m so glad you’re taking time for you and enjoying your maternity leave, it’s truly the best thing!

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