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NOTE: This post will sit as the first post on That Wife until after baby comes. Scroll down to check if there is any new content for you to enjoy!

Not to come across as grumpy pregnant lady, but there aren’t enough people out there who read this post. I know everyone is anxious to meet That 1, but I assure you, no one is more anxious than I am. Though I work each time to remind myself that inquiry after inquiry are coming out of a place of love I admit that what feels like a constant barrage is still a bit tough to handle when I’m working so hard to accept the fact that I don’t know exactly when this pregnant stage of my life is going to end. I’m at 40 weeks and if all continues to go as well as it is I won’t be going to the hospital for an induction until the 42 week mark, which means we all potentially have a long time to wait before T1 makes his/her big debut.

In an attempt to help keep everyone informed I’ve decided to make this a sticky post, filled with updates on signs of labor beginning, updates at the beginning of labor, etc. If you want to know how I’m doing, you’ll be able to find out everything you want to know right here. I’ll probably keep posting new content as well, but I’ve also considered taking a break and building up a supply for my post-baby time as well. Sometime within the next two weeks though, you’ll refresh That Wife or log on to Twitter and see the big announcement I’ve been waiting so long to make. Until then…

Saturday, April 10

I actually have an update for everyone! Didn’t think that would be the case, but I woke up this morning to a toilet and panties full of bloody show. (Seriously, pregnancy is so glamorous.) According to the American Pregnancy Association bloody show is also an indication that the mucus plug is being passed and that “Labor could be hours, days, or even weeks away as the cervix gradually opens over time.” Yeah, that’s right, labor could be hours, days, or even weeks away. So pretty much this rite of passage means very little in terms of letting me know when labor is actually going to start, but it is likely that I will deliver within a week or so AND I’m celebrating because it means of chances of needing to medically induce are a lot slimmer now.

After buying a nice little contraction timing app I can see that contractions are averaging at 20-30 min intervals lasting 45 secs each (if you’ve given birth before you know this doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot). My Mom is flying down in the morning as she has decided that it’s really important to her to be here (and we are more than happy to have her!). If things continue at this pace I doubt I will have a baby any earlier than Monday, likely later. We blew up the birth tub to test things out today and I saw chunks of mucus plug in the toilet several tomes today. It’s nice to feel like things are happening, though I admit I can already see myself getting very frustrated if things don’t progress steadily over the next day or so.

I don’t necessarily like having them, but I do find the contractions fascinating as they roll up and over me like a wave, at this point building to an intensity I would rate as about a 4 on a scale of 1-10, and then slowly receding again. It really is a sensation unlike any other.

Sunday, April 11

After about 4 hours of good solid sleep I woke up at 3:30 am with contractions less than 10 minutes apart and strong enough that I couldn’t fall asleep. I ate, then took a bath and some Tylenol PM as advised by my midwife (technically she told me to take Benadryl but we only had Tylenol PM in the house), and that killed things off enough that I was able to fall back asleep for a few hours. I woke up and baked baby’s birthday cake, but when I pulled the pans out of the oven to cool I realized that contractions had all but stopped. Frustrating because Kelli Nicole was already halfway to Dallas by now and I didn’t want to make her turn around and go home. Now the apartment is filled with myself, TH, my mom, and Kelli, all of us waiting for contractions to rev back up again. Kelli and I went for a nice long walk, and as of 6:30 pm I’m back to contractions that are just under a minute, 10 minutes apart.

So, no April 11th baby. Maybe tomorrow?

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  1. Oh – I definately understand the feeling. I went almost 2 weeks over the date I had told most people, so everytime I ran into someone at the store they asked. I even didn’t go to church the last Sunday before he was born (actually then born the next day) because I didn’t want to face the “you haven’t had him YET?” comments!

    Next time I’ll try just saying the time/period of the month instead of an exact date!

    Jenna Reply:

    Ha! I was just talking to my visiting teacher about how I am dreading Church tomorrow. I’m so tempted to go to another ward. It’s the men who are the worst though, as they haven’t been pregnant themselves so they don’t understand what it is like.

    Katy Reply:

    I wasn’t used to this waiting thing – with Grant I was suprised to start labor because he was 2 weeks before the due date. Your brain does this crazy thing when you are “waiting” for labor to start – – though logically you know that you won’t be pregnant forever, some part of your brain really starts to believe that this baby will never come and you’ll be some kind of medical anomoly – the lady pregnant for over 3 years or something.

    (or maybe that was just me…)

    But I really was starting to think pregnancy could develop into a life long condition! I was thinking this, but holding strong and not getting induced, so I think that’s why so many women *do* get induced – maybe they have the same crazy thoughts I did!

    Regina Lynn Reply:

    No, you’re definitely not the only one with such “crazy” thoughts! 🙂

  2. Don’t fret. In the scheme of things ,it is a short time to wait for the little one who will be yours forever.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh! Yes, I feel your pain! Every time someone would comment or ask, “You haven’t had your baby yet?” I just felt like answering, “Why, yes, I did, but I love being pregnant so much that I left the baby home and went out in public with a pillow stuffed under my shirt.” Seriously?!
    It really does get to the point where you kinda secretly think you’ll be pregnant forever and then you figure that a watched pot never boils and so you kinda stop thinking about it and then that’s when labor starts.

    Kelli Nicole Reply:

    Just answer with a baffled look, “WHAT baby?!?” or “Oh crap, I left him at home again.”

    Regina Lynn Reply:

    LO freaking L!

  4. Since I have not had the pleasure of carrying a baby, I suppose I shouldn’t really comment. Except that I think it is awesome that you have so many people who love you and so may “fans” who care about how you’re doing! I look at it this way: when I am polite and smile to those people who actually annoy the heck out of me, it’s just another way to earn my Angel wings! 😀

  5. — this was a major sanity saver for me — I went 42 weeks and then induced… I was SOOO sick of hearing the questions. I was tempted to answer, “Yeah, had her two weeks ago and I’ve been running around with a basketball under my shirt since then for fun.”

  6. I’m sure it is frustrating to get asked when you are so ready for baby to be here! At the same time, I think people love you and are excited for the baby and for the experience you’re going to have…sometimes with the shower stuff (not wanting one) and this, you come across as being a bit ungrateful for the people in your life who care about you. I’ll definitely be hoping (silently!) that labor comes sooner rather than later so you can be done and we can see pictures of that one!

  7. Since I havn’t had a baby yet, I didn’t realize that it would be hard to have people always asking. Sorry to have been one of them. I feel bad now knowing that all our questions have made you feel bad. (((HUGS)))

    Jenna Reply:

    There really isn’t any way to write about this without seeming like a crazy grump, but you’ll see the other mommas who have had babies feel the same way so I know I’m not the only one. I didn’t/don’t want people to feel bad for asking, as it is nice to know that they care, but I think it’s the fact that I’m essentially being asked a rhetorical question over and over that gets to me. By far the worst questions come from people who are asking me the “Oh you haven’t had the baby yet?” question to my face! Of course I haven’t, I know we both can see that. 🙂

    Laura Reply:

    I don’t think you sounded grumpy 🙂
    I just wanted to say “sorry” because it was one of those times where someone says something that you didn’t even think about. It didn’t even occur to me. And once you said it I thought “ofcourse! That sounds so frustrating and I feel bad that I didn’t even think about that” Good luck! I am very impatient so I have sympathy for you. The wait would be killing me! 🙂

  8. Great news about the bloody show! (Wow, I never thought I’d write a sentence like that). Less chance of having to medically induce is awesome. Go Jenna’s body!

  9. I’m sure I’m going to be just as anxious for things to get moving when I hit 40 weeks, but I love how you’re taking comfort in knowing that That 1 will arrive when s/he is ready to arrive. Fingers crossed that it’s like, um, tomorrow. 🙂

  10. I predicted April 13th and my track record for predictions has been bizarrely good I have been exact 3 times and within 24 hours on another 5.

    Relax and enjoy this final little bit of time as just a couple!

    Mary Reply:

    If you’re right, that’ll be my birthday! Pretty sure it was my prediction as well. :] It’s a pretty sweet day to be born, I must say.

    Regina Lynn Reply:

    Umm, that’s my birthday too! And that was the date I picked. If Jenna’s not in serious labor at this very moment, I still stand by the April 13th prediction. 🙂

  11. I am sure you will have a wonderfully spiritual birth when the time is right! Enjoy your last days with the bump 🙂

  12. Walk a lot. The baby is on its way.

    Cate Subrosa Reply:

    Wise woman, here, Jenna, take note.

    Will be suitably distracted from everything I should be doing keeping an eye on this page and your twitter stream watching things progress. Try to be always moving or resting if you can (i.e. either lie down on your left and try to sleep, or bounce on the birth ball etc. if you don’t want to/can’t. Sitting still is what will get you nowhere, so I’m told.)

  13. I get a similar question- “Why haven’t you guys had kids yet?” (We’ve been married 6 1/2 years.) Well, I’m having trouble conceiving. And it hurts when they ask that question. Still, I know that a lot of people love me and are interested in my life, and the same goes for you. At most there will be 2 more weeks of questions, so chin up. A small price to pay, I’d say.

  14. You’re having a baby!!! You’re having a baby!! (Lots of clapping and smiling over here!) “In a week or so” seems so SOON to me (the never-been-pregnant-one who should be packing moving boxes and is instead refreshing your blog) but I can see how it seems like a long time. Just know that I’m out in Cali rooting for you as you are about to have one of your best week’s ever!!
    Happy, happy, happy!!!

    Sophia Reply:

    Moving? Out of state or within? I ask because I just decided to move to Colorado with my partner for his job and so I feel your pain on the packing/moving!

  15. Not sure how to write this without sounding weird…

    The hubs and I walked for hours today. Hours. And at one point I thought to myself: “can I walk for Jenna, by proxy, to help that baby move down?” So I was sending you positive parambulation vibes today. Maybe they worked? I hope?

    I’m following your twitter and wishing you well… oh, and I thought of TH this morning, too, when I heard the tragic news from Poland. Holding you both in my thoughts today. There would be something very poignant about a half-Polish baby being born this weekend…

    Sophia Reply:

    I did the same thing when I heard the news on NPR today. Such a tragedy 🙁

  16. Best of luck! Sounds like there is progress!

    I also thought of TH when I heard about the Polish tragedy. What horrible thing to happen.

  17. Hey sweetie, great idea for just doing a sticky post until T1 comes 🙂

    Isn’t it crazy how fascinating it is to go through such grotesque and uncomfortable things? I remember losing my mucus plug and wanting to shout it out on the rooftops because I was so excited something was happening. I know what you mean about the waiting game, I was told I wouldn’t last until 34 weeks then a month later at 38 weeks I was being induced and it still took another 30 hours! Your little one will come when he/she is good and ready and whereas I’m excited to hear all the grimy details, I’m mostly excited to see the look on your face. I hope your mom will get that first look when you hold your little on in your arms… I didn’t get to see Carl’s and so I was and will forever be grateful for my mom taking pictures (And hers were/are obviously nothing special editorial wise!) Anyways, long response, I just want to say good luck, keep progressing and contracting and yay! Love you!!

  18. You’re in the final stretch, I hope it isn’t too long before T1 makes his/her arrival!! Praying for a safe delivery!

  19. Jealous!!! I had the mysterious stopping contractions last week and it was so frustrating. I contracted 7 minutes apart for 9 hours, and then… bam… nothing. Turns out I was pretty dehydrated, even though I felt fine. Since then, I’m still contracting, dilated to a 4, and 70% effaced, just sitting around waiting for labor to start again! We’ll be induced on Friday if nothing else happens.
    So SO excited for you, TH, and T1. Can’t wait to see the amazing pictures Kelli gets!

  20. Sending you lots of good thoughts – and can’t wait to hear the joyous news about T1 being born. I also guessed this week for your due date 🙂

  21. Yes maybe tomorrow! My husband has a knack for guessing days and he guessed the 13th… so maybe he’ll be right 🙂

  22. Saw your latest tweet. Know that many people all over the country (the world?) are sending you the best tonight. You absolutely rock!!

    Britt Reply:

    Totally agree! I know so many people are cheering you on Jenna!

  23. Saw your most recent Twitter update. Hope that walk helps things along. Sending you and TH lots of good thoughts. You’re doing awesome!

  24. Jenna, I’m sure you don’t feel the object of envy right now – but I’m 8 weeks away from my due date and soooo jealous when I see here and on twitter that your contractions have started and (knocking on wood!) seem to be going steady. He/She will be here soooo soon! Hang in there; I hope everything goes swimmingly and just as you want it.

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