Possible Prelude to Thumb Sucking

I’m getting closer to figuring out all of the video stuff on my camera and how to show it to you (shooting, uploading, converting, exporting, etc). Don’t worry, the quality will get better over time as I’ve already learned that leaning in too far toward the subject means the camera can’t focus and I look rather amateur. The cuteness of the subject however, will not be improving over time, because that’s just not possible.

When T1 gets hungry, he devours his fingers. Often with a loud smacking sound. I promise I wasn’t starving him here in order to prompt the hand devouring, I was still pretty new to the whole mom thing at the time and I’m not sure I realized what was going on. I’m much better at reading the cues now.

Newborn Shoot with TW from Jenna on Vimeo.

A quick check on my iPhone shows that videos uploaded to Vimeo are not iPhone compatible. I like the user interface of Vimeo better than YouTube, but I might switch if it means the content is more accessible. Mind answering a quick little poll to let me know how you plan on watching most of the time?

25 thoughts on “Possible Prelude to Thumb Sucking

  1. He is adorable!! I just watched this with my fiance, and he made me play it again…you are making us baby happy!!!

  2. I want to add an addendum to my vote! Computer – my clunky old mac (it’s ancient!!) haaaates youtube for some reason- and I wanna see cute cute videos of T1

    Jenna Reply:

    Can you see the video in this post?

    Lauren Reply:

    Yes – this format for whatever reason doesn’t make my computer chunk out.

  3. Hey Jenna!

    I am currently on my macbook and vimeo was working for me.

    Have you considered getting a flip camera? They are simple, easy to use video cameras that shoot in High Def. They plug right into your computer and are very easy to upload. I love mine!


    Oh – It goes without saying, but I have to say it anyway. T1 is ADORABLE!

  4. Worked just fine for me… but I have a super computer – the hubs built it. My vote probably shouldn’t count.

    Thanks for sharing. I keep showing your pictures and video to my husband, hoping it will stir something inside of him. lol. It sure gets MY ovaries tingling. 🙂

  5. Be still my heart–he’s precious.

    Jenna Reply:

    Marissa if you are in town again you should come and meet him!

    Marissa C Reply:

    Umm…heck yes. I have to stave off baby fever as long as possible! Haha, I don’t know if it will really help though. He is just perfect!

  6. Jenna, there’s a way to allow videos to play on iphones, ipads and other places flash isn’t avaliable. I’m not sure if it works on all accounts or just pro, but if you go to your video settings and click on video file, there should be a place that says “alternate versions” and “make mobile versions of all my videos”. If you make sure that button is pressed, you should be able to get a mobile-friendly version of the video. It doesn’t work when embedded, but if you provide a link to vimeo it should work. Hope this helps–I love vimeo too! **I just checked and it already works on vimeo! So just provide a link and it’ll play there 🙂

  7. Is he eating his thumbs only or is he also trying to suck on the mat he is on? I would have had no clue what so ever this meant he was hungry personally. I would have just been amused.

  8. Oh my goodness! I don’t know if he could be any cuter! This is definitely making my uterus hurt for a child.

  9. Babies are SO FUNNY!! T1 is adorable, Jenna. I don’t have a video viewing preference, only that you make it at least a weekly occurrence!

  10. Oh my, how adorable. I’m 40 weeks on Sunday and this and all the pictures of T1 make me cry because I want my little guy to come out and meet the world… I hate this waiting game!

  11. I always read TW on my iPhone but was just planning on flagging posts that I want to circle back on for video. Even if they worked on iPhone, I don’t know that I would want to watch such cuteness on such a tiny screen!

    I have no children – but watching T1 was like watching Planet Earth, which I love. I mean that in such a good way – it is fascinating to watch him try to sort out what’s going on!

  12. Oh my gosh! Love it! What a great way to start my Monday!
    I must say …It’s all your fault Jenna. Baby fever was brewing but now it’s in full gear. Was planning a post graduation trip to Europe next summer and now am thinking of just saying “forget it” so I can get pregnant in the spring. ALL YOUR FAULT! hahahahahaha

  13. It is my experience that you can’t watch any video on iPhone. Not YouTube and no Vimeo. One of the things iPhone can improve on.

    Cristin Reply:

    you can link to YouTube though.

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