A Gift from My Favorite Artist

When I met Caroline of Paloma’s Nest in person I told her I loved her. It went something like this:

Somewhat-freaky/stalkerish-Jenna: “You’re the woman behind Paloma’s Nest? I love you!”

Gracious Caroline: “Thank you”

Jenna: “No you don’t understand. I like, LOVE you.”

Caroline: “…”

So when she messaged me asking for my address, letting me know she had a gift for T1, I may have peed my pants a little. Actually I pee my pants a lot these days, but this was a very special pants wetting experience, I assure you.

Isn’t her packaging pure genius?

You can get your own custom baby ornament here!

Thank you Caroline. We’re so lucky to have your friendship to treasure.

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