A Gift from My Favorite Artist

When I met Caroline of Paloma’s Nest in person I told her I loved her. It went something like this:

Somewhat-freaky/stalkerish-Jenna: “You’re the woman behind Paloma’s Nest? I love you!”

Gracious Caroline: “Thank you”

Jenna: “No you don’t understand. I like, LOVE you.”

Caroline: “…”

So when she messaged me asking for my address, letting me know she had a gift for T1, I may have peed my pants a little. Actually I pee my pants a lot these days, but this was a very special pants wetting experience, I assure you.

Isn’t her packaging pure genius?

You can get your own custom baby ornament here!

Thank you Caroline. We’re so lucky to have your friendship to treasure.

9 thoughts on “A Gift from My Favorite Artist

  1. We had one of her ring bearer bowls for our wedding, which we now use as a Christmas ornament 🙂 The baby one is so cute – I may have this be my go-to gift for this year!

  2. I guess you already have your special Christmas ornament for T1 for this year then… (besides you know the one from your mom from last Christmas).
    It’s very sweet and simple I like it.

  3. LOVE Caroline! The best part is that when we met for the first time we discovered that we both grew up in the same town (okay, neighboring towns), and both worked in stores on the same street when we were younger. And she is one of the nicest, loveliest, most intentional and creative people I’ve ever met. Love her!

  4. That’s beautiful and such a great idea for a baby shower gift. We didn’t have a ring bearer at our wedding so I never bought a Paloma’s Nest ring plate, so this would be a great way to buy some of her beautiful art.

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