25th Birthday Celebrating

A bit late, but I feel I must mention what an absolutely fabulous job TH did celebrating my birthday this year.

A few weeks before baby came we ate at my absolute favorite restaurant in Dallas, Aurora. How can I properly convey the magnificence that is this dinging experience? We had a coupon and we decided not to use it, simply because we felt bad depriving the business of a few extra dollars and we hoped that our small contribution might help them stay in business long enough for us to come back again when business school is finished (that is assuming business ever declines for them, but how could such a thing occur for what I consider to be the best restaurant in Dallas?).

This is complimentary with your meal. Some kind of fishy custardy delight stuffed into an egg shell.

We chose Chateaubriand for two carved tableside with Truffle Potato and Vegetables. TH found the truffle potato to be particularly mouthwatering.

My favorite part of the Aurora dining experience is the dessert sampler. I talk about this dish all the time.

Oh so puffy and swollen but I still managed to polish off everything I was served. Plus some really delicious bread.

On my actual birthday, a few days after the birth of T1, That Husband treated me to a sushi spread in the comfort of our dining room. The water bottle you see on the table was one of my birthday gifts. It hasn’t left my side since he gave it to me.

Even better than Aurora and the sushi (if that’s even possible) were the cupcakes from our favorite bakery in Dallas, Society Bakery.

Everything you see on this table is a gift. Flowers from my mom, a cake stand that I plan to use for taking pictures, and some gifts from my mom as well.

Love that That Husband is willing to wear T1 in the pink carrier we have.

I am rather untalented in the candle extinguishing department. I think it took me 5 tries.

My mom wrapped up the shoes you see below and a necklace/earring set and told me to choose between them. I passed up the shoes, if you can believe it, but only because TH gifted me the pair I included on my wish list a few weeks ago. :)

Birthday #25 is going to be a hard one to top!

25 thoughts on “25th Birthday Celebrating

  1. I have never eaten food like that – so fancy!

    Look like you had a wonderful birthday though, and isn’t it wonderful what husbands will do for us?

    Glad it was a great birthday!!!

  2. That sling looks so comfortable *I* want to be carried around in it. And yay for eating in sushi! It was a happy, happy day when I discovered my favorite place delivered :)

  3. Wow! That place looks amazing! The cupcake “cake” is so cute. Looks like you received some really great loot. Happy belated Birthday!

  4. What a fun birthday celebration. I want to eat in Dallas now, in that fancy restaurant.
    Lots of cute goodies, I love birhtday celebrations.

    I do have a question regarding the restaurant pictures: do you take photos with the flash or not? If not what settings do you use? Mine always end up very dark without flash in restaurant.

    Jenna Reply:

    The photos of the food are done without flash, but the one of us has flash on. They had little spotlight lighting on the table and I just made sure that the food was sitting directly underneath it when it took the picture. The overall lighting was too low to take the picture of the two of us without flash.

  5. Awww, I love TH in the big pink sling. Might want to invest in a more gender neutral one though if T1 likes it so much. :) Or if you want TH to wear it in public!

  6. I love the picture of TH lighting the candles with T1′s little feet sticking out of the sling.
    Are you going to do a post on babywearing?

    Jenna Reply:

    Yep! I think next week.

  7. Awww!!! happy belated! the food look delicious…i’m a newbie when it comes to sushi…now that i’ve realized that everybody does it different and that one negative experience shouldnt color me on sushi forever i am so much mroe open minded.

    i can’t even remember my 25th bday. have no idea what i/we did….it must have been cool though, lol. and you have such a cool present in your new son!

    i’m resolving myself that i might actually see 30 before we have our 1st. omgosh. i’m 28 now. sigh….i’ll be a “mature hen” by that point, lol.

  8. Happy belated bday! I love the picture of TH lighting your bday candles with T1 in the sling. And you have officially made me crave sushi.

  9. Kudos to TH for wearing the pink wrap (what type is that?), mine is boring gray for MrW’s benefit. It looks like T1 is riding a bit low in it, though — I thought I heard to be safe you need to have the baby within kissing distance. Speaking from concern, not trying to pick at your parenting skills. Belated happy birthday!

    Erin Reply:

    I have to agree with MrsW about the sling positioning… especially considering how a bunch of slings have been the topic of controversy lately because of suffocation. I think the sling is just not wrapped tightly enough, thus the low-rider effect. I have a similar sling and had to play around with it for a while, till I figured out the appropriate tension.

    Jenna Reply:

    Erin, it’s the baby ka’tan, do you have that one? I can’t figure out if that one is too big or what, but we don’t like it and can’t figure out how to wrap him in it so he sits in it properly.

    Erin Reply:

    I have the Sleepy Wrap — it came with a decent book of instructions, and is a good wrap as long as the tension is right so that the baby ends up positioned properly. When I’m out and about though, I really prefer my Baby Bjorn. I can put it on super quickly and it doesn’t require much fidgeting. I’m not really familiar with the Baby Ka’tan that you have, but if it’s a long piece of fabric like the Sleepy Wrap, then you probably just need to try wrapping it around your body more tightly.

    Jenna Reply:

    Yeah we don’t use that one anymore because I don’t like the way he sits in it (it was all we had at the time though!). We switched to the Moby and I love it.

    MrsW Reply:

    I’ve heard good things about Moby. We have a Sleepywrap, and it certainly had a learning curve, but I like it a lot now! Only problem is it’s a bit cumbersome/time consuming for on the go. Looking forward to seeing the babywearing post, as I’m looking into a SSC or sling, something quick and easy.

  10. Ooo so amazing! Do we get a picture of the necklace/earring set!? Love the shoes too!

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