Stroller Striding

A few weeks ago I had some library books to return. The library is 1.8 miles away (according to Google) so I figured, why not walk? I strapped T1 into the stroller (don’t worry, he is only propped up like this for the photos, I let him recline for the ride) and went on my merry way. I was so proud of myself for figuring out a way to cross items off my to do list AND exercise at the same time. Plus I think the fresh air and time out of the house is good for both of us so we don’t go crazy and have a melt down.

Unfortunately, I mistook my own bladder strength and didn’t wear an old lady pad like I should have. 1 mile in ON THE WAY TO THE LIBRARY, I lost control and peed my pants. There was no drippage down the leg, but I was very grateful to be wearing a tennis skort because I didn’t feel like turning around and going back and the skirt kept all of the drivers whizzing by from seeing how soaked my spandex underneath were.

If you’ve never peed your pants and then walked close to 3 miles afterward I’ll just tell you that it’s an experience that stay with you for days, because the pee on your legs combined with chubby thighs creates a nice rash that burns whenever you take a step. It’s probably something akin to what diaper rash feels like? No wonder this little guy screams when he has a wet diaper.

P.S.-I kind of want a jogging stroller. Who knew it would be so hard to exercise with this little guy in my life? If I really want to get it done, I’ve got to take him with me!

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  1. I bet you could find a jogging stroller you’d like on craigslist. This is my new favorite way to get things I’m not sure I want to commit the money to. If in a few months you find it’s not really for you, you’ll almost certainly be able to resell it for about the same as you spent. No biggie!

  2. If I didn’t have a treadmill I would probably always do exercise videos. I’d say a jogging stroller is a must if you plan on doing anything other than walking with him. It’s so hard to run with those wheels! But I gave you my two cents on a jogging stroller 🙂 I love my BOB. It will last me forever.

    And I’m sorry about the peeing the pants! I was spared that sort of thing with a C-Section. But I had my fair share of out of control sneezes while pregnant! Just pack an extra pair of unders for you with T1’s extra outfit!

  3. I love how the book cover is peeking out in one of the photos.. Subliminal advertisement! Haha. It’s like watching a movie and noticing all the products they drink are Pepsi or something.
    Sorry you peed your pants.
    I wear B (my two month old) now when we walk. I live in an apartment building and it’s such a hassle getting everything for her stroller ready but I do like using it if we’re out for a long time or on public transit.

    Jenna Reply:

    This is actually the only time I’ve used the stroller so far because I needed to carry the books to the library and I also figured he woudl need to eat and have his diaper changed by the time we got there. Otherwise I avoid doing anything but carrying him or wearing him when I’m out. I find car seats and strollers so cumbersome to carry around!

    I went to the Babies movie by myself and just carried him into the theatre. The place was packed with strollers and I got some weird looks from people while I was walking in, I think it was because they never see women just carrying their babies around!

  4. I’m so thankful for blogs teaching you things that no one else dares to tell you. I guess it’s kind of like flying, you always need a change of underwear and a shirt with you… ok maybe pants to in this case.
    You are so brave, I would have turned around in tears… well ok maybe pregnancy is pratice for that.

    I got an REI sale ad in the mail, and they had some discount going on on BOB strollers if I remember right.

    Emmie Reply:

    I think there is a 20 percent off coupon right now.

  5. I love our jogging stroller and I don’t jog. But it’s much easier to walk with it.

    You can get the car seat attachments for most jogging strollers so his little head doesn’t bob around until he has enough control to hold it steady himself.

    Also- The Baby Whisperer and Happiest Baby on the Block were fantastic books!

  6. Good on ya for keeping going! I would have probably turned around (in tears, like the previous poster!) and sulked back home.

  7. Way to keep going. You should pick up some leggings at Target I got some for $6 dollars. I wear them for everything but they are great at the gym because it keeps your thighs from touching. It’s more comfortable that shorts for me.

  8. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! Good for you for continuing on! I have to admit this had happened to me a few times running, but since I haven’t had a babe yet I’ve (almost) always been able to find a tree to hide behind 😉

  9. I thought our old single stroller was good for walks (and it really was), but the first time you push a good jogging stroller (especially when it’s a double) you realize how great they are!

    Craigslist is an amazing resource for stuff like that! (I know BOB strollers even have an attachment to use your infant carrier on the stroller – wish I’d had that)

  10. Oh noes! Here’s my story of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with situations goin’ on, since you gave us one 🙂 In high school, we would jog about 4 miles a day after school almost every day for track/b’ball. It was up and down the hill with the blacktop two lane road that went to our country school. One day, as we were running, it started POURING rain at the bottom of the hill. I have always had terrible, no good, very bad periods, so I have to wear pads + tampons. Why does this matter? Oh, because about 10 minutes in my pad was swollen up and soggy like a diaper, the adhesive was all washed off, and I was running with my knees pressed together to keep it from FALLING OUT of my gym shorts in front of our co-ed gym class and male gym teacher : / Although I was the long distance regional qualifier, I made some lame excuse to hang back with my best girl friend, and as soon as they turned the corner I pulled it off and yes, this green hippie gal chunked that thing into a pasture of confused cows.

    There you go, from me to you 🙂

  11. As to the no time for exercise, I highly, highly recommend the Jillian Micheal’s No More Trouble Zones.

    It’s 45 minutes total but can be broken into segments, it is seriously the hardest tape workout I’ve ever done, and it’s a good mix of cardio with strength training. Even after a year of doing many hours a week of intense ashtanga yoga- inversions, arm balances, holding poses for a million years, etc- this tape STILL kicked my butt. It’s like 15 bucks at Target, seriously worth it!

  12. You have taught me to always be prepared. I have been there and done that, but you are right the aftermath of having an accident seems to linger on.

  13. I completely understand. I’ve never peed my pants, but leakage and sweat cause a similar experience. Gah. I am so sorry. I am always trying to find ways to wear leggings because it’s the only piece of clothing that seems to keep that from happening to me when I’m out for the day. Gah, chubber-rubber thighs.

    I’m loving the little leopard print stroller! He’s a wild one!

  14. I feel your pain, I still have scars on my inner thighs from walking around all day in wet corduroy shorts at 6 flags when I was 19 🙁 and that was 8 years ago!

    Sophia Reply:

    Remember when the boy bottom shorts first came into style again? I was in the 8th grade, and we went to Schlitterbaun for a school trip, but after a day of walking around in those wet things, I had the same problem- the most awful chafed inner thighs ever 🙁 Damn fashion!

  15. I can (sort of) relate because we go to Disneyland every year, and before we became seasoned veterans I made the mistake of wearing denim and then riding Splash Mountain. OW. Now I always wear cotton! I love his little stroller and sweet little face! You always keep it real, Jenna. Love that.

  16. OMG I can totally relate to the burning rash, except with extreme sweat. Band camp in south Louisiana with biking shorts under the seemingly cool basketball shorts. I had TERRIBLE rashes on my legs after that week…I’m so sorry.

  17. Is it bad that I laughed just a little? My bestest pees her pants all the time! So I guess I’m use to these stories. I will say you took it like a champ! Hopefully, you’ll never have another one of these stories again..or at least for a while.

  18. it’s so refreshing to hear real stories of things that happen after women have their babies! so thank you for sharing!
    by the way, how did you like that book? i’ve got it on my nightstand right now 🙂

  19. Monistat makes this nice chafing gel/powder that helps–it wont get you through a run, but it really makes a difference!

    I hate the leg-rubbing problem. Stupid fat legs.

  20. Horseback riding a few weeks after delivery is not a good idea. You don’t have to ask how I know 😉

  21. I’m a runner and have major issues with chafing thighs so I always use vaseline before going on a long run. It can feel kind of gross to start but it is so worth it to not have the hurting legs!

  22. I read somewhere recently that running and bicycling strollers are some of the easier things to find used and in good condition since people buy expensive ones and only use them for a short time.

  23. I’ve found my best method of avoiding the dreaded rub is to roll on some antiperspirant onto my inner thighs..Heard that serious runners/bikers often use something they call “butt butter” for this same problem. A small comfort that the some of the world’s finest athletes face the same problem.

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