Day In The Life: With a Two Month Old

Just what does a SAHM to a young baby DO all day? Lot’s of time spent watching trashy daytime TV? Not this SAHM. I thought I’d give you a little glance into my life and what I’m doing with my time. I’d say this day is pretty typical for a weekday with T1.

12:00 AM

Sleeping soundly.

1:43 AM

Change diaper. Screaming baby.

2:15 am

I spent some time trying to feed him sitting on the bed, but he was being fussy so I started using our favorite tool, the blanket, to help finish things off.

3:00 AM

Over an hour after he started eating he decided he was full.

5:15 AM

Eating again.

7:10 AM

Awake for the day.

7:50 AM

Hungry again.

8:00 AM

Morning stretch routine.

8:10 AM

I read my tweets while he wiggles.

8:15 AM

I treat the romper he slept in for formula stains. I’m crazy about trying to keep formula stains out of his clothes.

8:20 AM

Nakie time and diaper change.

8:35 AM

While he happily squirms on his changing table I rush around trying to get the diaper bag packed. TH eats breakfast in the background.

8:45 AM

Screaming baby demands to be dressed.

8:50 AM

Clothes don’t make him happy though.

8:55 AM

TH leaves for work.

9:00 AM

T1 eats again. I read while he slurps.

9:10 AM

Milk drunk.

9:15 AM

Time for me to get dressed in my workout gear.

9:20 AM

On our way out the door to walk with Y and L.

9:25 AM

He hates his car seat and screams pretty much the whole time when I drive somewhere.

9:40 AM

We arrive at Y’s house and he wants to eat again.

10:05 AM

Y and I walk MWF for 2.5 miles. Here is her sweet son L.

I carry T1 in the Bjorn our friends loaned us.

Y is the bees knees fo’ sheezy.

10:15 AM

We grunt and groan through a set lunges whenever we walk by this fence.

10:45 AM

I pull T1 off my body and I look like this.

10:55 AM

We drive to the grocery store and I feed T1 while sitting in the car reading my tweets.

11:05 AM

I only bought goat cheese on this trip, but I had to have it for my favorite spinach salad.

11:30 AM

When I got home I saw they hadn’t picked up the garbage yet, so I ran around the house collecting ours and threw it out with the rest.

11:35 AM

Another diaper change.

11:40 AM

Hungry again.

11:45 AM

Really just needed to be topped off and then promptly fell asleep.

While he slept I scurried around getting the house in order. I bagged the garbage bins.

Collected his cloth diapers.



All too soon he was awake again.

12:35 PM

And hungry, of course.

12:45 PM

The reason he eats so often? I can only get him to eat an ounce or two at a time! He’s been doing better lately though.

12:50 PM

Another diaper change.

12:55 PM

I set him on the couch to squirm while I made myself lunch.

He fell asleep.

1:00 PM

I have a hard time eating until I get my chores done. Diapers needed to be dryed.

His clothes need to be washed.

The dishwasher needs to be unload and loaded again.

I threw together my favorite salad and ate it as fast as I could.

1:40 PM

I still couldn’t eat fast enough for him and he screamed at me while I finished.

1:45 PM

Another feeding. Blah blah blah. So boring. Good thing I like to read.

1:55 PM

Dirty diaper again.

2:00 PM

Some blogging time together.

2:30 PM

2:45 PM

Nap time once again. I blog and answer emails, etc.

3:25 PM

Nap time is over and we’re screaming again.

3:30 PM

Change the diaper.

3:35 PM

Diaper wasn’t the only problem, belly is empty.

3:40 PM

Tummy time.

4:00 PM

And hungry again.

4:25 PM

Hooray! Another nap.

4:30 PM

I move more laundry.

4:35 PM

And eat a burrito.

6:00 PM

TH comes home early and I get a break from being a mommy.

7:30 PM

He’s still awake and alert on my lap.

8:00 PM

A poopy diaper means it’s time for a bath.

TH and I randomly decide this is the night to buzz his hair, we’ve been talking about it for weeks now.

8:50 PM

Super shocking, but we’re glad we did it.

9:00 PM

Getting sleepy.

9:05 PM

Our little burrito in his miracle blanket.

He’s out and it’s time to clean up the hair.

12:00 AM

There you have it. 24 hours of my life.

119 thoughts on “Day In The Life: With a Two Month Old

  1. You know Jenna, until we arrived here about 13 years ago, I thought everyone shaved their baby’s head at a young age for a more even hair growth. People need to stop freaking out about YOUR BABY’S hair. It’s totally normal in some other countries, and please, at that age the baby won’t be scarred, who remembers what happened to them at 9 weeks old?

  2. thank you jenna for effectively shutting up my biological clock!

    i know, i know…. it’s worth it all but WOW.

  3. Your days are definately busier than mine! I like your day in the life posts though, it’s neat to see!

  4. I loved the picture chronicle of your day.
    I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first and my biggest question is….do you like your diaper bag?!?!?! :) That is exactly the one I am considering. Let me know if you love it!
    Thanks again for sharing your day. Good to know what I am in for in a few months!

    Jenna Reply:

    LOVE it. Ive never used any others so I can’y compare but I highly recommend this one.

  5. My goodness! I had no idea babies ate so frequently! What an exhausting schedule! By the way, I think he looks awesome with his haircut. :)

  6. Wow… I’m exhuasted just reading that! It’s like an extra dose of birth control. WOW

    I love the “Milk Drunk” picture – he looks so content, albeit messy :)

  7. to the point of the other comments it does look exhausting . . . but I was SO distracted by his cuteness that I still want one immediately! :)

  8. Not that I ever doubted how hard a SAHM works, but dang!

    You’re well on your way to that magical three-month mark, though. I hear they get more interesting after that!

    Oh, and way to go with the 3x a week walks! That’s awesome. I remember Y from her maternity shoot… she looks great!

  9. It never really registered to me just how often a baby eats. I already feel like everything I do revolves around food. What an exhausting day!

  10. My hormones are tricking me, as I read this their thinking “That would be better than riding your bike 8 miles to school and back.” lol. Thanks for sharing! It’s good to have a realistic view of what life with an infant is like.

  11. Wow Jenna your days are really hard.

    My little girl is two months old too, and she eats 4 oz, 3 or 4 hours apart, she has naps during the day, go to bed at 10 or 11 p.m. and wake up at 5, 6 or 7 a.m., she is like a big baby, I think.

    I hope T1 be like my baby soon, well if you want to of course…

    I have a question, when do you sleep? and how much time?

    Kisses to T1.

  12. Wow. It’s one thing to kind of know how entirely a newborn is dependent on their caregiver, but I don’t think I really got what all those needs would entail.

  13. Wow…this gives me another stern dose of birth control. :)

    This really gives me an idea of how much time parents devote to newborns. I knew it was a lot, but whoa..

  14. wow, what a day!

    are you wearing bike shorts under your skirt? I might have to do that sometime, to prevent the chafing from rubbing thighs.

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s a tennis skirt. I love working out in them!

    sandi Reply:

    that’s a tennis skirt?! Wherever did you find one so long?

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s Nike brand, and I pick them up whenever I see them at Ross or TJMaxx. I’ve had these for several years now, maybe it was just a trend a few years ago?

  15. I made Sean read this post….wow you are a trooper because I am pretty sure somewhere around 10 am I would just start crying from being so tired!!!

  16. I loved reading this — I am amazed at how often babies eat during the day! (Zero infant experience over here.) And what a great way to end the myth that SAHM’s sit around watching TV and eating bonbons all day… I guess the relaxing time comes when the last child finally goes off to school!!

    P.S. Enjoyed that my tweet was one of the ones up on your iPhone, ha!

  17. Oh gosh, the super cute pictures are seriously making my ovaries ache.

    My sister-in-law & her husband feed their daughter by propping up the bottle with blankets, so they can get other things done while she eats herself to sleep. I used to think it was a little selfish of them, and that they lost the bonding opportunities personally feeding your child gives you (not that I’d tell them this). But after observing your day, I think they were onto something. Good luck, you certainly have your hands full! =)

  18. So, questions. Do you like your swing? And what cloth diapers are your favorite? Baby numero uno is due in 7 weeks and we are trying to get ready.

    Jenna Reply:

    I don’t necessarily love the look of the swing, but it was the only one sold at Babies R’ Us that runs off of an AC adaptor instead of batteries. The vibration runs on battery which is annoying, but I like the different speeds and we use the white noise part all the time. We use it for hours every single day and it works great.

    We’re going to need to buy the next size up in CDs soon, the Thirsties covers with Kissaluvs covers underneath are our favorites and I think that’s what I’ll buy. I want to love the gDiapers and I love how they look, but they leak a lot sooner than the Thirsties/Kissaluvs combo does.

    Brie Reply:

    Randomly read this, and Jenna, while a lot of people love kissaluvs for newborns, I’ve never heard of someone loving them in the next size up. Honestly, most people hate them. I would look into other fitteds if that’s what style you want, or buy one and see if you like it before you buy more. I think the absorbency sucks.

  19. Jenna,
    First, I have to tell you that I love your “day in the life” post with pictures! We are expecting our first (a little girl!) in a few weeks and I was given a recommendation to read Baby Wise for infant feeding/sleeping scheduling. My sister and SIL swear by the techniques. My husband and I just finished reading it and are excited to use the techniques too! The whole premise is that you can have a content baby with a regulated sleep/wake/feed cycle *that it is, actually possible!* My sister started a little later after her son was born and it still helped her a lot! I just wanted to recommend this read (some of the other Baby Wise books are great too! Written by a pediatrician here in Colorado). I love the updates. :) thank you for sharing so openly about motherhood!

    Kate Reply:

    Please, please, do research before engaging in this method of baby raising. Babywise is an extremely harsh method that has been discredited all over the place because it teaches moms and dads to watch the clock instead of watching their babies for cues to what they need. It’s currently under investigation by the AAP due to babies drastically losing weight and showing signs of depression after their parents engage this method of “baby training”.

    There is nothing wrong with eight week old babies waking in the night to eat. They should–they’re growing. 30% of food intake for children that young occurs between the hours of midnight and 8am.

    No matter where you are on the spectrum of spanking, hitting a six month old or squeezing their limbs hard to send them a message about “rebelliousness” is cruel. Isolating a six month old in his crib for “bad highchair manners” is NOT normal. Babies aren’t manipulative. They express their needs and a parents job is to meet that need.

    Jenna, you’re doing a fantastic job, and you don’t need this method–I can tell by the way you parent that you don’t approach having a baby as something that needs to fit into YOUR schedule, rather that you have adapted your life to care for your baby. As it should be.

  20. Thank you for sharing! We’re planning (hah!) to start our family next year and this gives me motivation to get as much done ahead of time as I can on my dissertation work!

  21. Ok, I really hope this post doesn’t come across as telling you how to mother, but times I wish I had someone in the know tell me what I’m doing “wrong”. (You might disagree that it’s wrong, and that’s totally fine).

    Bottle propping (propping the bottle so it stays in the baby’s mouth) can cause choking and ear infections (because of the pooling, etc.). Most pediatricians recommend not doing it.

    The Baby Bjorn is not a good baby carrier if you want to carry baby for more than 10 minutes at a time. The spine position is horrible for the baby, and facing out is not good for them physically or “spiritually” (can’t face in to momma when there is too much stimulation). I can highly recommend a sleepy wrap if you want something better for his spine. they key is making sure his knees are open and above his butt.

    Also, please do lots of research before deciding to read babywise, as mentioned by another poster. It’s one of the most widely criticized baby books, and the american academy of pediatricians has written several articles denouncing it. although some babies may be able to tolerate some kind of schedule, most (even formula fed ones) want to be fed more than once every 2-3 hours)

    The only reason I’m mentioning it is because you seem like you’re into holistic attachment style parenting, and I know that it’s probably hard to find like minded mama’s out there to discuss these things with. Babies grow up fine with the occasional propped bottle and bjorn trip, but (at least in my opinion) there are much better long term solutions. if you’ve done your research and you’re happy with it, more power to you. good luck!

    Zoe Reply:

    I know nothing about the rest, but just in this post, T1 is not facing out…?

    liv Reply:

    I know he wasn’t facing out there, I just mentioned it bc people frequently have babies facing out in the bjorn

    Michelle Reply:

    I carried my daughter in the Baby Bjorn A LOT and she loved it. She faced out when she was older, and she was always very happy that way, looking around. I still interacted with her a lot.

    Crystal Reply:

    I second getting a new carrier. A SSC carrier is great, especially if you plan on carrying an older kid (my toddler still fits in ours) and you can do back carries too.

    Hailey Reply:

    You know what? I don’t know how constructive it is to point out mistakes to a mother. he’s the best to do her job for her child, and every mother does the best she can. It’s one thing to point out one little tip… but as a mother I would NOT appreciate being handed a LIST of things someone thought I had made a mess of that day. Do you really think a sleep deprived new mother is going to benefit from that? Our Jenna here is one educated momma. If she hasn’t found the one right path of perfect motherhood, I’m doubting the path of perfect motherhood exists!

    And I can see how a piece of apparatus like the Baby Bjorn might be subject to criticism, but I really don’t think it’s scandalous or bad mothering to put a child in the Bjorn. It has received positive acclaim along with the criticism so let’s allow each other to make our own educated decisions. Likewise, I know there are guidelines about how a baby should sleep. Jenna didn’t say why she let T1 sleep on the couch like that. How do you know she wasn’t an arm’s reach away watching him the whole time? How do you know she didn’t snap a cute photo of the position he’d fallen asleep in and then moved him to a position and location that SIDs organisations couldn’t be happier with?

    liv Reply:

    Eh, I like when people tell me what they think I’m doing wrong. Usually I disagree with them, and if I don’t, it’s good to hear advice from someone more experienced. Since we aren’t raised by villages anymore, we lose a lot of that collective wisdom about motherhood and parenting. Moms have been telling other moms how to raise babies all around the world for hundreds of years, but the method in which we receive the information now is less filtered.

    I didn’t say it was bad mothering to use a bjorn. it’s fine for short stints, and plenty of babies have survived just fine with it. my point was that there is a better choice, if she’s interested in it.

    HamiHarri Reply:

    WOW –

    Liv, you said this “Ok, I really hope this post doesn’t come across as telling you how to mother,”….and it’s exactly what you’re doing…telling someone ELSE how to parent.

    Honestly, if you wrote that post to me on my blog, I’d not so kindly tell you off! No matter how “helpful” you think you’re being, BACK OFF!

    1. Propping baby instead of holding while feeding: Jenna mentioned how T1 was becoming a fussypants, sometimes babies just need some handsoff time…

    2. Bjorn: I think the concern was with babes hips, not spine…and this has since been fixed with the newer Bjorns…

    Jenna: Great post ;) Boo to T1 needing to eat so often…lol…as I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but it does get better!

    Kate Reply:

    While I don’t give a crap what people are doing with their bjorns and their bottle propping (um, it’s not like she’s not around T1 and has left him!), please see my comment above about Babywise. Because Jenna isn’t using this particular method of “infant management” (rolleyes), I feel perfectly comfortable saying that it’s important to research Babywise before even considering it.

    Fortunately, it’s unlikely, from what I have read on this blog, that Jenna would EVER engage in Babywise junk for T1.

  22. Thanks for sharing! Ppl should know that SAHM’s work their behind off. Who wouldn’t want to go to work and not have to worry about a child and housework from 8-5 is a blessing. Hopefully this will change some attitudes!!

    Paula Reply:

    ME!! I’d rather be able to be a SAHM, but expenses are not going to allow for the near term. I’m expecting and am HORRIFIED by the idea of handing off my baby to daycare and going in to the office. I’d rather be at home worrying about my child any day, and in fact, the idea of putting him in daycare is quite stressful to me.

    I guess I’m just saying that daycare and being in an office isn’t seen as a blessing by all moms. I really wish my situation would allow for me to stay at home, and I have no misconceptions about how much work that would mean day to day. But it would definitely be worth it.

    Hailey Reply:

    Agreed! Knowing that what I most want to do with my life is be a SAHM, my 9-5 and study feel a little less fulfilling by comparison to what I hope to be doing when hubs has graduated and we are able to start a family.

    Paula, it sounds like you really want to be a SAHM and I wanted to say I really admire that! I don’t think there are enough women in modern day Western society who are willing to make such a sacrifice for their children. To be able to see that there’s something special/important about SAHMotherhood, to me that says you’re a really ‘switched on’ person. You get what’s valuable in life! I would for suer encourage you to see what you can do to make your goal attainable! I know it’s only getting harder and harder for this to be financially, but where there’s a will, there’s a way :) Good luck!

    Kate Reply:

    Paula, I hope you can find a way! It took a lot of planning for us, a lot of eating humble pie and changing our lifestyle, but I’m much more comfortable with the idea of staying at home with my baby than dropping her off for someone else to take care of.

    Good luck!

  23. Holy crap that’s a lot of work. And Jenna, I know now what a “I’m not trying to be mean but…” comment is. You go momma.

  24. I’m hoping in the picture of T1 in his carseat that you weren’t finished buckling him in, because there should be another strap to go between his legs. Without that portion, he can just slide out in the event of an accident- thus defeating the purpose of a car seat.

    Also, I cringed when I saw him sleeping on the couch and pray that his face wasn’t smushed against the cushions or buried in the furry thing. Back is best.

    As for the bottle propping thing, I got the same warning that liv gave about pooling and ear infections. I was advised by the pedi to bottle feed her in a more upright position to prevent it. And while I know lots of people who prop bottles, usually the kids are a little older and have some head control to move if they start to choke.

    Rhonda Reply:

    Those are the same things I noticed. I assumed she wasn’t done buckling him in the car seat. It wasn’t the sleeping on the couch part that worried me, it was the fact that he was left to “squirm” on the couch while she made lunch.

    However, we all have to do what works for us. I definitely let my first son sleep on his belly at only 2 weeks old because it is the only way he would sleep. Now, I got NO sleep because I checked on him so frequently.

    I have broken lots of “rules,” so I’m not here to judge.

    grace Reply:

    Really? You actually think she wouldn’t finish buckling him in properly? Really?!

    After documenting her day for us, why would you then go and find the things you think she’s doing wrong? How about just a nice, “Wow, you work hard! Good job!”? But no, it’s only a run down of her wrongs from you. Nice.

    Hailey Reply:

    Yeah! How come when we see mothers at work, and no doubt always doing their best, we take a mental note of all the things she’s doing wrong? Did you guys even READ Jenna’s schedule? I think she deserves a huge trophy just for coping!!

    Courtney Reply:

    I’m a new mom. I’m well aware of how much work goes into it. I also know that babies don’t come with an instruction manual and that a lot of times new parents are forced to learn by trial and error. I’d really hate to bite my tongue and have the error be a harmful one. I wasn’t rude in my reply and totally gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    My conscience would have nagged at me if I didn’t give Jenna the heads up. So take a chill pill and don’t automatically assume that advice from a fellow new mom is some kind of attack. However, if you want to assume the worst, I will gladly incur your wrath if it keeps T1 safe.

    Hailey Reply:

    My conscience would nag me if I told someone how to buckle their own child’s carseat. A little demeaning? Each to their own.

    Courtney Reply:

    Gladly incurring your internet wrath.

    Bree Reply:

    Seriously people?! We are all women who should be encouraging each other! All these “I don’t mean to be mean” or “just so you know” comments are ridiculous! Especially if you ARE a mom! Do you not remember how hard it is to be a new mom? And do you not think that maybe, just maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt? He isn’t your kid. She’s not your daughter. Why don’t we let her do a little mothering and see how it all works out? It’s certainly not our job to tell her the when, where and how.

    Courtney Reply:

    Gladly incurring your wrath too, Bree!

    Hayley Marie Reply:

    Oh Courtney, I’m sure you will feel even more self righteous as you “incur my internet wrath” but I have to say I think the thing is that like someone said you are being a bit demeaning in the way you offer “advice”.

    There is nothing wrong with saying “Hey I learned that …x y and z” but your tone and what you say (Also, I cringed when I saw him sleeping on the couch and pray that his face wasn’t smushed against the cushions or buried in the furry thing. Back is best.) isn’t trying to help her at all! It is just pointing out what you think is wrong. I personally know that I have had moments where I’ve been watching my little sibling squirm on the couch and fall asleep in that position. It makes me laugh and on serviceable occasions I’ve grabbed the camera and taken a photo before moving them on their back. Don’t be so quick to snap at others and be so judgmental!

    Courtney Reply:

    As Jenna Tweeted the other day, you can’t infer tone from written text, so let’s not attribute unknowns to one another.

    But I promise that if take your own advice (“Don’t be so quick to snap at others and be so judgmental!”), I’ll try to take it as well. If not, I’ll just settle for incurring your internet wrath. (But I assure you I’ll do my best to not be self-righteous while doing so.)

  25. Great post for those of us who have NO idea what it is like! I babysat my nephew for a whole work day once when my SIL got called in for an emergency during her maternity leave. What an an eye opener! I was only there from 8:30-4:30pm but man….little did I know that I would NOT get to watch any trashy televsion or even read my book!

  26. Thank you for sharing that! I’m not a mother yet so it was very informative.

    I’m reading In Defense of Food right now too. I like it but am waiting to make sure he’s not totally anti-meat.

    Stephanie Reply:

    I was worried about that at first, when I first watched an interview he did but.. He isn’t anti-meat, he is for eating meat rarely and basing your diet mostly on vegetables.
    I am learning to do this (I eat meat on holidays as to avoid having people make something separate for us) and, personally, I feel so much healthier w/ more energy.
    I haven’t read this particular book, but have read others :) Hope it helps.

  27. I can feel your pain. My 7 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. It is funny how 3 or 4 hours of sleep in a row seem like a gift. I remember when I couldn’t function on less than 8 hours! You’re doing a great job, and some babies just like small frequent feedings like T1. Mine was nursing every 1.5 hours for the first 3 months. I hope you don’t have to wash all those bottles by hand!

  28. Question: Do you feed him while he lays on your leg to make it more comfortable for you (so your arms don’t get tired) or is there another reason? I’ve never seen anyone do that before and I am curious!

    Jenna Reply:

    It gives me a free hand so I can read :)

    Emmie Reply:

    My friend feeds her baby the exact same way!

    Lina Reply:

    I do the same way too. I feel that baby is more comfortable.

  29. So much to look forward to so soon! His little adorable face must make the crying worth it. (Even his crying face is cute, actually.)

  30. Jenny, this was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing! My son just turned 19 months old and I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to care for an infant all day… I have to say, I kind of miss itc!

    T1 is such a cutie and I think you’re doing a fabulous job being his mommy. Thanks for this look into your lives!

  31. How is it possible for your son to look so cute in EVERY picture?? He’s adorable… but wow Jenna, so much work! I cringed every time I saw the times, because I kept thinking surely the day is nearly over… but nope, it’s only been ten minutes. You’re looking great, by the way. You have so much color in your face!

    (also… my mom propped bottles with all 14 kids and none of us ever had an ear infection :)

    Zoe Reply:

    Ditto. My mom propped up my bottle with a towel at a young age too…and I soon learned to hold it steady with my own hands…no ear infections here either! It was the only way my mom could get anything done! hehe

    Zoe Reply:

    I also fell asleep on the couch on my own a lot. Sure, times are different now, but I think most of us grew up to be happy, productive people anyway. :)

  32. Wow! What a busy day! Thanks for posting this. It’s good to see what happens and how much time you sacrifice for your children.

  33. Oh my gosh. I never doubted how busy SAHMs are, but to see it all laid out like this….it blows me away.

    You are superwoman, lady!

  34. He looks just like you in that first picture!

    I’ve recently started watching my 4-month-old niece once a week and she wears me out–T1 would have me falling asleep in my oatmeal :))) Way to go for keeping up with him, every day!

  35. Okay, some of those pictures and expressions of his are so SO funny and adorable. WHAT a cute kid. He’s going to be full of personality I can tell.

    I sure hope he gets into his eating-more-than-two-ounces phase! Kyle always has been my big eater and we could go about 3 hours even from the beginning – - I can’t imagine how much that breaks up your day and routine to have to feed him almost hourly (at least that’s what it seems) – let’s cross our fingers that that gets over soon! I know what it is to have to get mad dash showers and sometimes scarf your lunch while baby cries. But soon will come the time when he’ll finger feed and that will free up more time (though I don’t want to wish away this baby time for you – heaven knows it goes too fast already – but there are some things you kind of look forward to you know?)

    Well, I can tell im not ready for motherhod yet because the amount of feedings and crying due to feedings made me think that a little bottle hat with a straw (like those redneck beer hats) might not be the worst idea! Just kidding… mostly. ;)

    heehe – I love the post buzz photo where he has this “wait – what just happened?” face. Too cute!

  37. Where are YOUR naps? I have no idea how you function on that little sleep! You are superwoman.

  38. Seeing this really reminded me how life with baby gets better and better over the first year. (At least from my perspective — I know some mamas looooove the teeny tiny new ones.) In a month or two he will start smiling in response to things you do or say, and it’s life-changing to have that positive reinforcement when earlier the best you could hope for was a lack of screaming. :) And then come the little games together, and him trying to make YOU laugh. And then the joyous yell of “Mama!”, in a way that lets you know you are the best thing in their whole, entire world. Heaven.

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