Washington Trip, June 2010

We visited my hometown at the end of June, flying up so that T1 could meet my family and receive his baby blessing, and choosing to go in June because a cousin of mine would be leaving for his 2 year mission that week. We had a wonderful time, T1 was thoroughly spoiled with attention, and now my parents are going through withdrawals without their grandson around.

My dad with T1.

At the family reunion of my mom’s side.

With his great-great-grandmother.

That is T1’s great-grandmother taking the jetski out for a spin! What a fox she is. She tried to slalom ski later. Having a dairy keeps you fit even into your 70’s!

TH and I went out for a spin on the jetski. (He made me let him drive when we got close to the camera so you would all see what a stud he is.)

My parents bought a pack n’ play for him for that weekend. Did I mention how spoiled he is? They said they couldn’t believe how expensive it is to have a grandchild.

I read Eating Animals while I was home (my dairy farm grandparents and rancher grandparents weren’t at all excited about the title) and I’ll be posting about it soon. Thanks to TH for taking this picture of me!

T1 in the rocking chair that his great-great-grandfather made. I loved this chair as a kid. It’s had my naked bum imprinted on the leather many times. 🙂

I enjoyed sleeping in with my little family next to me.

T1 had his bath in a metal bowl in the kitchen sink. Not quite as comfortable as the PUB tub but it worked.

Sunday was baby blessing day. I love the photos we took in the trees by the church afterward!

I have no idea what is going on here.

We joked that C was going to have to give his iPhone up to T1 while he was gone on his mission (missionaries don’t have personal cell phones).

Aunt Shay and Uncle Dan drove all the way up from Utah for the blessing! We love them for that.

I llllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this picture. Capital letters LOVE.

The new missionary. He’s one of the double cousins in case you’ve been following the double cousins thread on Formspring.

I had lots of helpers. I don’t think I had to feed him myself even once while we were there.

How cute are my cousins? Bouquets like this are kind of a waste of fruit (we ate the leftover of course) but fun to eat.

This is how we do lunch at my aunt’s house in the country.

One of my double cousins, also a budding photographer.

TH took this picture of me. I like that I look young.

A five generation photo! From left to right, T1’s mom (me, duh), T1’s great-great-grandmother, T1’s other great-great-grandmother, T1’s grandma, and T1’s great-grandma.

On Sunday afternoon we visited my dad’s field of organic snap peas.

The organic farmer in his element.

The Pole enjoying his favorite Washington activity.

That Sister is so stinkin’ cute.


I still can’t really believe I got this close to a bee. This is the bloom in an organic carrot seed field.

My dad was much braver than I, he was only a few feet away from the hives!

I discovered a special talent I never knew I had. Apparently I am an expert at throwing peas up in the air and catching them in my mouth while standing in the middle of a field. My dad even threw some for me to catch and I snagged those as well. Who knew?!?!?

Back to the whole “T1 is spoiled by his grandparents” thing, here he is sleeping in the swing they bought for him.

On our last day there we had a barbecue and invited a bunch of friends over.

Everyone admired his bald head.

The kids got filthy jumping on the trampoline and running in the dirt, and then ate their ice cream cones without washing their hands. Isn’t country life the best?

That Sister can feed babies a bottle with no hands. Major skills!

Our last morning there we spent some time playing on what used to be my baby blanket. Some were stressed by its pink hue, but I didn’t see what the big deal was. Real baby boys love pink.

Our trip ended much the way it began (scroll back up to the top of the post 🙂 ).

We’re looking forward to our next Washington trip already! A little video I made of the video footage from our trip:

Washington Trip Montage from Jenna on Vimeo.

41 thoughts on “Washington Trip, June 2010

  1. You have such a beautiful family! So much love among you all!

    And wow – FIVE generations together? That’s such a gift.

    Love that photo of you and T1 making disgusted faces. What was TH doing to get that response?!? (J/k.)

  2. Cute pictures! Makes me wish I lived in the country 🙂
    I’m so glad he is enjoying his crab romper, too!

  3. Gorgeous pics! Looks like a great time
    How was it flying with T1? Any recommendations?

    Jenna Reply:

    A “flying with baby” post is on my list! I wore him in the Moby and I thought it was SO much better than having him in a stroller or car seat.

  4. T1’s tounge is one of my favorite parts of the photos.

    Also – can I be adopted by your family? Such love in these pictures & such beautiful scenary!!

  5. Those photos of your dad being so gentle and loving to T1 make my heart explode.

  6. I can’t even tell you how much I love this post. All of your pictures are so gorgeous. You really captured the love in your family and the beauty of the place. It made me feel like I was a part of it all. Just lovely.

  7. at the risk of sounding weird, you have a ridiculously good looking family. every single person looks fantastic. sorry if this sounds creepy.

  8. Love these fun, picture-filled posts!
    The part of the video where your dad is playing with and talking to T1 is so precious! I can’t wait to see my dad play with his grandkids.

    I have a similar experience to your “Washington”—my grandparents cottage in MI. Unfortunately, they sold it the summer after my senior year of high school–but seeing these old pictures brings back memories of lunch outside, playing in the water, holding babies, tubing, jetskiing and loving on family.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  9. T1’s responses to your dad are so cute. I love that. So there is a part in the video where some of the kids are playing in the lake and at first I was like, “Where is that?” It took me a second, but when I saw the background I KNEW it was Moses Lake at the Blue Heron Park! That spot is a good one too. We used to go there for family reunions all the time. I love the little rocking chair. Stuff like that is so cool to keep around. I’m glad you had a fun trip! It looks like so much fun.

  10. I love these pictures so much that it’s the second time today I look them up on your blog. Such a beautiful family! Gorgeous pictures!

  11. The picture of T1 in the bowl is by far my favorite picture of him yet. It is so sweet and adorable and I just want to smush him. What a beautiful family you have Jenna!

  12. Really enjoyed this post. Does That Sister have a blog we could get a link to?

    Jenna Reply:

    Only a photography blog. I wish she would start a personal one? People in my family tend not to blog because they say “I can’t do it like you Jenna”. Which is silly, you don’t have to write every day for a lot of people to have a blog worth reading. 🙂 http://shaylenecarter.wordpress.com/

  13. Beautiful pictures!I was most impressed with the one of you reading that book – you have beautiful creamy skin! Mine is so freckled and confused by the copious amounts of farmer tan lines I have acquired over the years. lol.

  14. Awesome post! Great photos, beautiful family. I bet it’s easy to follow your real food diet at your parents’ farm!

  15. I admit I’m really surprised by how sweet you guys have been a bout this post! Not that I don’t think you are super sweet all the time, but I sometimes worry about posting stuff like this because I worry it will be boring (silly I know, it’s my own blog and I can do what I want). We don’t do very much but I’ll definitely log our trips and adventures a bit more often from now on!

  16. I just want to saw that you look gorgeous for just having a baby!! I know you’ve mentioned your weight a few times, but I think you look great!!

  17. Kay I love the leg warmer things that you always have on T1. Did you make them, buy them?

    And I love the end of the video when your dad is laying on the blanket playing with him.

    Jenna Reply:

    Bought. My grandma made me a few pairs but the ones I bought really are so much better. You can find them on Amazon, a lot of the pairs he has were bought on sale from BabyLegs

  18. I loved this post- lots of great pictures and just enough captions to tell the story. It reminds me of a photo essay. Looks like you guys had loads of fun!

  19. Your baby is adorable (Hi! I’m New Here– absolutely precious), and so blessed to be able to grow up with love from so many generations of family! My parents moved here from India, where all my grandparents and most of my cousins, etc still live, and I’ve always been so jealous of people surrounded by their loved ones. He, TH, and you are all so lucky to have not only each other but also your relatives close(ish)by!

  20. I am in LOVE with this post … sigh. Seeing the beautiful photos of your gorgeous baby boy, with his aunts, uncles and grandparents, is amazing. Love the photos of your dad with him – heart explosion! Makes you remember where you grew up, love summer, and this special time with your family. 🙂

  21. I LOVE the photo of T1 on your baby blanket by himself. Cutest face ever and I’m lovin’ the popped collar! All of these pictures are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  22. I spy Pampers Swaddlers! Did you do disposable because you are travelling? Easier? How do you like them?

    Kelli Nicole Reply:

    I forgot about this! I think she did it because they were traveling, but I don’t think she liked it (correct me if I’m wrong Jenna). I think she said it was hard to tell when it was wet since she’s so used to cloth diapers and doesn’t have much experience with disposable.

  23. This is my favorite post so far. Everyone looks so happy. How do you deal with living so far away from them and such a beautiful place?

  24. I loved the whole post, but what I think is the coolest thing is that T1 has not even one, but TWO Great-great-Grandmothers I know you guys tend to have babies youngish, but I never really thought about how cool it is to have a five generation photo. I don’t even have any grandparents alive, not since 1998 when the last of them passed away. 🙁 Such a great picture of your family!

    Kelli Nicole Reply:

    I agree, isn’t that crazy?! I only have one grandparent (I think the last great died when I was like 2 and I’ve never known any great-greats) and my boyfriend has no living grandparents (since he was a kid I think). I think it’d be really interesting to know all their ages!

  25. looks like it was a blast! i especially love the picture of t1 in the bowl in the sink – too cute 🙂

  26. Oh these pictures made me miss home so much! Loved them all! Yay for the 5 generations picture too!! What amazing women and men you have in your family… love that rocking chair too…

  27. I loved all of the pictures! What you need is a picture of your mom and dad and M and D to show the brother, brother and sister sister’s.

    And the field in the picture of your Aunt D’s house (I’m assuming that’s who it was??) If it is, that’s mine! Or my dad’s… same thing. 🙂

  28. Just wanted to say very nice website. Also would like to ask do you alot of photography on location and if not where are some favorite spot here in Dallas my wife and are looking to do some pictures soon.

  29. I love the look exchange between your dad and T1 (when he’s wearing the brown and orange outfit). Such a cute moment between generations.

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