T1’s First Swim

I took him out for his first swim this week. I liked it and I think he might have as well, but it was WAY too much work to go through for a child who provides such a non-reaction to being immersed in chlorinated water. The process went something like this:

1. Catch him between naps
2. Feed him
3. Change him
4. Dress him
5. Dress myself
6. Gather up phone, camera, towel, baby, keys
7. Walk to pool
8. Swim for 10 minutes
9. Baby starts crying
10. Walk home
11. Bathe baby
12. Shower
13. Dress both of us again

All of that work for 10 minutes of swimming? No thank you! Maybe if the playgroup gets together at the pool we’ll go again. Next summer we’ll be all over the pool though.

First Swim from Jenna on Vimeo.
I’m trying to make more videos. The family in Poland loves them so much!

17 thoughts on “T1’s First Swim

  1. I love the videos too. T1 is so so darling. I mean, how many times can it be said? I read somewhere that you thought his head was flat? I think it’s so perfectly round and adorable. It’s always crazy to see how big babies heads are compared to the rest of their scrawny little body. Ooh, I love babies. I want one.

  2. I would be that your access to a pool in Chicago is going to be much, much less next summer, unfortunately. You might have access to a crowded community pool or one at a gym or TH’s school. Maybe.

    Turtle Reply:

    But you will have all of Lake Michigan!

  3. You’ll have to come swim with us! Brittney, Taryn, and I meet at our complex pool at least a few times a week. I’ll let you know when we plan to go, it makes going to the pool much more fun to have ladies to chat with!

  4. What type of video camera do you use? The footage is so crisp!

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m shooting my video footage with the Canon 5d Mark II. I bought the camera in part because I wanted to be able to film the little one when he came!

  5. How did I miss this epic cuteness?? Fabulous. It seriously made me contemplate having a baby. For a second. Now I’m back to indecision 🙂

  6. That is so cute Jenna! Makes me want to be better about doing videos with me and the kiddos. I just got caught up (mostly) with your blog and am glad to hear that you arrived in Chicagoland safely. We just moved as well, although just across town, and I JUST finished cleaning the old place and am SO glad and relieved…I worked SO hard, but I am like you and think that we still won’t get our entire deposit back. Moving is so much work…man oh man! I want to stay in this cute little barn house forever….ok, maybe not forever, but before I move I need to be able to afford to hire the whole darn thing out. I am officially retiring from moving.

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