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I love wearing my baby. I’m actually not sure how there are mothers out there who never do! I can have T1 close and keep him from spending the entire day in his swing or wiggling on his back in the floor and still have two hands free to get things done. Even TH likes to wear T1! He was caught on camera doing so on my 25th birthday (Please note that it is dangerous to wear your baby down around your hips that way, and we hate that carrier and only used it two or three times. It’s called the K’Tan and we never could figure out how to use it correctly).

One of the carriers that I use frequently is the Bjron. I’m going to have people asking in the comments, so I’ll say outright that I haven’t read anything convincing about the Bjorn being dangerous or harmful when used correctly. There are models that have been recalled due to safety issues, the biggest happened in 1999 on models manufactured from 1991 through 1998 due to infants slipping out because the leg holes were too large.  I hear lots of people talking about it being awful because of the way baby sits in it, but I’ve never seen any scientific data to back up the claims. I’m just not big on the “would you want to dangle this way” argument, because the majority of the things I do to T1 I would not want to have done to myself (would you want a big giant person to lift you up by your armpits and carry you around on their hip while holding you by the crotch?).

I was previously borrowing a Bjorn from a friend, then another was selling hers for super cheap so I bought it. I wear it when we go for walks because it gives him more air flow, but I won’t be wearing it once he gets really heavy because heavy babies in the Bjorn = really sore back. My next carrier purchase will probably be an Ergo. I’ve only heard good things about it, and all of my friends who used to have Bjorn carrier have sold theirs and switched to the Ergo. Again, I own it because it’s cheap, and because I only wear it for at most an hour a day a few times a week. If this is how you plan to use yours and you can find a good deal, I say go for it. Otherwise look into the Ergo or the Mei Tai.

The carrier I love most is the Moby. I did indeed pay $40 for a piece of black fabric that I wrap around my body in a criss-cross pattern but I don’t regret the choice to do so.  It allows T1 to snuggle in nice and close, and gives me two hands to get things done around the house. I can wash the dishes, fold laundry, and of course, write posts for That Wife. The photos below were taken when he was something like 4 weeks old.

I have a knock-off Moby that someone gave me, and I don’t like it as much.

Awww. I like how old he is now, but I do kind of miss these snuggly moments.

A shot from the back to give you an idea how it wraps in back.

The way the Moby works can be a bit confusing, so I made a video to show you how it works. And yes I’m wearing the same dress in both the photos from many weeks ago and the video I made this week. Ralph Lauren, $20 at TJMaxx! I realize the intro is awesomely awkward and a bit cheesy. I still need to work on feeling a bit more comfortable in front of the video camera. :)

The Moby from Jenna on Vimeo.

Are you using a carrier? What kind and why did you choose that one?

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  1. That video was adorable, Jenna!! When I have a baby I definitely want to wear her/him. I first saw a Moby-type carrier at a hippie music festival a few years ago (I was working, not attending) and thought the person was CUH-RAZY for carrying her baby like that. But as I see more and more women (and men) “wear” their babies, I’m totally sold on the idea. Great tutorial :) And T1 just gets cuter by the day!

  2. I carry B. I use a ring sling but I hate it. I can’t ever figure out how to do it correctly. You just made me want to by a Moby wrap. I love wearing my daughter but get frustrated with the stupid ring sling.

    Meg Reply:


    Jenna Reply:

    I’ve heard that ring slings are best for super young babies?

    Crystal Reply:

    I never got the hang of a ring sling with my daughter until she was about 5 or 6 months old and we could do the hip carry. I could never ever figure out any other way to put her in it, even though there’s at least 2 other ways.

  3. After using a borrowed Bjorn we purchased an Ergo. Our son had a terrible time at night for the first few months and we took turns wearing it for HOURS as we walked around our first floor. And in his first 6 months he was in his stroller twice because I prefered to have him close when we were out and about. The Ergo provides enough coverage so you can even discretely nurse in public. The Bjorn is easier to put on, so both my husband and I used it once around the house after the Ergo arrived. And both of our backs were killing us after a few minutes. The amount of support the Ergo provides is unbelievable compared to the Bjorn. I can’t recommend it highly enough. We got an infant insert and were able to use it from the time our son was a few weeks old.

  4. Thanks, Jenna! (I am not sure if you remember, but I was the one who was afraid of the Moby). I usually use the Bjorn because it is less complicated for me, and I feel that it is super secure. Plus, I get a real workout because my baby is getting heavy, and I bend at my knees with her in the carrier to perform tasks (so I am essentially performing many squats!). But I do have a Moby, and from your video, it looks like something I can manage. I will give it a try!

  5. Oh my goodness. Love love love! T1 is soooo adorable. I love his little sounds. Also, he seems so well behaved now!

  6. Hey there Jenna, we have an Ergo carrier and I can’t recommend it enough! My boy (Gus) weighs 15lbs and the best thing of the Ergo is how it sits on your hips to distribute the weight. The boy won’t tolerate facing me anymore so I wear him on my hip so he can still see the world and I can see how he reacts to it. I see babies in the bjorn that get to face out and look like they LOVE it but I just like the security of seeing his face. Your child is adorable and you look FANTASTIC! Thanks for drawing attention to baby wearing!!

  7. I’ve become addicted to baby wearing after my little baby boy was born in May. I started out with a sleepy wrap which is like the moby, but even stretchier. I liked this best in the very early days, but my husband still uses it often while I am at work. After attended a baby wearing fashion show at a la leche league meeting, I learned about the Beco, which is similar to the ergo, but I find it prettier, better for air flow if you have a little one in the summer, and better for putting a baby on your back unassisted than the ergo. I bought mine on craigslist. I use the beco primarily for walking and shopping. I also bought a ring sling (craigslist) which I found difficult to use at first, but worth learning!!! Great for around the house, nursing while carrying, and formal events, like weddings. Its best if you can find an accomplished wearer to help you learn how to use it. Finally, we’ve ordered a mei tei, which is a lot like the beco or ergo, but without buckles. Call me crazy, but I still want a woven wrap (like the moby only not very stretchy at all) and a moby. The real key is connecting with other baby wearers for advice and support.

    Jenna Reply:

    Thanks for taking the time to tell me about this Jennifer! I’m going to add the Beco to my list of carriers to look into when we’re ready to purchase.

  8. For some reason, I never got into baby wearing. Weird and I’m not exactly sure why. One reason for sure is my chest so huge that every time I’d use our Bjorn or something else I felt awkward the whole time – like it’s big enough in that area and now I’m adding even more bulk and weight. My boys were pretty tame too and didn’t demand that I hold them all the time like I’ve seen other babies do.

    I liked the Bjorn when I did use it though and Landon used it occasionally for walks, but it seemed like both kids outgrew it quickly. At least once they got past a certain poundage (and with my large chest issues) I didn’t want to carry them anymore. Plus Kyle was so massive and tall when he was born! All those things combined made for turning me into a non-baby wearing person. But perhaps a future child will get me back into it (probably not by choice either;)

    I did hear people say that with Grant having Down syndrome and weaker muscles/control, I shouldn’t use the Bjorn b/c it put his legs in the wrong position. Babies with DS already have looser muscles and their legs will splay out to the sides, so ‘they’ said you should use something that keeps their legs together, but we only used it a handful of times – not daily or anything.

    Jenna Reply:

    I think I’ve read that about the Bjorn as well. “They” are probably right in this instance :)

  9. I have a feeling that I will probably be doing this a lot if and when I have a baby. With no car and NYC subways being a pain to navigate with a stroller, this will definitely be the the way to go. The Moby looks so cute. :)

  10. I love my babyhawk for going out to the store, my moby for church and for going on walks, and my ring sling for around the house (since there is no tying- just on and off!) i love babywearing!

  11. Thanks for doing this video Jenna! I’ve always been curious how those things work. I’m trying to get pregnant, so after seeing your vid, I’ll definitely put a wrap on my must buy list. Also loved seeing you talk on camera! :) You both are too cute.

  12. Love the video and all the pictures! You and he are so cute. Since you didn’t have this video up when I watched him I had to find another one :). When I wore him I did that last hold, but instead of putting the fabric from your bellybutton around his feet I pulled it up over his feet so it was snug around his middle and his feet were still dangling, but it seemed more secure. Baby-wearing is so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again :).

  13. That video was awesome! Thanks for sharing. When I have a baby (not in the near future), I really want a Moby or something similar…

    P.S. T1 is unbelievably cute!

  14. i’m the same — can’t imagine NOT wearing h around. not quite sure why it gets a reputation as a hippie lifestyle thing as to me it’s just…practical?

    harper has always always loved the bjorn. facing in when she was little and now facing out. she adores going shopping and flirting with everyone! also great for walks to get ice cream or to the library. she’s 18 lbs now and it’s still ok on my back, tho it’s getting heavy.

    i also have the moby — she loved it when she was teeny, but not so much anymore. still think it’s a great item.

    we spent the big bucks on an organic ergo and she wants to murder me when i put her in it. basically, girlfriend hates facing IN. but it looks like t1 likes that, so you’ll probably be good to go. it’s REALLY comfy for mama and so stylish. sigh. i hope baby #2 likes it…

    i also really love the new native carrier. really simple/cheap/flexible. perfect for folding up into diaper bags! we took her to a baseball game in this one and she faced out/slept the whole time without me getting sore. loves.

    Jenna Reply:

    If I was breastfeeding I think I would LOVE the new native. And a smaller one to stuff in the diaper would definitely be nice.

  15. I use a sleepywrap – it was cheap(er) than the other baby carriers I was seeing and it looked fairly simple to use (like a Moby, essentially). It was great for getting her to sleep in the early days, but I really don’t use it very much anymore, unfortunately. She’s never been very snuggly unless she’s very tired, and so I find it much easier now that she is strong enough to sit up unassisted to put her in her walker and have her follow me around as I do chores.

    I *would* like to use a carrier more in the store or out and about, but I don’t bring the wrap because I feel like it would “take too long” to set everything up in the parking lot in the hot Florida sunshine. In reality, it would only take a minute or two, but I’ve built it up in my mind so much I just don’t try. I’d like a mei tei type carrier, though, for as she gets bigger.

    Jenna Reply:

    Usually I just put my Moby on at the house and then Id on’t have to wrap it in the parking lot (plus it’s super long and drags on the ground a bit when put it on). It’s a bit bulky to drive around in but it’s all fabric so it’s comfortable to wear.

    Evelyn Reply:

    I do the same with my MOby. We have crazy hot & humid weather and I found this helps me stay a little cooler too since I’m not out in the heat putting it on.

  16. what a weird coincidence! I bought my moby this morning (baby boy is due in 2 weeks) and I hadn’t the slightest clue how to use it. Thanks for the video. Your little guy looks pretty content in that sling!

  17. I love the video! Both of my sisters use slings, but they’ve never explained to me exactly how to wrap them (likely because I’m not pregnant and don’t have any kiddos yet!) but I can’t wait to wear them. I love how close the baby is to his/her momma and how convenient it is! T1 is SO adorable!

  18. Oh my gosh! T1 is so so so cute! And you look fab!!! I don’t have kiddos yet but I can totally see the advantages of the moby and wearing them. Great video! :)

  19. I had considered making this very same video since I had such a hard time figuring it out the first day. I bought the Moby on your recomendation and love it. :) However, I can’t get mine on that quickly and really need more practice. I wish it was a much quicker application!

  20. I don’t have a little one yet… But…

    1) I want to leave a comment so I stay up on your top commenters list :D

    2) I really want to get a carrier for my fur baby, a 17 pound JRT.

    Is that weird? LoL

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes. It’s weird. :)

    Sarah for Real Reply:

    LOL suuuure, side with my husband.

  21. Ok, how cute are you two?? I love, love that photo of you and T1 third down from the bottom. It’s such a precious moment between mother and son. I love the videos!

  22. So I absolutely LOVE baby wearing too! I use the didymos sling; if you think $40 was a lot for a sling, I paid $100 for it PLUS had it shipped from Germany (where the company is located). But it was worth EVERY penny. It’s pretty much the same thing as the moby (in fact, I think the moby is a knock off of it) only instead of being a stretchy fabric, it’s woven. My friend who has a moby was constantly having to adjust hers whenever she wore it for long periods of time ’cause her child would be slowly sinking, but with the didymos that doesn’t happen because the way it’s woven keeps it elastic without stretching (it’s genius). And a sling is particularly useful now that I just had our second child. I use it to run errands, and I just wrap the sling around me before we leave the house (so I don’t have to tie it in a hot parking lot), and once we’re at the store the baby goes in the sling, and my 3 year old sits in the cart. That way I don’t have to worry about a infant car seat taking up the entire bed of the cart (not that we use one, but that’s an entirely different subject) or those obnoxious ginormous carts designed for multiple kids. And I can run errands all day, pulling the baby in and out of the sling several times, without having to adjust it. Also, with this sling there are 17 different ways of tying it in the instruction book, including several for carrying on your hip and back, so there’s no need for another carrier (which I suppose makes the price worth it). So if you can’t tell, I LOVE it! I also loved the video; T1 is WAY too cute for his own good! He better watch out or he’s gonna find himself slobbered to death by complete strangers:)

    Jenna Reply:

    Ohhhh, you have me tempted to buy it and have it shipped to my in-laws in Poland. Then I can pick it up in October when I go! Europeans always have the best secret things that we never hear about.

    And do you HATE carrying around a car seat as well? I never, ever do it unless I feel like I absolutely have to.

    Jax Reply:

    Do it! You won’t regret it, I promise! As for the car seat thing, I’m pretty tiny (like, mistaken for a child tiny) and I realized before I even got pregnant that there was NO WAY my skinny little arms could handle carrying one around. And then I especially knew I didn’t want to do it when I’d see moms at church (we’re LDS too) who ended up having to carry the baby outside of the car seat AND still haul the empty car seat around too. Way too much trouble for me. So we just do a convrtible car seat (have for both kids) and it’s worked out great. Not only do you save money, but I get to cuddle my baby instead of leave him strapped in a seat.

    And I’m jealous you married a European man; that had been my plan, but I settled for a man who lived in Europe:) But really, there is definitely something special about Eastern Europe. To me it’s even more magical than Western Europe…

  23. You look so BEAUTIFUL and that dress is so pretty! Your baby is so adorable too! Thanks so much for posting that video. I don’t have a baby, but hopefully soon!

  24. You look fantastic! and T1 is seriously so cute.
    My SIL had a moby and she only used it once, she then sold it on craigslist. I’m bummed because it’s the one baby thing she had that I was really hoping to get passed along to me!

  25. Great video, Jenna! I used the Mei Tai with Maddie. I will occasionally still put her on my back with it, but since she’s 20 months and full of energy and spunk she just wants to run. But I LOVED wearing her when she was little. It’s the best thing for getting things done while still being close to your baby. I bought this one because two friends had them and and let me try one on. It was so easy to tie and use and was really comfortable. I also liked that I could transition it to use as a back carrier when she got older.

    I always thought the Moby was so cumbersome but your video has changed my mind. I really like that baby can face forward. Maybe I’ll have to try one out before Baby #3 comes along. :)

  26. I loved your video; the Moby looks quite comfy AND isn’t super bulky or mommy looking over your regular clothes – that’s important, I think.

    And P looks super cute and sweet all wrapped up with his little monkey legs. Presh! xx

  27. thank you for this video – I got a Moby from my baby shower but haven’t used it yet (baby is coming in Oct.):) this is super helpful

  28. I love the baby wearing. I love it. No matter how people do it, I think it is sweet – and like you said, so much better than the baby hanging out in the swing all day!

  29. we just bought an Ergo for our camping trips this weekend! i am so excited to try it out! and what I love about it, even our 3 year old can get in it. and it goes on front, hip, or back!!! I have only heard good things about it, so i hope that proves true for us too! Plus we needed one that had a heavier weight limit then the bjorn since my babe started out over 10 lbs!!!

  30. Loved the video! I’ve had one for a while but haven’t tried it and my baby is almost 2 months old now. I was too confused by the instructions but your video was great!

  31. First of all, you are adorable and T1 is such a good little model! :)

    Second, I know when Ted and I have kids that I will be wearing her (please, HER!) everywhere – it will be so much easier to navigate the subway and walking and hopefully avoid having to lug a stroller around everywhere we go.

  32. I forgot to mention, the comment about not wanting giant people to carry you around on their hips with a hand on your crotch was hilarious. I’d have to agree with you :).

    Cristin Reply:

    yeah, i loved that line too – it is funny the way people impose their adult-thoughts on babies, isn’t it?

  33. I have a Hotsling, Moby, ring sling, mei tei and an Action Baby Carrier which is a SSC. The ABC is great for older babies/toddlers b/c you can do a back carry which really really helps when you’re trying to get dinner cooked and your toddler is destroying the kitchen. Or when you’re on vacation, arguing with DH and trying to read a map.

  34. Filing this away for when my time comes… thanks for all the great info, Jenna! So would you say it would be best to completely skip the Bjorn and just get a Moby?

  35. I use one of those baby bjorn carriers. My sister-in-law gave it to me for free after she was finished having her boys. I love, love, love it. It has been a lifesaver in airports! I don’t use it tons but when I do, it’s a lifesaver!

  36. I love that you blogged about this! Don’t have my own baby yet but lots of my friends and family do so I’ve been baby buying/researching for awhile now!

    I think I personally would like baby wearing so it’s great to see someone else doing it!

  37. this was super helpful! I’ve always wondered about these, as I really want to do a lot of “wearing” with my future kids as well. Also, you look amazing! All your hard work is definitely paying off, you look healthy and glowing!

  38. I read your blog all the time, but I am never going to get over how cute you son is :)

  39. This might sound strange, but one of the things I’m most looking forward to about having kids is babywearing. It makes so much sense to me, and the babies always look totally blissed out and happy to be all wrapped up close to mom. I think I’d probably prefer the wrap styles- like the Moby- because I’ve carried kids around in the Bjorn and it’s a bit bulky for me, like a weirdly shaped backpack, but in front. But I could definitely see strapping on the Ergo and going for a hike :)

  40. I’m really glad you posted the video (as I think it makes it look a lot more secure than just pictures). I have to be honest that I’ve always been nervous about the slings and always want to just go up and offer to hold the baby since I’m afraid they will fall out (and I just love holding babies). I am curious though, how does holding your baby at the angle avoid the risk of the slings that wear them around the waist? It seems like they are still at risk of having their head flop forward…. I don’t mean to seem skeptical, I just feel you’ve researched it enough that there must be a reason you feel so comfortable with it. I do love the idea of having your baby near you while still having a free hand to get things done with. I think you may have converted me to the idea of a carrier someday!

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m not sure I understand the question?

    Hayley Marie Reply:

    I’m sorry. Maybe I’m just totally misunderstanding things myself :/ I was reading the article about some types of slings being dangerous. It says:

    The other scenario involves slings where the baby is cradled in a curved or “C-like” position… That curved position can cause a baby who doesn’t have strong neck control to flop its head forward, chin-to-chest, restricting the infant’s ability to breathe. “The baby will not be able to cry for help and can slowly suffocate,” said the commission’s warning.

    It just looked to me like the newborn wrap position could present the same problem. I could be wrong since you weren’t able to even really wrap him all the way due to his size. Basically, how do you keep his head from rolling forward when he is wrapped up in an angle like that?

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s not having the head forward that’s the problem, it’s having the head forced into a position where the chin is touching the chest so hard that air supply is cut off. That’s how they think those babies died. The shape of those bag-style slings forces their head down and they suffocate :(

    Hayley Marie Reply:

    That makes a lot more sense. Ya I have to say I swore off those type of swings after a trip to Ikea with my cousin and her family. Her husband performed CPR on a baby who suffocated in one of those swings. The sad thing was, the mom had been happy because she thought her baby was taking a nap while she shopped. When she finally realized her baby wasn’t breathing and my cousins husband started performing CPR it was too late. He said the baby seemed cold to the touch when she handed him the child but he felt he had to try something.

  41. Isn’t the moby wrap the best? I already have one on order when the baby comes in Nov. I do not know why more women don’t do it. Wearing your baby has always been an African tradition and it also helps with bonding. My grandmother and mother did it as well. You will be able to get so much done around the house and your baby will also be more calm!! I think in the US they now call it Kangaroo Care, but other cultures have been doing this for centuries!!

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