Boston Bee Meetup

I’ve been a busy “bee” (haha, we weddingbee girls think we are so funny) with the meetups lately. When I said I was coming to Boston the Boston Weddingbee writers said they would be open to getting together for brunch.

From left to right you see Seahorse, Starfish, Corn, Octopus, Hot Cocoa, Potato Chips, and Avocado (me!)

This is right before Seahorse got a ticket. Poor girl!

I adore Hot Cocoa. She is the bee that one day made TH say “There are some really accomplished women writing on that wedding blog.” He thought they were all unemployed childless non-graduated housewives like me. :)

How would I describe Potato Chips? Kick in the pants.

Corn wanted a new photo for her professional blogging gig (how cool is that?), so I did my best to work with the rain and give her a nice headshot.

Potato chips was there so I took a picture of her with her cute yellow umbrella.

And Octopus too!

Can I still be as obsessed with Weddingbee as I am now when I am 40+ and have 5+ kids? Thanks for the lovely time ladies!

After I spent the morning with the bee girls, I drove over to Rhode Island (yes it blows my mind that in one weekend I shot a wedding in Maine, slept in Boston, and had a smoothie in Rhode Island, you can’t do that kind of state hopping out west!) to spend some time with one of my very favorite bloggers in the whole wide world, Molly of These Little Moments. I took some pictures of her adorable son, who has the most delightful cartoon face I’ve ever seen on a baby, but I can’t show them here because she doesn’t post pictures of her son. So sad for all of you.  After spending a few hours with Molly I am now convinced that we would be BFFs if only we lived closer to each other.

Then again I’m convinced I could be BFFs with pretty much everyone I’ve encountered in my meetups so far. Looking forward to my next trip where I can meet some more of my internet friends! Technically that trip will be to Poland and possibly Italy. Anyone from those countries want to speak up and schedule something with me? :)

12 thoughts on “Boston Bee Meetup

  1. Aw, you’re just the sweetest. Having lunch with you and the Boston bees was such fun. I felt like I was meeting a bee-lebrity!

    And tell TH that you were never an unemployed housewife: you are a successful photographer, a famous blogger/writer, as well as a great mom and wife. Then stick out your tongue at him.

  2. I am reading your blog from Warsaw, Poland, but I don’t think I am brave enough to meet you in person :)

    Jenna Reply:

    A reader from Warsaw? How fun! TH’s family lives in the Katowice area. I’m sure you’ll see picture of Warsaw on my blog after I visit in October!

  3. Love this! I am incredibly jealous of all the meetups you’ve been having lately…as I’ve only met Rainbow (and Stilletto for all of 2 minutes so I’m not sure that counts…)! So glad you had a good time – maybe I’m going to have to call up all these gals when the Mr. and I head up to Boston in October…

  4. I think the relationship you have with your Bee Friends is great. It’s always nice to have a common bond between people that can be kept alive.

  5. The yellow umbrella makes me think of the show How I met your Mother (I don’t think it fits your viewing requirements though). Completely random but it makes me want to get fun rainy day gear.

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