Dallas That Wife Meetup

People came to my meetup, can you believe it? I still kind of can’t, especially since I announced it so late and held it on a weeknight. And chose a location that wasn’t really close to anyone just because I wanted to visit it myself!

This was the best rootbeer I’ve ever had. I actually haven’t opened the cream soda yet. Am I crazy, I hauled it all the way from Texas to Illinois! We just don’t drink a lot of soda so I need to wait until my next craving hit.

T1 enjoyed all of the attention he was getting.

Rachel of Fit, Fun, and Fabulous came and brought a gift. So sweet, right?

T1 is just starting to develop an interest in toys (really it’s just an interest to bring things into his mouth so he can gum them), but I’m not just being nice when I say that I think he really liked it. The combination of the dots and the soft ears and legs to chew on made it a win. Plus it’s a toy that he won’t outgrow for a long time to come, thanks Rachel!

That Wife, Rachel, and Amy (who was the winner of the Mommy and Baby photography session giveaway!). Lynn is taking the picture, somehow I forgot to get one with or of her.

And this is Marissa, who comments as Marissa C.

Thanks to all of the ladies who attended for coming out and keeping me from looking like a loser who hosts meetups with her baby as the only attendee (oh, and for the fabulous company you all were!)

I’m really looking forward to the Chicago meetup now. I’d definitely like to do it in my apartment, because I’m that crazy about our view. Anyone have any suggestions for what we should do? We don’t necessarily have to play games, but I’d like to plan something inexpensive and fun. Maybe everyone can show up in their workout clothes and we can have a Dance Dance Revolution dance-off? Ha! I’m guessing people are going to throw out different suggestions now that they’ve heard mine. :)

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