Holiday Party II

It seems like the idea of a holiday party is really popular. Unfortunately it seems a little too popular. 122 votes were counted in the poll I put up regarding where we should hold the party, and something tells me that I’d be lucky if 20 people came. :)

So no more polls, because (though I don’t understand why) I think a whole bunch of random people voted. I checked out the clubhouse today and took a few pictures with my iphone.

The north view.

The south view.

The pool table, bar, and tv (there is a dart board right behind me).

On the other side of the blue wall above is a room of similar size with lots of stuffed chairs and books and a chess set.

Very nice overall!

I’m going to go ahead and pick the 4th of December. I’ll lay out a few scenarios, and if you would be able to come you can comment below and let me know your preference. If you can’t come on the 4th and would prefer a different day let me know.

Scenario 1

I rent the clubhouse for $150 from 8pm-2am on the 4th of December. T1 can’t come so I’ll have to get a sitter. Guests will bring food.

Scenario 2

I don’t rent the clubhouse, we just go up from about 6-8pm and risk that others might show up and eat our food. T1 isn’t allowed there at any time so we’ll still need a sitter.

Scenario 3

I rent out the north tower room ($150 as well), which doesn’t have the TV and pool table and other fancy things, it’s more of a kitchen/dining room atmosphere. T1 can come here. Potluck style. Amazing views.

Scenario 4

I don’t rent anything and we hang out at my apartment. Maybe we play some Bust-A-Move on the Xbox. Maybe I try to be Martha and come up with some non-nerdy crafts (this is an alcohol free Mormon party after all). T1 is there. The view is still pretty amazing.

Cast your vote in the comment section below! (Also I’m going to start proofreading from now on, I swear)

14 thoughts on “Holiday Party II

  1. I originally voted, but my dissertation proposal defense just got pushed back to December 9. So no Chicago shopping trip for me until after that date. I hope you guys have loads of fun!

  2. Hmmm, I just want a vote where T1 will be there. :)

    Dawn Reply:

    Also, I’m like 99% sure I’ll be there! The 4th is my birthday and I was thinking of heading to Chicago to visit friends already anyways! Hooray!

  3. Just an FYI, you have two Scenario 2′s. I would vote for either the second Scenario 2 or Scenario 3. I don’t really know how much we’d acutally use the pool table or TV in the Clubhouse. And December 4th looks good for me!

  4. I think the clubhouse is beautiful, but I really want to meet T1! I vote for 2nd scenario two or scenario 3. I will definitely be there!

  5. I think I can do the 4th! I’ve lived in Chicago for over 6 years now and have never been that far south of the city, can you believe it? It looks amazing, I’ve been missing out! Is there parking available at your building/street?

    I’d vote for the last 2 options, north tower or apartment ~ agreeing with everyone who’d like to meet T1! If you decide on the apartment, I might be able to bring some folding chairs for extra seating.

    Jenna Reply:

    There is paid parking in our garage, otherwise it’s kind of awful :(. That part is sad but I think parking is pretty awful no matter where you live in the city so I hope people are used to it.

  6. Well I can’t go and I didn’t vote in the poll before but I would think that most people will want to see T1, not that we wouldn’t want to see you too, but he is possibly the cutest baby ever. I would save the money and host it in your apartment unless you don’t want people in your home.

  7. Obviously I cant came as I am in Dallas, but just wanted to point out that if you don’t rent the room, it is pretty likely someone else will for another party–seems like there is one almost every weekend in Dec.

  8. I want to come but I will have to be closer to a gametime decision. The hubs and I most likely will be doing a birthday dinner that night.

    I would say either the kitchen-y room that T1 is allowed in or your own apartment. I personally would not play pool or watch any TV and most parties tend to center around the kitchen/food anyway.

  9. I really wanted to plan on coming to your party – but that weekend I will be interpreting at a Deaf Awareness day, and it is an all-day event. The following weekend is my graduation, so I will have to back out of this. Boo. I was really hoping to meet you.

  10. I would love to come, and I’d vote for scenario 3. Although, you’d better not count on me. I’m in Grand Rapids (3 hours away). my husband and I have been talking about a weekend in Chicago, so I’m going to try to make it that weekend, but no guarantees

  11. I can’t come either due to location, but I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to meet T1. Of course if he doesn’t like random women gushing over him then maybe a babysitter is better, but otherwise I don’t see how the first two are options. Your baby is too cute!

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