T1′s Birth Slideshow

Kelli Nicole sent this to me yesterday* and I was surprised to find tears running down my cheeks. What a beautiful experience T1′s birth was, and I’m actually looking forward to my next home birth because of the way I felt when I watched this slideshow. If you have any questions about what you see in the pictures ask in the comment section and I’ll try to answer. If you’re new to That Wife and haven’t read the birth story, click here.

Oh, and this is very NSFW and family friendly. :) The song is “Strong Ties” by Kalai.

The other thing I took away from this? I think That Husband is the greatest.

*Just to keep Kelli’s name in the clear, she is very timely in returning products to her clients. I’m operating under the special “friends and family” system, which means that there are sometimes delays. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t read this post and think that she takes forever to get things back to you!

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  1. You look like such a strong, beautiful and amazing woman in this slideshow. And you & TH have a wonderful little son to show for it! I hope you can also see how beautiful you looked while pregnant, but also how far you’ve come along with your weight-loss goals! Such a great idea you had to have a photographer present at the birth. One I’ve definitely stored away for my someday!

  2. Oh my goodness, that made my gloomy rainy Thursday much better. I completely agree that I can see how TH was so wonderfully with you- I love the photo where he is putting pressure on your back for you and you can see the effort he is putting into it- and your face has such relief.
    Gorgeous, amazing, wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Is anyone else having trouble getting the video to load?

    Jenna Reply:

    It worked for me in Chrome, IE, and FF. Does this link work for you? http://thatwifeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/t1sbirth_web.mov

    Turtle Reply:

    Yes! Thank you! Really lovely.

    Teale Reply:

    I also had trouble viewing on IE, but that link worked, and it was such a wonderful video! Definately got a little weepy:)

  4. Oh Jenna, this is so beautiful, I can’t make it through without sobbing (I’m at work and am the receptionist). When I first found out I was pregnant, you had just posted your labor sounds audio, I was sitting at my parents house just sobbing wondering how in the world I would ever get through that. After reading and seeing photos of T1 I realize it was all worth it, the pain is temporary. I have less than one month to go until I meet my little girl and am so looking forward to every minute of it. I will be in a hospital, but will definitely have you close to my heart while I’m in labor.

  5. This was amazing! I totally cried too. As a strange aside- I have watched a few “16 and Pregnant” episodes, and it is heartbreaking a) how little the girls plan for their births, and how unprepared and scared they are and b) how crappy, unsupportive, and sometimes argumental/whiney their boyfriends are during labor. It’s really sad that their experience is so negative, when, as your experience and others show, birth can (and should ideally) be positive and beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. BOOO all i get is a big fat red X. i can’t see it. and the link you put in the above comment gave me the same results. bummer…

  7. *tear*

    what a great video. i loved Kelli’s photos of the clock at different times to show your progress!

    Do you think you’ll do this again for your future babies? (the videos and the pictures?)

  8. What a beautiful video! You’re an amazing awesome woman!

    Jenny Reply:

    Oh and lovely job Kelly Nichole on the photos and video!

  9. The love that is present in your little family is so evident in these pictures. I bet it is so nice to have a record of the event that grew your love and family. It is really beautiful.

  10. Love this video. So beautiful!
    Your birth of T1 was such a intimate experience and it’s so nice of you to share.
    I have to admit, I totally cried! Love it!

  11. Wow! That was absolutely amazing to watch. I feel like I got a glimpse into such a special time in your life. You are amazingly strong!!

  12. Thank you for sharing. I had found your blog right after you had T1 and I was just a few weeks out from my due date. I planned a home birth, but “risked” out of my midwife’s home birth practice at 2 weeks overdue. I had a great, natural, and gentle birth at a hospital, but am so looking forward to having my next baby at home, with my supportive husband, near my cats and in water!!! Thank you for sharing the positive side of hb.

  13. I love this. I definitely plan to have a home birth even though it’s a tricky to find someone here in Chicago to attend. I wish IL would pass a law that made it easier for midwives to support women here!

  14. That is so amazing! I’m glad you shared it. I originally found the idea of a birth photographer a little odd – I wouldn’t want someone taking pictures with my lady parts out there for everyone to see! But Kelli Nicole did an amazing job of making them all tasteful, touching images. Thank you so much for sharing the final result!

  15. What a wonderful keepsake to have and share with T1 someday! I’d love to have a slideshow like that and watch it every year on my baby’s birthday.

  16. This just reaffirms why I want a natural birth. It’s so beautiful. I love the pictures at the end. I would love to see pictures like this of my mom giving birth to me. They are pictures to cherish forever.

  17. Stunning. I cried, for more reason than one :)

    Oh, and you’re on the special “Friends” system. The family system generally results in years from getting your pics, haha

  18. Your birth story is so beautiful. You made me want to have a home birth but I have to go to the hospital to make sure I get antibiotics so baby G will be okay. I cried really hard when T1 made his debut, the look on your face and That Husband was that of pure love.

    I love how T1 sticks out his tongue in a lot of his pictures and Kellie Nicole captured his little trademark for the first time. :)

  19. Those are some beautiful photos. There is one when you and TH are in the birthing pool and T1 is in your arms – I just love your expression in it. It is contentedness mixed with pride.

  20. This is beautiful – as other commenters noted, your family’s love is so apparent. Like others, I got choked up watching the slideshow. Thank you for sharing.

  21. amazing. I really hope we get to have a birth photographer for at least one of our babies. magical!

  22. What a beautiful video. Thank for sharing and thank you Kelli for the work. It’s very tasteful indeed I love the details but also the feeling of the work it gives.
    It looks like such an intimate and loving time. As someone said above this reinforces my thoughts about giving birth at home.

  23. Your birth video is beautiful! I’m know I’m a little late with watching it. Anyway, what a fabulous idea.

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