Golden Gargoyles

On Saturday we left T1 with the sitter and went downtown for a Booth event called Golden Gargoyles. TH is in a group called a “cohort” and each cohort made a film. The top films were screened, as well as clips taken from each one to fit certain categories, like best special effects or best unoriginal soundtrack. It was pretty funny, I got most of the jokes, though I wish they relied a bit less on off-color humor to get laughs. Oh well!

The theme was Heroes and Villians, and that was supposed to prompt the costumes that people wore. Lots of James Bonds and Jokers, one Joker in particular who was really freaky and really took on the Heath Ledger persona in Dark Knight. The guy dressed in black and white stripes (prison garb) under a suit coat with a name tag that said Bernie Madoff really made me laugh.

Can you guess what we are?

The housing bubble and a mortgage backed security. Ha! I think these are so clever. Some friends from church left us borrow TH’s costume stuff, including the shirt. Thanks friends! They get credit for the idea too.

TH fashioned my one shouldered bubble dress. These pictures were taken at the end of the night and so it looks a little torn up by it help up pretty well.

We drove with L and K (K risked his life to secure us a free parking spot we snagged, jumping out of our still moving car and freaking out the guy behind us who did not expect Elvis to come flying out and prevent him from stealing our spot).

Batwoman taking off for the night.

Thanks for the free date night Booth!

13 thoughts on “Golden Gargoyles

  1. Oh my goodness my nerdy self is loving this!!!!! You are so creative!

    I wish you were going to be in Portland on the 23rd, especially because Moonstruck is three minutes from parents house!!!

  2. Those were really clever. Did a lot of people get it?

    Jenna Reply:

    No guesses outright, but when we told them they really liked it!

  3. I love that costume! So creative. That looks like such a fun night.

    Also, you’re officially a real Chicagoan when you’ve either jumped out of a moving car to claim a spot, or stood in said spot and twirled your finger at anyone coming to turn around. I am definitely guilty of both.

  4. I like thoughtful costumes. It makes sense that your dress got batterd, just like the housing bubble ;)
    One year I wanted to dress up as the American Economy: be a battered dollar sign. Never got around to make the costume and never thought it would still be valid today.

  5. I LOVE the Housing Bubble. I want to do that next year! We missed out this year, because we were in Australia.

    Do you bring your nice camera to these sorts of events? I don’t like carrying a purse in general, because I’m afraid I’m going to set it down and lose track of it. Can’t imagine what you’d do with a fancy camera if you were trying to dance around or socialize too much!

    Jenna Reply:

    Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It often depends on what TH is up for. These are his events so I want to be a good wife and do what he thinks is best for his “brand”.

    Jenna Reply:

    Oh and I was going to ad that these pictures were taken with my point-and-shoot. This was a time when TH shook his head when I brought up the dslr :)

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