09 Dec

My Thanksgiving Break in 54 Photos

Posted by Jenna, Under Holiday

I’m not feeling particularly verbose (strange for me, I know). Here’s what my Thanksgiving was like this year:


  1. Love the pics of TH and T1 on the couch. So cute!!! Both of them! You are blessed. :-)

  2. Looks like so much fun! Is that older man with the striped blouse sitting on the couch while holding T1 your father’s father? I think your father takes after him! :)

  3. The photos of T1 and- is that your grandfather?- are so freaking cute. I love generation photos!

  4. Very nice. How many people were there total?

  5. Looks like so much fun! Lots of friends and family and smiles! :)

  6. Super duper cute! Looks like a fabulous holiday.

  7. T1′s hats kill me. So adorable. The food looks delicious!

  8. Love them all!!! You don’t need words. I love that picture of the two of us dancing. Someday I would love to get those :).

    He has such cute hats now! All the pics from when you were home are adorable too. Love them.

  9. Love that last picture! He looks so happy!

    I can’t remember, is all of your family LDS?

    And I was wondering – does your husband have an accent? I guess I would assume he does… but then I know some people who lost their accents when they went to college in the US. :)

    Jenna Reply:

    Most of them are, at least everyone you see pictured here.

    He only sounds foreign when he pronounces certain words. I’m used to the way he sounds though so I’m probably not the best judge!

  10. Is that chocolate peanut butter trifle? Sure looks like it. If so, I want the recipe!

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m not sure who made it. I didn’t even taste it because I was overwhelmed by all of the other options :)

  11. I see a lot of T1 being involved in this celebration, well he is after all something to be Thankful for. I love the atmosphere coming from the pictures, just a fun, caring, family feel. It’s casual but you can tell that the spirit of Thanksgiving is there, not just the turkey.

  12. who made all the adorable hats T1 is wearing? Him in his sweater and knit hat=adorable.
    I love the pics of TH and T1, especially them dancing.

    Jenna Reply:

    Those are all from grandma :) She’s not pictured because she doesn’t really love having her picture taken and I know she reads this blog and doesn’t like showing up on it!

  13. You have such a beautiful family! I’m somewhat jealous of that pool table. How fun. T1 is flippin’ adorable. I love how he these excited looks. So cute!

  14. It looks like y’all had a great time!! And the picture of you with the pool table is adorable!! :)

  15. I love family time! Looks like a wonderful holiday :)

  16. Love the shot of grandpa sticking his tongue out and P mirroring him. Cute.

    1.5 weeks!!!!!!!!! I am getting antsy

  17. He looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!

  18. Your dad looks like a movie star :)

  19. Great family pictures! I especially loved the ones of Grandpa Larry.

    P.S. Check our blog later tomorrow for an update to the family increase I was telling you about. ;)

  20. Can I just tell you (and I’m not just saying this because I love your blog) that your son is seriously one of the cutest, most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen? I don’t throw around compliments like that lightly ;)

    You, TH and T1 make the sweetest family! Thanks for letting us follow along on the blogsphere :)

  21. Looks like a really great trip.

  22. Wonderful pictures. The sweets pics really make me want to eat something very sugary. YUMMY


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