Day In The Life: With An Eight Month Old

My last day in the life was really popular and so I wanted to do another one to show you how life changes as baby gets older, starts eating less, and starts doing more. I intended to do something around 5 months, before he started crawling, but life got in the way and our house always felt too messy so it took me longer than I had hoped. Things are a lot different now, and sure it’s tough to keep him out of trouble when he’s crawling, but I like this age so much better! As you can see he has so much personality and brings a lot of smiles and laughter into my life.

9:58 AM

He cries to let us know he wants to get up (a bit later than usual today). We use our second bathroom as his bedroom because it is dark and completely quiet. I had a friend in Dallas who had her third child nap in the second bathroom and I thought it was a brilliant use of space!

10:00 AM

First diaper change of the day

10:03 AM

I set him down naked in his cage while I go pick out his outfit for the day

10:08 AM

He hates being held down while I get him dressed

10:11 AM

I love these Carter’s shirt+pants sets sold at Costco for like $8.

10:16 AM

Breakfast! I bought the girly bib because it was my favorite pattern. He doesn’t care what it looks like, right?

Breakfast was yogurt. I fed him some yogurt once before and it felt like he threw up more that day, making me think that maybe he was intolerant. This day though, he didn’t throw up at all so I think it was a coincidence.


10:34 AM

I put him down to crawl in the entryway.

And get the stew started.

10:48 AM

He crawls into the kitchen and finds something to be unhappy about.

10:49 AM

Go figure, he’s hungry

10:53 AM

I snack on apple and peanut butter while I cook

Cut up some Fujis and put them in to roast.

11:07 AM

Put away the goodies from my CSA box.

11:15 AM

T1 is fussing in his crib so TH picks him up and holds him.

11:30 AM

I prepare onions for the stew.

11:52 AM

TH leaves to go study for finals.


Diaper change time.

And back in the cage.

12:17 PM

He’s tired, time for a nap.

12:18 PM

Apples are done.

12:21 PM

Make the bed.

12:45 PM

Whenever T1 is sleeping I work on the computer and get as much done as possible.

3:30 PM

A nice long nap! Of course he is hungry when he wakes up.

3:41 PM

Diaper change. A bag like this after a diaper change means there was something smelly inside.

3:46 PM

He snacked on some of the cooled down roasted apples.

3:53 PM

I chop up some parsnips and add them to my stew.

4:05 PM

He’s finished munching on the apple, and I put him down to crawl around and explore.

4:07 PM

He makes his way back into the kitchen.

4:16 PM

I peeled the skin off of the roasted apples and bagged them up individually for the freezer.

Working in the kitchen can be hard because I frequently find this hanging off my leg.

4:21 PM

We unloaded the dishwasher together.

4:44 PM

And now it’s time for us to play DDR together!

He’s my littler cheerleader, getting really excited whenever I finish a song. It’s very cute.

5:00 PM

I take a break to make him another bottle.

5:10 PM

10 minutes later he’s tired of laying there and I’m tired of playing.

5:30 PM

I spend 20 minutes on the computer with him on my lap and then he goes down in his cage.

6:00 PM

A quick shower, and I do my hair in my new favorite style, the “daybook bun“.

6:02 PM

He is SO over me not paying attention to him.

See? All I had to do was peek over the edge to get this reaction.

6:15 PM

I take him out and let him crawl around at my feet.

6:25 PM

He’s tired, so I put him down for another nap. This is how I feel about having my freedom once again.

7:13 PM

Less than an hour later he’s back up again.

7:16 PM

Another diaper change.

7:20 PM

He recently learned how to get his diaper off the floor and roll over to feed himself. AMAZING!!!

8:05 PM

I go into the kitchen to finish dinner.

TH is home!

8:20 PM

We sit down for dinner (we eat on the couch and watch TV, one of my greatest guilty pleasures) and T1 thinks it’s a good idea to sit as close to the edge as possible.

He crawls all over us while we eat, I feed him little sips of stew as he maneuvers.

8:42 PM

We let him loose and he explores the dining room.

9:10 PM

After some fun family time, I head in to the kitchen to take care of the dishes.

9:37 PM

Tonight he just isn’t tired! We put him down when he is acting sleepy, and tonight those signs didn’t come until after 10. Last night (I’m writing this post a week after I took the pictures) he went to sleep at 7 PM with no problems whatsoever.

10:11 PM

He starts to whine, so I feed him his toes and grab his pajamas.

10:15 PM

We love these bag pajamas, snapped up for free at a church clothing swap.

Goodnight little one!

10:30 PM

Now that he’s in bed, it’s back to editing for me. I worked on album design until way too late that night, but it was nice to get things done.

Then, I woke up and did all of that again the next day!

For those who are curious, I can actually tell you how I spent my “computer time” that day because I use a program called Rescue Time. Click on the image to enlarge.

11 hours 13 minutes total on the computer that day

5 hours 51 minutes on Design & Composition: Lightroom and Photoshop

1 hour 50 minutes on Social Networking: 35 minutes on That Wife, 20 minutes on Formspring, 12 minutes on Facebook, 11 minutes on Weddingbee, 10 minutes in Google Reader, 10 minutes on Twitter, less than 10 minutes on various blogs

55 minutes on Communication: 51 minutes in Gmail and 4 minutes on Google Talk

52 minutes on Reference & Learning: This is a Flickr forum that I am a member of called Starting a Wedding Photography Business

43 minutes on Utilities: This was time spent looking at Windows Explorer windows to choose photos for the albums I was designing

31 minutes on Business: A little time on, most of it was on uploading an album

The rest of the time, about 23 minutes, was on various things around the internet, most of them blog links that I clicked over to from Facebook or Twitter.

I think I’ll do another one of these in a few months, when T1 starts walking and my life changes dramatically once again!

79 thoughts on “Day In The Life: With An Eight Month Old

  1. This is fun to see. I love how little time you waste online – I need to get better about that! Too much time reading blogs. 🙂

  2. He is so cute…and tall!

    Ugh…I wonder how long it will be before someone accuses you of being a bad mother because of the blind cords, even though you gave a good explanation?

    Katy Reply:

    Just what I was thinking! I was glad she explained (not for my benefit, I trust she is plenty aware!) but to save some of those lectures that were bound to be posted!

  3. I really like these posts! I think I might need rescue time, especially if I decide to take classes this semester and finally finish my degree. The internet is such a time sucker for me!

    T1 is adorable as usual and the roasted apples look really good!

  4. T1 is adorable. And very active now. I could never be a SAHM. Haha.

    I love your apartment (from what we’ve seen). I visit Chicago every year for a show at the Merchandise Mart and never want to leave the city with all of its great restaurants. Rosebud on Rush and Quartino are both amazing!

  5. “7:20 PM

    He recently learned how to get his diaper off the floor and roll over to feed himself. AMAZING!!!”

    Diaper or bottle?

    You look like you spend a lot of time in the kitchen (from the pictures), well and I guess working on the computer while he’s in his park/cage.
    He sure gives you some very happy smiles.

  6. Love the post! I have a question though – where will he sleep when he’s old enough to realize where he’s sleeping? Do you have a 2 bedroom place (so the extra room will be converted to his room)?

  7. Yep, all looks pretty familiar – expect for the editing photos for clients and stuff. I’m terrified to look at the Rescue time site. What I need is for the computer to just shut down after a certain amonut of time that I’m on it to prevent my marathon pointless internet fun.

    He’s getting so big, handsome, and fun!

  8. Sounds similar to our days with B, except she wakes at about 8 and goes down at 8:30 every night.

    Do you think you’ll ever have a set bedtime? Just wondering.

  9. Like Sarah, I love how practical you are about where he sleeps! “This works for us, and he’s asleep, so what does he care where he sleeps??”. Exactly 🙂

    Also, those roasted apples do look delicious. I’m think of a roasted apple and butternut squash soup now…

    OH, one more thing. I’m impressed with the rescue time app. Between all the photography related work you basically put in a full day’s “traditional” work on your business, plus the full day’s work of taking care of the baby and the house!

  10. This is almost like a comment brain dump.

    -Love the bib shirt! That’s so cool.

    -I just finished up Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago so I was happy to see I’m not the only one who indulges in that guilty pleasure.

    -How do you keep your skin so clear?! It seems like you barely have time for a shower and putting your hair up, so I’m guessing you didn’t have time for a lot of face washing. What is your secret?

    -Again, so glad we aren’t the only ones who watch TV while we eat dinner. Sometimes, I feel like we’re those people with the TV trays, but at least our food is home cooked right?

    -I use push pins for the blinds cords and just wrap them around them. It might sound tacky (haha, no pun intended), but it works effectively and I don’t think it looks too bad.

    -Your had jewelry holder is so cool. I need one by my sink.

    -Hooray for another useful site suggestion! How do you find these things?

  11. I love that he sleeps in the bathroom. My nieces and nephews have all slept in walk-in closets until they were at least a year old–basically when they started pulling all of the clothes off of the rods.

    It was fantastic because they could go into all of the rooms in the house.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this! I appreciate seeing that there is a life after newborn baby!

  12. dang, i love those 8 dolla carter sets, too! clay always grabs like 10 of them whenever he’s in costco. and they almost all mix-and-match, which is awesome.

    what a cutie he is! life’s a lot different with a crawler, ay? i’ve ALWAYS got someone at my feet it seems…

  13. I love these post. I need that computer program. I would be probably ashamed of how much time is spent studying v. looking at wedding websites.

    I love T1’s outfit. He is getting so big!

  14. I found this really interesting. I’m always wondering how much time parents spend on what. Also, that stew sounds amazing! And, T1 is just as cute as ever! Love him to death!

  15. Have you ever looked at the blog Her daughter is older- 18 months or so I think – but she has really great ideas for fun adventures to take babies on and also puts up great book suggestions for babies and toddlers (with giveaways!) all the time. Check her out- I think you’d enjoy some of her ideas to mix up your days a bit. It might also help you get out more and work on your weight loss plan in fun and interesting ways. 🙂

  16. Do you ever read him books? Give him kisses? Tell him you love him over and over? Do you ever take him outside? Show him the trees, the birds? Shouldn’t you be smiling when he wakes up? Do you ever turn off the computer? Do you ever stop complaining about how much work he is, or how much of an inconvenience he is in your life?

    Meg Reply:

    Britney, I think your comment is really disrespectful and inappropriate. Use some common sense.

    It’s obvious how much Jenna and her husband adore their baby. This is ONE DAY out of their lives, and you’ll note that it’s not a second-by-second transcript of their words, actions, thoughts and every single activity. If it was, you’ll notice that not once does Jenna take a bathroom break.

    Allison Reply:

    So, I don’t want to judge your parenting at all over a one day post that obviously can’t include every single thing but I do understand Britney’s comment because my first thought was that it was interesting that you didn’t show any time playing with him. (I’m not saying you don’t play with him- you just didn’t show it.) Even though we have wildly different views on childbirth and parenting, I do think you are a great mom and T1 is obviously a healthy, happy kid and that’s all that matters. I just think people probably expected to see more playing, reading, etc between the two of you.

    Attacking a mean comment with a mean comment isn’t going to do anything productive.

    Katy Reply:

    I like how Allison asks a question about pictures and playing, but doesn’t throw out these accusations and judgements. Much more helpful when having a genuine inquiry.

    For moms, some days are filled with playing with baby and spending all this quality time together and some days are consumed with housework or other activities. On a good day for me, if I’ve fit in one-on-one alone time with each child when the oldest is in school or the youngest is napping, AND getting a little housework done, AND making dinner, then that’s been a pretty good day! BUT, that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

    All moms experience some days were they do lots of fun things with the kids and the work/housework slides – and on the flip side – some days were work or other tasks seem to task precedent and the kids don’t get tons of playtime with mom. However, even on the days where more time is spent working, the kids still get to spend time with you, even just sharing the same space and knowing that mommy is there. If Jenna truly didn’t spend much time playing with him that day, I wouldn’t think anything of it or think less of her one bit because some random days are just like that. And that’s what this was: a snapshot of a random day.

    Katherine (a.k.a. Sparkles) Reply:

    I entirely agree with Katy. Some days afford more one on one time than others- and also clearly T1 is loved. I wouldn’t question it- It’s just one day. Lord- your lucky she is even sharing it! If I shared mine I bet I would get hellacious comments “you aren’t putting your baby down to sleep right… you do the bedtime routine every night why doesn’t your husband?” I can only imagine what I would hear…

    TW you are doing an AMAZING job. I have two sets of grandparents to come hold my baby so I can get stuff done around the house- and I STILL don’t feel like I can get much done with a four month old! I really have a greater appreciation for my mom who had to raise TWO KIDS with a husband who was a Marine and was deployed often- and then my dad became a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s department which basically meant my mom handled most of the child care, cooking, cleaning, errands, “child entertainment” if you will. Thanks for sharing your day. It made me feel better about mine in some ways- and made me look forward to whats to come when my baby is older! =o)

    Ellie Reply:

    You realize they live in Chicago and it’s December, right? I live in Maryland, which is probably at least 10 degrees warmer, and I don’t leave the house if I can help it. Are there any birds left in Chi-town this time of year? If you’ll remember back to the first “day in the life”, they went walking in the park for awhile in that. Just remember it’s wintertime before you get supercritical like this. Also, do people with normal jobs ever stop complaining about how much work they are? No. Taking care of another human being is exhausting – at least Jenna constantly mentions how rewarding she finds it.

    Sophia Reply:

    Britney, while there may not have seemed to be much interaction between Jenna and T1 to you, I saw lots of interaction- all the feedings, the diaper changing, the bottles, the DDR game together, her cooking with him at her feet, every time he woke up she was there to take care of him, etc…

    As far as traditional “let’s play with the baby!” kind of things, I think Jenna’s monthly posts about T1’s growth show how much she interacts with/plays with him. Not to mention the hundreds of pictures she takes of him, or the fact that she is a baby wearer. Maybe you should check out her most recent post about T1 at 7 months. I think that gives more of a focus on her relationship with T1. This was a general day- from housework to cooking to baby care to work on Jenna Cole, so it may not have had the specificity of mother child relationship documentation that you are concerned about not seeing.

    Samantha Reply:

    Also, to add to what everyone else has said, would it not be hard for Jenna to take a photo of herself and T1 playing? TH was out of the house, and pulling out her tripod and setting it up to take self portraits seems like a waste of time (that she could use to love on T1! :)) for a few photos that would probably look forced.

    Becky Reply:

    I agree with what many people have said above and I also agree that Britney’s comment was both unhelpful and accusative. However, I must admit I was also surprised to see no mention of reading a book together or active play. Of course, this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but I would think that if Jenna read a book to him before bed or at some point during the day, she would have mentioned it since the rest of the day was recorded in so much detail.

    Mags Reply:

    Jenna repeatedly shows that she plays with T1, takes him out and showers him with love-no argument there. I’d like to add that it is an important part of development for a child to be able to keep him/herself amused and play by themselves. It helps their imagination and independence.

    Kate Reply:


    I live in Maine with a four week old and we go out every day. Lots of mommy groups, library storytime, piano lesson (for me), errands, etc.

    However, I don’t think Jenna not going out on that one day is indicative of anything about her parenting.

    I’m surprised none of you have gotten all judgmental about sending a baby to bed with a bottle or having a child sleep in a pack and play, or, GASP play with the blind cords. I’m sure if any of us posted a day in our lives there would be plenty to criticize.

    My baby is nursing right now and instead of looking into her eyes, I’m watching the Today Show and reading blogs. OMG!

  17. Definitely not accusing you of doing anything wrong. But I wanted to put this out as a PSA for any new parents/babysitters/etc who might be reading this:

    Some babies can tip over those Bumpo chairs, so they shouldn’t be used on countertops/tables. You don’t want anyone falling! I mean, obviously you were there with him cause you got the picture, but just a FYI for people who aren’t familiar with Bumpos.

    Do you have 2 bathrooms? That’s a room I definitely would need access to!!

    Kristin ~ Bien Living Reply:

    Yep 🙂 They have 2 bathrooms!

    (sorry Jenna, just thought I’d answer for ya!)

    Cristin Reply:

    I had the same question… I fully intend to forgo any kind of “nursery” paraphenalia, because we also live in a city apartment. But I’m someone who gets up three times in a night to use the bathroom (and I think Jenna has said she is too!), so I was thinking this might not work for me/us. We also have a second bathroom, and somehow, that didn’t occur to me at all!

    Thanks Kristin for clearing it up!

  18. He gets cuter every day, seriously. And I love your bun, looking good momma. 🙂

    Sorry for the lack of comments lately, been so bus trying to get back into the swing of things back in Sydney since getting home. Hope to stay caught up now though!

  19. He gets cuter with every single photo I see of him!!

    I love the “cage” you created for him. We have a corner of our living room set aside for Clara…she doesn’t crawl though, but rolls like mad. The rolling keeps her a little more contained than crawling would though.

    And obviously we know you tell him you love him and coo at him like crazy 😉 You are a good Mom Jenna!

  20. O had the same outfit and grew out of it so quickly. I loved it and T1 looks adorable in it.

    So now enlighten me — HOW do you get him to just lie down and take a nap in the pack n play? I have to lie down with O for him to fall asleep during the day. Was this something that came with time, or was he always a great napper?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that he sleeps at night, but naps! Mama needs him to nap!

    Also, I’m planning my own Day in the Life post…inspired by you!

  21. What a fun post! I loved seeing Gilmore Girls at the edge of your last picture. I love that show! And T1’s expressions are so cute, especially after you just dressed him.

  22. Your family is so darn adorable! I absolutely love that you just let T1 crawl around by himself. Is that the norm, do you think? Because I’ve always wondered, for example, how mom’s shower when they’re home alone with the baby. What does the baby do? Does it have to be in your line of sight at all time? So. Many. Questions! I’m never having kids 🙁

    These “Day In The Life” posts are really great. I’m sure they’re time consuming, but really, I love them.

  23. I love these posts! As someone without children – I find it really fun/interesting to see what an average day is like for you! T1 is so cute, as usual 🙂

  24. I have to admit, I am amazed at how long your day is, from when you get up to when you go to bed. I feel like such a slacker!

    I took a vacation day earlier this week to play catch up on my house and eight hours of cleaning, NINE loads of laundry, and a disgusting number of cleared spider webs later, I thought of you! And though how in the world does she do it. And yes, feel free to judge that we created such a mess with only two adults living here… #fail.

    I’m with the previous commenter who wants to know how you keep your skin so clear.

    Also, how much do you and T1 enjoy having TH around when he’s not studying? I bet that you’re loving that!

    T1 is adorable.

  25. I love how Jenna incorporates T1 into her day, rather than organizing her life around him. I think it will continue to develop into a very healthy relationship. Too many friends have altered their lives to hover over baby, and in the process, I think they’ve lost themselves. Jenna seems to have a healthy balance of interaction with T1 and letting him self-soothe and learn to entertain himself.

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