New Years Eve

We stayed in, put Grunty down for the night, and watched The Other Guys, just the two of us. I drank tea (my new obsession) and we laughed really, really hard. The movie ended 4 minutes before 2011 began and we made our way over to the window that faced Navy Pier to watch Chicago celebrate. I was warm, with my husband’s arms wrapped around me, and best of all… we were able to see the firework show without fighting traffic on the way home! :)

The next morning TH gave me my Christmas gift.

It was the best way I can think of to celebrate the move from 2010 to 2011.

Sorry about the broken links this morning! Apparently I can’t edit posts from the WordPress app on my iphone. Boo.

18 thoughts on “New Years Eve

  1. The pictures aren’t working on my computer. :(

    I’ve been really enjoying Earl Grey with lemon lately! I went over 24 hours without coffee the other day, which is huge for me, and I’m starting to feel like I don’t need it as much. Yay!

  2. What kind of tea?

    Jenna Reply:

    This rose tea my in-laws gave me. Amazing. TH said Poland is known for their teas.

    Sophia Reply:

    Rose tea is one of my favorites too- my Great Grandmother had it at her house all the time.

  3. What kind of tea do you drink? I’m LDS and drink noncaffinated herbal teas, but have occasionally gotten criticism from others about tea and the work of wisdom. I don’t drink black, green, or red teas as I believe those are the teas we’re admonished to refrain from in the word of wisdom. I’m interested in your take.

    No pictures for me either…just FYI.

    april Reply:

    Becky- I also drink things that say herbal as well, like Orange Spice Tea, Chamomile, and ones that are primarily spice/dried fruit based instead of tea leaf based… The tea part of the word of wisdom confuses me quite a bit, because it’s all technically leafs still… I am also interested in your take Jenna :)

    Jenna Reply:

    Don’t stress about what other (frankly rather silly and a bit ignorant) Mormons tell you. If you took mint leaves and put them in hot water would they tell you that you were breaking the WoW? What about a few raspberries? Or what about if you took cocoa, ground it up, and put it in hot water? Oh WAIT… that’s hot cocoa, a favorite drink in Mormon households across the world! :)

    The WoW is addressing addiction, pure and simple. Given for the weakest of the weak saints, it’s telling us to be in control of our bodies so that we can fully exercise our free agency. When I drink rose tea or raspberry tea or mint tea I’m still fully in control. I don’t crave it, the way a caffeine addict talks about how they can’t function without their cup of coffee in the morning.

    Don’t drink anything that your body would physically become addicted to, and you’re fine.

    (Can you tell this is one of the areas where I get really annoyed with my fellow members? Especially those hypocrites who are addicted to Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper and then tell you that you’re a WoW breaker for drinking tea)

    Becky Reply:

    I agree. I do understand the addiction component of the WoW and that’s been my thinking as well. I haven’t gotten a ton of criticism, just a few roommates at BYU and always blew it off to be quite honest. In many cases it seemed to me as a mote/beam in your eye type thing to me. Thanks for your response!

  4. I think the codes are broken. The pictures links are correct (if copied and paste they can be seen on a new tab).
    Our new years eve was a complete fail. I was ready to go out and meet with friends, but his ears were whistling. It turns out that he has a sinus infection. But anyway, I was upset we weren’t going out because I had gotten up early for work that day and being active was the only way for me to last till midnight.
    I ended up falling in front of the sofa, waking up just on time to see the ball drop, turned to kiss him and poked my eye on his glasses. Oh well, can’t get it right every time. I ended up just going to bed I had had enough.

  5. i LOVE the avocado! Good work TH. Where did he get it/have it made?

    Jenna Reply: of course!

  6. Yay you got the necklace!!! How fitting and exciting!
    Happy New Year!

    Jenna Reply:

    Were you the one who told me about it?

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