Brain Dump

I have an enormous number of links to share with you, and though I should just delete them, I can’t browse through and enjoy!

First up, Tinychat. I’m in love. I plan on getting on at some point tonight if you’d like to join me (I’ll tweet about it when I’m in). I’m thinking I’d like to schedule a regular chat time each week. Those who were using a wireless connection to chat had a harder time talking and being heard consistently, so if you’re going to join I suggest trying to use a wired connection. We were even brainstorming turning into a “talk show” of sorts, where I invite other bloggers to come on and talk with me (Mandy of OMGMom I’m looking at you!). I think this has a lot of possibilities. If I were to do my chat session at the same time which option would work best for you?

Kelli Nicole bought me a cast iron pan for Christmas. I’ve wanted something where I could brown dishes and then put them in the oven, and I feel like this one distributes the heat really evenly. Also, I was scared of whole chickens until I started using How to Cook Everything. Mark Bittman’s Simplest Whole Roast Chicken really is simple.

Bugs like you have never seen them before.

Stop reading the nutrition label and look at the ingredients list.

This family started a blog devoted to eating only real food for 100 days. Then they took it even farther and fed 2 adults and 2 children on $125/week, all while eating from the farmer’s market, shopping at Earth Fare (similar to Whole Foods), and drinking local milk.

Which is more important to you, organic or local?

A really easy way to give yourself unlimited email addresses with Gmail.

I want this line of furniture in my house.

A podcast for wedding photographers.

A man who lives in 182 square feet.

An entire wedding shot with one lens.

I want to create this:

Via Becky Higgins

This animation is so incredibly moving.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

As a reward for making it through all of those links, enjoy T1 eating a sour piece of orange. These pajamas are Hanna Andersson from Costco and I adore how he looks in them.

24 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Thanks for the links! I always enjoy them. Look at all the hair T1 has! Are you going to shave it again soon?

    Jenna Reply:

    We already did:) we left it a bit longer on top and evened out the sides

  2. I love the talk show idea!! TinyChat is fuuuuun.
    Love these brain dump posts. I ought to pick up on this concept myself. I have so much random stuff in my head.

  3. what 1 lens was that wedding shot with?

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m guessing the 50mm

  4. The picture referring to Becky Higgins stuff didn’t come up for me – was it something to do with Project Life (perhaps the digital version)? I’m in love with all things Becky Higgins b/c she makes everything so simple and easy. I have all her kits and actually use them!

    Adorable sequence of that orange eating boy! He’s getting so big and changing so much!

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s this cute way to display pictures using rods/clips. I’d like to duplicate it in my office area! Is it showing up for anyone else?

    Jo(ke) Reply:

    I can’t see it either.

    Katy Reply:

    Oh, now I see it. Yep, I remember that. Her blog is one I check everyday without fail. Adorable. I may do that when we move as well!!

  5. I’m a tad bit obsessed with Tiny Houses- there is a blog, Tiny House Blog, that is awesome. Bobby and I talked about living in a solar paneled yurt on our first date :) And I can’t believe how much hair T1 has! It almost looks reddish blond in the pictures.

  6. I’m definitly looking forward to read 100 days of Real Food. I was excited to read ‘Eartathfare’ because that’s where we live (2h away from Charlotte where that family is). It makes it more cost relevent. Even if for us we aim for $350 for food/month.
    I’m reading Animal Vegetable Miracle following your 2010 book reads (and recommendations). Next on the list are In Defense of Food and Food Inc the book. It’s making me want to work more toward local foods and heirloom.
    My husband isn’t ready for a CSA but we’re going to plant more things in our yard this year and rely more on tailgate markets.

    I love cast iron pans. They are great to make a good cornbread.

    The video is beautiful, I like art like that.

    And as for T1 I love seeing all the expressions is little face can do.

    Jenna Reply:

    When you plant you should get some heirloom varieties!

    And I think we’ll have baked potatoes+chili with cornbread tomorrow. Yummy!

    Cécy Reply:

    Yes, I’m very lucky that there is a local seed company called Sow True Seed and they sell a lot of heirloom seeds and also the kind adapted to our climate. I don’t want anything coming from Monsanto!!!

  7. I love the second last photo: “You fed this to me. Why?!?”

    I think it’s really neat that that family ate real food for 100 days! I’m currently on a fast where I can’t eat any processed foods (among other things), so it’s always interesting to see how others have done it!

    Thanks for sharing all these links!

  8. I love Hannah clothes. They have an outlet in Lake Oswego.

    I think the chat is a good idea. I would totally tune in if I wasn’t working so late every night.

  9. I have no idea how to do a tiny chat. my voice is really annoying too. just red flags all around. =(

    You and T1 are so cute on your chats though and Mia loves him. She points and says BABY!!!! and then tries to grab the screen.

  10. Oh that animation was so sad – made me want to go and hug my husband and never let him go.

    Thanks for sharing all these links (and the cute photos of T1!)

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