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I haven’t been doing many phtography tutorial style posts lately because they are incredibly time consuming, but I do have a simple little tip that can make a big difference for your photos.

So you’re out somewhere, and you want to take a picture. In this situation I wanted to take a picture of my new jogging stroller for a post I’m going to do on my 5K training. As with all of my pictures, the first thing I did was figure out where the light was coming from and how I wanted the light to be hitting my subject. This is what you should be doing as well!

I was out for a run, and when I grabbed my camera out of the stroller this was my perspective. It’s okay, and it shows the path where we run, but I felt like it was a little bit cluttered.

I thought it would be a prettier picture if I walked up the hill and framed the shot with Promontory Point in the background. I like that this shot really highlights the stroller and T1 (which is what I was trying to do by taking the picture).

A nice lady walked by as I was taking these and took a picture of me post-run with T1 looking grumpy in the stroller. I’m not sure he enjoys our runs…

So I tried rewarding him with some time at the park.

Here is another example of using perspective. I squatted down to be on his level. If you shoot down on babies all the time they look like midgets.

I got down on the ground with him for this one. You’ll look kind of crazy to passers-by, but who cares about them. It’s all about the pictures.

So when you’re out with the kids at the park, or on vacation, or hanging out with your girlfriends:

1. Look at where the light is coming from

2. Decide how you want the light to be hitting your subject

3. Move your body to make it happen!

23 thoughts on “Picture Perspective

  1. Can you speak to how you deal with any feelings of awkward-ness (lol) when taking pictures out in public at like..stores or restaurants..or even when you’re visiting tourist location?

    Jenna Reply:

    I believe that 30 seconds of a stranger thinking I’m nuts are worth a good pictures. *I know* that it’s going to look good, they don’t know anything about what it’s going to look like based on me bending over like a fool, so I don’t worry about it!

    The one area where I’m still not very brave is street photography of strangers. It’s definitely a skill I’d like to develop though. Especially when we visit Poland/foreign countries.

  2. Can you speak to how you deal with any feelings of awkward-ness (lol) when taking pictures out in public at like..stores or restaurants..or even when you’re visiting tourist location?

    Also, where did you get his shoes?!

    Jenna Reply:

    And his shoes are pedipeds. He has feet that are very difficult to fit, which is a bummer because I end up buying expensive shoes, but I guess a bonus because I can get some cute ones? http://www.pediped.com/Product/ProductInfo.aspx?id=596

  3. Thanks so much for the quick help! I think that moving around is seriously the most important thing. I remember our photogs doing it for our engagement photos and probably the wedding but I wasn’t paying as much attention!

    As for the light, I know low light – sunset is the best time of day for outdoor. And if possible when taking indoor you want the subject near a window as well. But do you want the light behind the subject? In front of (squinty eye??)? Or from the side? Thanks!

    Jenna Reply:

    If the light is behind the subject the subject will be back lit (Anni has an excellent example of this in her post http://lincolnparkonalark.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/what-is-a-wedding-ceremony/). If its’ bright outside and the sun is in front of them, they will certainly be squinting! I just don’t take pictures when the light is very bright and harsh like that :)

  4. I can’t even pay attention to the photography tips. All I can think about is how amazing you look! Way to go, Jenna!

  5. I need some photography lessons. I do hate looking crazy when I realize there is a way to get a better shot. Then I just don’t do it cause I’m too embarrassed to get down on the ground or something. Especially since my results probably still won’t be worth it!

  6. Nice! I am always afraid to take my camera running because I think I would either drop it in a puddle or fall on my face. Probably both, honestly. You really do look fantastic in your pictures as does T1!

    Jenna Reply:

    I brought it because I had the stroller and I nestled it in the big plastic rain cover so it was protected. I felt a little worried I was going to get mugged though!

  7. off topic, what is the jogger stroller u bought? i am seriouly considering getting one, as otherwise my jogging sessions limit to availability of sitters:(
    & r u happy with the one u have? pros, cons?

    Jenna Reply:

    It is this one: http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Trend-Expedition-Jogger-Grey-Mist/dp/B004FEJ4CC/ref=sr_1_3?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1303499932&sr=1-3

    I’ll write a longer write-up on it, but I’d definitely recommend it if you just want it for running. When you unlock the front wheel though, it wobbles. So it wouldn’t be good for things like going shopping or to Disneyland when you want to be turning a lot, as the wobble is very distracting. No wobbling is the wheel is locked and you are running though.

    I’ve never tried the more expensive ones so I don’t know how much nicer they are, but I bought this used from a friend and it fits my needs perfectly.

    eliku Reply:

    thanks! looking frwd to your review:)

  8. We don’t normally get to see you in very form-fitting clothes, and so seeing you in your workout attire really shows off your great figure! You look FANTASTIC!!!

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