Three Randoms (and swimming advice needed)

1. Big Apple Nosh Chef Battle

Voting is open! You can cast your vote (for me, maybe?) here.

2. Boudoir Openings

We still have two openings for our Boudoir Mini Session day. Details here!

3. Day in the Life

I was looking at the photos from my last Day In The Life day, and I’ve been meaning to do another. I have this weird thing about choosing a day though… I always feel like I’m not picking a “normal” day (whatever that means) and so I don’t end up going through with it. The solution? I’m going to let you guys tell me which day I should keep my camera by my side and document what my life is like for that 24 hour period.

4. Swimming

My knee is still acting up, and so I gave swimming a try yesterday. Thank you mom ¬†and dad for all those years of swim lessons! My form is awful I’m sure, but at least I have some variation on the strokes I know how to do. Unfortunately I felt a little aimless, and I think I need to have some concrete goals. Maybe some sort of swimming training plan (similar to C25k?)

Any suggestions for me?

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  1. There are couch to 1 mile swimming programs similar to couch to 5k running programs. Just start googling.

  2. First: I just saw you this morning! I was on my way to the Metra and you were heading the other way, pushing T1 in his stroller. You’re looking glam – and slim!

    Second: if you’re swimming at the U of C gym (which I’d recommend – it’s a beautiful facility), they have a few different group swims. It’s been a while since I got over there, but I remember being interested in the “master swimmer” group swim, it just never worked with my schedule. If I’m remembering right, it’s for people who were strong swimmers in the past but haven’t had a chance to swim in a while.

    When I trained for a triathlon last year, I found that swimming only helped my running – it REALLY increases your lung capacity!

    Jenna Reply:

    That is nuts! I hope I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing :). Sadly even if you had called out to me or something I wouldn’t have heard you because I’m one of those people who walk around with their headphones blasting.

    Wasn’t the weather superb today?

    We must live just a few blocks from each other!

    schmei Reply:

    Oops, I’m slow to respond.

    You weren’t doing anything crazy, I promise!

    And yes, we live very near each other – but the hubs is all finished at U of C and we’ll be moving elsewhere in Chicago this summer. Alas.

  3. I use:

    It customizes workouts to your level, which they determine for you. They have you swim a certain distance (can’t remember now, I think it’s 1 lap) and time yourself, and also see how many laps you complete in a certain time frame, and the website uses that to determine what level workouts to generate for you. It’s nice to have a different workout every time.

  4. Focus on consistency in your swimming. You should obviously be increasing your distance over time but swimming is a totally different workout than running — anaerobic vs aerobic. Your body will be in a bit of a shock when you first start swimming so just make sure you endure through that!

    Then I would do a variety of exercises. Do a good long warm up — say between 12 and 20 laps to get your lungs and muscles working. Then do some leg-work kicking with a kick board, some work “pulling” with just your arms with a pool-bouy between your legs, then back to just a normal stroke. You can do as much or as little of each thing as you want! And make sure to COOL DOWN and STRETCH — remember to include your shoulders in on this!

    Good luck! Consider finding a swimmer friend — that’s probably the easiest. :)

  5. Assuming you want to maintain your running fitness, aqua jogging a shot. You’ll need an aqua belt (don’t know where you’re swimming but larger facilities will carry these) and that’s it. Many injured runners (myself included) have used this technique to maintain (if not improve) our running endurance (check out – she injured her knee after a marathon last fall and rehabbed in the pool with AJ). I messed up my foot a few months ago (and it was right before a marathon) …this kept me sane. You’ll find programs online.. lots of interval workouts that are super tough but worth it if you keep at it. Good luck!

  6. I’d bet your knee problems are from the shoes. I have knee and ankle problems and cant go more than 250-300 miles or about 6 months on a pair of running shoes. Also, watch how many miles you increase each week and don’t increase by more than 10%. I know it’s tempting to keep going because you feel good, but I spent a year in physical therapy from pushing myself a little too much, and it wasn’t even all that extreme! You may want to watch your daily shoes, flats with no support look cute but are death for your knees. Try crocs inside for your slippers and as goofy as it looks wear sneakers out and about if appropriate. Save the cute shoes for events where you don’t walk much- at least you have church to dress for each week and can give your cute shoes a wearing then :)

  7. Jenna you are so creative! Your black bean Burger looks tasty. I will need to add that to my “must make list”.

    I would love to see a “day in the life” on a Saturday or Sunday personally. I would love to see what your weekends are like, especially your Sundays! Unfortunately that does not look like a top contender.

  8. If your stroke technique is a bit rusty, can I put in a plug to support your local aquatic facility with a few private swim lessons? :) Since you had swim lessons as a kid, you shouldn’t need more than a few to really correct most of the issues. I’ve been a Red Cross swim instructor for 10 years and a lifeguard for about that long and I see a lot of lap swimmers metaphorically shoot themselves in the foot endurance-wise by swimming with poor technique. Since it sounds like you swim at a university pool, there should plenty of college-age swim instructors employed thereabouts. I’d love to work with you, but I live in southern Indiana. :)

  9. I’d be interested in a day in the life when TH doesn’t have class and you are home together!! I love TH pictures – woo hoo! [LOL!!]

    I’m curious where you are swimming, if you’ll share the location. Urban pools gross me out and I’m envious that you’ve found one that you like! My university has indoor pools that I can use as an alum, but its not the same as swimming outside!

    Jenna Reply:

    Haha, I need more pictures of him overall! He doesn’t really love having his picture taken.

    We actually have an indoor pool in our apartment building! My tolerance for grossness is pretty high, so maybe some people wouldn’t like using it. I wish T1 were older so he could really appreciate it.

  10. I just have to say that reading a blog entry with my face huge across the screen makes me feel rather vain (I’m on campus. Definitely looked around to see if anyone noticed, ha.)

    Also, my day in the life vote is for Friday! But I really regret that I now get that terrible song stuck in my head whenever I read the word “Friday.”

  11. I really want to try that burger! It looks so good. Of course I am saying this … but I just sent the husband to pick up Chilis because I have a headache and no energy to cook. sad.

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