Springtime Picnic

On Thursday I met up with Anni for a little picnic. She brought Sunday and I brought T1 and they had a grand old time together (if by saying grand old time I mean that T1 scared the living delights out of Sunday (she’s a timid dog because she was rescued)).

T1 was so not interested in eating once these guys showed up.

I wanted to end with some cute walking shots, but somehow I forgot that walking and holding hands with T1 never happens. He wants to do it all by himself, or he isn’t doing it at all. My little independent boy!

This morning I’m visiting the Farmer’s Market for the second time this week. Green City is surprisingly good on Wednesday mornings (in case you were wondering, as I was). Spring is my favorite season and I’m so happy it’s here!

10 thoughts on “Springtime Picnic

  1. You can see the terror in poor Sunday’s face in the last photo of her! Hope she didn’t scare little P off dogs for life. 😉 Speaking of which, P’s face in the last one before the walking shots is ADORABLE! I had so much fun, we definitely need to do that again sometime!

  2. I love picnics! The picture of you giving T1 a little squeeze is my favorite. Both of your outfits look great!

  3. Cute pictures – looks like you had great weather for a picnic! I have to say awwww to the Aussie picture, but I’m partial because I’ve got one too 🙂

  4. Jenna, you and T1 look so cute here. He’s a very stylish little boy. You better watch out though, hanging out with a dog that cute will have T1 asking for a puppy in no time!

  5. How exciting does he look..love his outfit! i wish my godson could have a photoshoot like that…his mama just never follows through!

  6. I just visited my local farmer’s market and am excited about all the produce as well as local meat & eggs they have available. I love that I can make connections to the people who are supplying my food, plus it’s also fun to look around and see what all the vendors are selling.

    Sounds like a lovely day 🙂

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